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    Post [ROM][11][albus] PixelExperience [AOSP]

    Hi guys after install the rom my phone get stuck on the boot. Any help?
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    Post [R][arm64-aonly/ab/vndk lite][May] Descendant11.5I - android ver. 11r37

    i was very excited for this rom, but unfortunately it boots to fastboot in my moto z2 play
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    Post [KVT][GSI] ''Install any PIE rom [MOTO Z2 PLAY] UPDATE 1.4

    hi guys will kvt be upgraded to support android 11? i did try some roms but it didnt work. thank you for the work
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    Post [GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

    try phh magisk instead
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    Post MIUI 10 ROM GSI MOTO Z2 PLAY (Android 8.1)

    Can someone update the download link?
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    Post [GSI] MSM Xtended XQ Release v3.0 [Q|Android 10.0] [UNOFFICIAL]

    hi luis thank you very much for bring this rom to us. I installed in my moto z2 play and it booted but im having trouble with an error even my sd card is perfect the system asks to format and im also having a glitch screen issue and i dont know how to solve.
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    Post ROM GSI ANDROID Q BETA 5 Moto Z2 Play

    i'm only getting bootloop to recovery mode does anyone knows how to fix this?
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    Post [Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

    did anyone got installed any rom on moto z2 play?? i cant make it boot on mine
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    Post [KVT][GSI] ''Install any PIE rom [MOTO Z2 PLAY] UPDATE 1.4

    works perfectly. i have no words to described how my his patch makes my life easy. thank you very much
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    Post ROM SYBERIA OS Android P GSI para Moto Z2 Play (Android 9)

    Hey man, thank you for keep the moto z2 play comunity active. its a really good looking rom I used for some couple hours and it looks amazing, but im having this terrible issue about my sim card and the services o my phone. Some way (i dont know if its my fault or the rom) the "com...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][DROPPED] ViperOS Project for Moto Z2 Play

    so great see more roms coming to moto z2 play. which snaps are working?
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    Post [ROM][DROPPED][8.1.0][ALBUS] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r47][2018/11/04]

    wow what a great surprise, im very glad to see that new roms coming to the moto z2 play
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL] ToxycOS for Moto Z2 Play [v3.1]

    Hey man, nice rom btw. So, i installed some days ago and i had this horible inssue about my phone get not reconized by any pc. i tried in two diferent pcs and nothing happened neither showed the notification on phone neither shows the phone on devices connected in my pc. i dont know why this...