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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][11] LineageOS 18.1

    Lineage Recovery flashes itself, magisk needs to be reflashed, I think- just adb sideload.
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    Post Anyone managed to successfully Sim Unlock Oneplus 7 Pro T-Mobile?

    It is super straight forward. Just have it paid off, and go through the steps outlined by oneplus on their website. The app was removed from the drawer, it is now in Mobile Network settings.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][OOSCAM][OnePlus 7 Pro][11.0_r20] Evolution X | Emerald

    I just tried it and it tells me I have no simcard installed. Followed OP instructions for install, everything works, just not sim.
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    Post Again AptxHD Missing again worst experience!

    Link works for me, shows Audeze preferring LDAC over Apt-X. Seems Apt-X is actually not great. Edit: Scrolled up: Microsoft invented HDCD, not Denon, Sony created the widely used SACD standard. Sony also did walkman and continues to put some of the best audio hardware in their phones compared...
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    Post TIP: love your OP7? Do NOT upgrade to Android 10

    I just upgraded to 10, and it is faster, so far about the same battery life(if not better), better darkmode support, better overall system performance and actually supports OTG Adapter+Charge+HDMI dongles. I validated perf with synthetic and real-world benchmarks. I also have it on 90hz...
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    Post OnePlus 7 USB-C Dock Advice

    Well that's a huge bummer, I regret buying the tmo variant. I reported this and chatted with one of the people there about pd+otg issues. I am able to get usb hubs to work if plugged into a c-typeA(f) adapter. That of course means no PD or HDMI, so it's awesome that Android 10 includes that fix...
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    Post [ROM][gginggerbread-6] - Wimax for cm7 is officially merged with the cm7 codebase!

    Everyone knows that, but is it a fembot or a bender?
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    Post [Kernel]netarchy-toastmod, Stable: 4.3.1 Beta: 4.3.4 (17-Mar-2011) Now With HDMwIn

    Yo! So I'm guessing this supports CM/AOSP since it works on CM at all, I'm also going to guess that this is not at all tested with Gingerbread (pre-alpha CM7) but I'll report this anyways: Under Gingerbread, the most recent Stable build for both aggressive and moderate undervolt produce...
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    Post Wintec Class 10 microSDHC 16GB Card - $29.49

    3 speed tests so far in CM7: 6MB/s Write 14MB/s Read average. Bought it at Frys for 32.
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    Post [ROM][gginggerbread-6] - Wimax for cm7 is officially merged with the cm7 codebase!

    The chances of the update occurring between 8:39 PM and 8:41 PM of the same day are little to none. Either the data has been there all along or your 8:39 posting was based on out-dated data. In the latter event you were effectively lawyered for not verifying sources and references. As the data...
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    Post [ROM][gginggerbread-6] - Wimax for cm7 is officially merged with the cm7 codebase!

    Flash stock un/root and say "4gs is broke i wants four gees, i can haz replacement?" if that fails or you find it morally objectionable then say "4G doesn't work, Can you call in a replacement please?"
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    Post [ROM][gginggerbread-6] - Wimax for cm7 is officially merged with the cm7 codebase!

    Backup with Clockwork? if yes then RSA lost phone will never connect to 4G. I had lost RSA but fortunately i had 002 HW that had all kinds of issues so just got it replaced with 003 HW, RSA intact now. If you feel like being shady unroot and go back to non repair sprint store and say 4 gees no...
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    Post Kang is an adjective and a verb..But what does it mean?

    No man, it is to take and make better. CM Kangs HTC APIs and Source to produce a better API or Source. CM intentionally avoids using anything closed source as that IS stealing.
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    Post [ROM][BBQ] CyanogenMod-6.1 for EVO :: V6.1.2 (12/30/2010)

    Try without DarkFroyo. Also, what is your dalvik heap size set at?
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    Post Official English version of MIREN browser (aka. Charming browser, MIUI browser)

    Does anyone want Esperanto or would that just be a waste of my time?
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    Post Official English version of MIREN browser (aka. Charming browser, MIUI browser)

    Lol, he's prolly just unaware that dutch (nl) and german (de) are not the same language.
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    Post [REF] Working SD Cards List

    36.53 looks about right, remember: The manufacturer defines a GB as 1,000,000,000 Bytes, while an OS will define a GB as 1,073,741,824bytes (2^30) so: 32,000,000,000 / 1,073,741,824 = 37.25 GB. Any further "capacity loss" is probably swap file space and system reserved space.
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    Post [ROM][BBQ] CyanogenMod-6.1 for EVO :: V6.1.2 (12/30/2010)

    4G is a marketing term. WiMAX is, for Sprint's purposes, 4G. It is their 4th generation Wireless tech, replacing EV-DO rev.A which was their 3G. LTE is VZs 4th G. ITU's 4G is defined, in a nutshell, as a static low mobility bandwidth of 1Gbit, which is many times faster than fiber broadband...
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    Post [Q] Windows Phone 7 port

    Well, the HD7 is just an HD2 and The EVO is a CDMA HD2 so I think HD7 to EVO should be doable amirite?
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    Post [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BFS] [BFQ] KiNgxKernel #11/#11 "Con is an Artist"

    Is it? I mean, it didn't bother me in the least. I was bothered that you found it important to hate on the poor fella. Posts 1 and 2 do not mention sense only so it is natural to ask for AOSP, be it o shiiie i flashed and bork or just for it to be compatible. I mean seriously, as hypocritical as...
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    Post [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BFS] [BFQ] KiNgxKernel #11/#11 "Con is an Artist"

    Hah, totally hadn't caught that :P my bad, I blame lack of sleep from finally getting home and playing TD till my eyes itched.
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    Post [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BFS] [BFQ] KiNgxKernel #11/#11 "Con is an Artist"

    Ok, flashed #6, lost touch input completely, running CM6 RC2, wat do?
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    Post (Rom) EVOlutionV9 and EVOlutionX2 -updated

    I dunno, probably since I have roaming disabled and I'm a chicken kick away from a Sprint cell tower...
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    Post (Rom) EVOlutionV9 and EVOlutionX2 -updated

    Roaming Indicator Hey, I flashed a bad radio that apparently broke my Root. So I had to re-root with flash to release, then got good radio and flashed v9, but now the Roaming indicator is back, does V9 assume update from previous build?
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    Post {ROM-DEV} FrOyO-EVO

    It's a bug in the ROM I think, or some other software issue. Don't worry your hardware is ok.
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    Post {ROM-DEV} FrOyO-EVO

    I haven't tried using videos copied from my computer, I can use Flash Video in the browser but not through any of the media Apps I have tried. thought I'm not entirely sure how the hardware/software handles videos but given the audio playback in local flash video playback it may be a missing...
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    Post {ROM-DEV} FrOyO-EVO

    Hey, I've been running your June 3rd FroYo build since I got the phone and have found several bugs: 1. Navigation Buttons on the bottom of the screen do not light back up automatically after the screen is turned off. They can be turned back on if you change the brightness settings to either...
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    Post Radio do I?

    So, ive been trying but cant figure out how to install the bell on my sprint. It says that im using an invalid vendor ID, but i cant figure out how to bypass that... any help, ive looked at hardspl but cant find anything for the vogue....