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    Thread [Q] Missing apps

    Hi, can anyone with a OTA confirm that you have calculator and flashlight (, and all other stock Sense 5.5 apps) on Sense 6.0 I am using [ROM][M4 - 4.09.401.3] Official Stock Sense 6 Rom & Firmware by xXminiWHOOPERxX and for some reason don't have those and some other stock apps. :confused:
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    Thread [Q] Manually install OTA

    OK, so I have TWRP, Root access and I am S-ON, and I would like to install OTA 3.10.401.6 over my 3.10.401.4. Whats the procedure?
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    Thread [Q] Sense Toolbox

    So, I'm running 4.4.2 with the latest Xposed and Sense 5 Toolbox, but I have a question about the Volume2Wake option. Is it normal that that feature sometime reacts and wakes the phone like expected, and sometimes it does nothing. What am I doing wrong? langer hans please help. I really...
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    Thread One Mini Root [Q]

    Hi, Can anyone link me to the latest tutorials on how to root & unroot the One Mini. This is my first Android phone, so I don't know anything. Thanks.