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    Post [Q] Converted to GPE. Can I convert back?

    Where can I get that firmware and how do I go about doing that? Is there a walk-through out there? Thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Converted to GPE. Can I convert back?

    Hi Everyone, I converted to GPE in the Fall and I am now on Lollipop (Unlocked, rooted it, s-off, etc). I'm thinking about going back to Sense to see if some Bluetooth, Battery, and Camera issues are improved. Can I just flash the Developer Rom since I am unlocked? Or are there a bunch of...
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    Post [Q] Kindle Fire - Factory Reset via FastBoot

    The model number on the back aligns with the non-HD original Kindle Fire so that narrows it down to two based on Android 2.3 and one based on Android 4.0
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    Post [Q] Kindle Fire - Factory Reset via FastBoot

    It's gotta be an original Kindle Fire 1. It matches the model number and the OS was clearly based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I plugged it into a charger for 5 minutes so far and nothin.....
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    Post [Q] Kindle Fire - Factory Reset via FastBoot

    Hmmm....I followed these steps and now it won't even power on. After I sent the reboot command it was just a black screen so I held in the power button to power off and now it won't power back on at all, even when plugging it into the fastboot cable.
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    Thread [Q] Kindle Fire - Factory Reset via FastBoot

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking at a Kindle Fire for someone. Something is up with the OS as it keeps rebooting after being in the OS for a few seconds. I purchased a FastBoot cable and I have it in FastBoot mode and I downloaded the Android SDK...........what is the easiest way I can just do a...
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    Thread [Q] Driver issues, can't sideload

    Hello, My i747 had the latest stable CyanogenMod on it. I was getting it ready to sell and accidentally wiped the system and all I can boot into now is CWM Recovery. I tried to do a sideload of the Zip files through there but I can't get the drivers to install for it. I've tried every...
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    Post [ROM][WIMAX][4G][ICS][ALPHA][23 DEC] oICSv43 | AOSP 4.0.3

    What's Matrix? Any speed improvements from oICSv40 to 41? Phone is still laggy and sluggish as all hell. Was that way with Gingerbread, too.
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    Post [ROM][WIMAX][4G][ICS][ALPHA][23 DEC] oICSv43 | AOSP 4.0.3

    Ya, it looks like Android still sucks. I was waiting until ICS to see if I would stay with Google but it looks like I will be moving along. Nothing changed. I can't take lag, force closes, and other crap. I'll be moving to WP7.
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    Post [ROM][WIMAX][4G][ICS][ALPHA][23 DEC] oICSv43 | AOSP 4.0.3

    v36 Right now I'm just getting colorful tiles/papers flying around............just keeps doing that. Pulled battery and it's still doing it...... Rooted via One-Click v4 with Clockwork Recovery. Ideas? Or am I just impatient?
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    Thread [Q] Android Certificate Store Issues

    Hello, We have roughly 15 Motorola Xooms as well as numerous Android Personal Devices on our network. We have a certificate for our Websense Web Filter that allows it to filter and inspect SSL traffic. When we install the certificate onto our PCs and iOS Devices they are able to view all...
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    Thread [Q] Adding Trusted Root Certificate - Android

    Hello, I am trying to add a certificate to several Android devices. One is a Droid X (2.2 Froyo) and another is a Xoom (3.0 Honeycomb). I've converted the certificate to the correct format and added it but it seems like it never adds it to the correct store. Everything I've read says I have...
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    Thread Deploying Motorola Xoom Tablets

    Hello, We received roughly 30 Xoom Tablets to deploy in an Educational Environment. We're used to, with the iOS Devices, being able to apply Wireless Settings and lock down certain areas. Is this at all possible with the Xoom? I'd love to be able to lock down the system settings. I see that...