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    Thread Working audio dsp for oreo

    What equializer works on oreo?
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    Thread Rescue party

    Rescue party is faulty. If triggered it may leave device in usable state. I think it's better to disable it for users who install mods and other stuff from here. Magisk module would be useful for that In my case it reset all settings, even those related to setup wizard. I had to use adb to put...
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    Thread Does LineageOS miss any significant features compared to OOS?

    I want to do factory reset because of android system using too much battery and just thought of trying lineageos since I'm wiping everything anyways. I know camera quality is worse and live display isn't as good as night mode, but is there anything else?
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    Thread Features lost during unlocking

    Do I lose any features like on xperia phones when unlocking bootloader?
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    Thread How do I build f2fs tools?

    I use following script, but it produces ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64 binary. What toolchain should I use and how do I configure build script to use it?
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    Thread Upgrade options in 2016

    What device is next for you and why? I want quick software updates, fingerprint sensor and good camera. 5X seems to be right choice, but it's not impressive. New HTC is another option. I also consider buying one of chinese devices (Oneplus, xioami) if they get stable aosp roms. So far HTC seems...
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    Thread Does cataclysm mod zip support april factory image?

    Does cataclysm mod zip support april factory image?
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    Thread How to install new (google) sounds in CM13 for nexus 5?

    How to install new (google) sounds in CM13 for nexus 5?
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    Thread Modern lollipop sounds on CM13

    Please drop zip with modern lollipop sounds and ringtones please
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    Thread IS it possbile to install 4.1.2 without old EFS?

    IS it possbile to install 4.1.2 without old EFS?
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    Thread Battery charge capacity

    IS it possbile to pull battery capacity data, like in iPhone battery capacity check?
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    Thread Audio streaming

    I building app which would allow music streaming from multiple sources (youtube, vk, grooveshark, dropbox). Does app store have any special policies about this?
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    Thread Memory leak?

    Does anybody have feeling of huge memory leak? My phone killed every app and sometimes even killed activities until reboot.
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    Thread How do I implement file cache for exoplayer

    Just as title says what's best and easiest way to create file cache for exoplayer?
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    Thread Freezes after watching videos

    Phone freezes after watching a movie using vlc or mx player. It happend on 4.4.4 omni, it happens on 5.0, so theres something wrong with my setup. Did anybody experienced similar issues?
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    Thread Activity transition action bar flicker

    I've just added those new fancy animations and they go outside of app window and draw over navigation bar, action bar, status bar, causing annoying flicker. I'm animating two card views using arc motion. Is expected behaviour?
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    Thread Android Lollipop announced
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    Thread [Q] F2FS on Omnirom

    How to get it running? I'm using elementalx and faux kernel.
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    Thread F2FS help

    Can somebody with F2FS working test this kernel? It's only adds patched hammerhead.fstab to ramdisk. Download:
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    Thread Radio bands unlock

    Did actually anybody seen radio unlock? I believe it's configured somewhere in efs, so it's possible to unlock bands. Our SOC modem uses worldwide Gobi modem.
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    Thread xda annoying ads

    It constantly redirects me to page with "low memory error" suggesting installing Trojan. Please fix thit, it's super annoying
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    Thread HSDPA on d820

    My old s3 (9300) always got h+ here, but nexus connects only to hspa, which seems to be much slower.
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    Thread Download progress notification issue

    When I download any file with chrome I don't have any notification download finishes.
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    Thread Can't exec f2fs tools

    here's log
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    Thread Backup during update

    Because nightlies may be unstable, bootlooping, etc, backup is essetial. CWM support and backup configuration. Try this guys, it should work
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    Thread F2FS support

    People around i9300 kernel developement backported F2FS and managed to boot modified omnirom. Should I bring this stuff to upstream?
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    Thread [Q] How to find region?

    Can I find original region by IMEI or serial number? I'm going to make phone full, including region.
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    Thread StackOverflowError in getString()

    Here's crash stack this started after I moved hardcoded strings into .xml with automatic refactoring (IDEA13) Very strange
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    Thread /system RW doesn't work

    No app can mount system as rw, even mount -o rw,remount /system doesn't work Only adb remount works.
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    Thread Nexus 5 BL relock

    What status it shows after relock? I mean does it show relocked or locked?
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    Thread XKernel

    Today I'm announcing my new app - XKernel. It's well designed universal kernel configurator. It uses XML config files, so any developer can make this app working with his kernel. For users there is nice UI and cloud backup. First release will miss some features, but will be here next week.
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    Thread Getting rid of bugged MTP

    Tired of slow, buggy MTP? Wanna avoid slow wi-fi? Today I'll show ya how to transfer files FAST (18MB/s) and reliable. Connect phone as usual via MTP. Turn off mobile data Enable USB modem mode Start FTP server app Connect to Transfer your files
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    Thread Open Delta tries to flash from external storage

    It hastens if external stage was used before updating Отправлено с моего GT-I9300
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    Thread f2FS

    Can we just reformat system partition with f2fs and boot using f2fs enabled kernel?
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    Thread WM1811 buttons detection

    I looked into wm8994.c microphone detection code, it says it can detect up to 6 buttons. But I can't find any impedance/resistance related code. Here is detection listing Can anyone lookup into driver code?
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    Thread [Q] headsets designed for Apple comparability

    Have anybody tried to make adapter? Not reversing ground and Mic, but messing with resistors? My mm30i have central button working, but microphone doesn't work until reboot if button is used. Volume control doesn't work at all. I think I should open buttons and replace resistors to match...
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    Thread sdcard choice

    I choosing between SanDisk ultra uhs 1 and something cheaper, class 10 may be. Can s3 work with uhs1 cards faster than with class 10?
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    Thread [Q] S3 Repartitoning

    Does anyone tried this with parted or fdisk?
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    Thread Push desktop chrome cookies to mobile

    Having cookies synced is great. Personaly I use this to browse various forums with my account PS: you must have adb in PATH Password:
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    Thread [Q] CM10.1 apps on sd card

    Can I have apps data + obb on sd card? I want to buy UHS1 card for that, but not sure can I use it Also can I keep select apps on and obbs data on phone?
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    Thread FFMpeg compilation with linaro

    Log GCC exists and executable (777)
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    Thread Media Server fix Right media server fix
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    Thread Linux distro

    Debian - very stable, fast, not bloated, but old packeges (testing doesn't have security updates) Ubuntu - bloated, generally unusable by me. Gentoo, Arch - this is hardcore I'm thinking about something like Sabayon
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    Thread Dirty installiation | Flash other roms without losing your apps

    My newest developement This will delete all rom releated confilicting stuff and will leave your apps and data ui_print(""); ui_print("Dirty Installer"); ui_print("Cleaning up for dirty installiation"); ui_print(" General cleanup"); delete("/data/ISP_CV"); delete("/data/anr")...
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    Thread Titanium Backup Brute

    I have forgot my key, put I know my password partially. Does anyone know tool to bruteforce backup file?
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    Thread System read-only exception (While it isn't)

    Apps runs with root permissions //Requesting root try { Runtime.getRuntime().exec("su"); } catch (IOException e) { } I'm trying to save script to init.d folder public void WriteScript(View view) { Save("/system/etc/init.d/10zram"...
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    Thread ZRAM Script

    Why it won't work? I set all permissons, etc
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    Thread Reading file What's wrong? It crashes instantly
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    Thread [CASE] Fake moshi case

    I got this thing for 5$ It's done with soft-touch plastic. Pros Very thin It looks like soft, but it's really hard Doesn't slip Doesn't become dirty Cheap Cons Doesn't protect top and bottom Photos
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    Thread Cyanogenmod kernel config & davfs2

    I'm going to create GREAT app, improve my java skill (It's almost 0, I'm C# lover). For this I need to know which devices support FUSE and cross compile davfs2 Where is .config on cyanogenmod kernels? Where to put .ko file in cyanogenmod? Can I build davfs2 just by running this make -j8...