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    Thread GPS on N9005 solution that worked for me!

    ...hello friends...I am writing this for all of you people that have a problem with GPS signal on your beloved Note 3 N9005... ...when I received my Note 3 for 4G LTE network, I didn't know that I will have any problems with GPS signal...although there is no LTE network in my country yet, there...
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    Thread [Q] Fastest SD card

    ...hello friends...I am planing to buy new SD card with fastest r/w...16\32 GB ...can some1 suggest me which is the best from your experience?...also it is very important that I can use it on my GT-N7100...thanx in advance... cheers!
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    Thread Note 2 and Gear experiance

    Hello friends, In a few days i will get my Galaxy Gear and I will connect it to my Note 2. I want to know is someone have an experiance with this combination?Please post your comments...thank you in advance...regards! :fingers-crossed: