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    Thread Emojji Font

    I accidentally deleted my backups of the HTC emojji fonts, could someone with the latest update post theirs? I need NotoColorEmoji.tff and hTC_ColorEmoji.tff To find them, go to root/system/fonts. Thanks in advance!
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    Thread HTC 10 Battery Issues

    Recently, the battery life of my phone has noticeably worsened. I used to be able to go nearly a full day on one charge, now I have to recharge it multiple times each day, despite my usage staying the same. Here are some of the screenshots from my battery stats page. That day, nearly half of my...
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    Thread HTC 10 RUU Problem

    Okay, I'm kinda freaking out here, so if you guys could throw me a lifeline I'll be so grateful. I was trying to update the firmware of my verizon HTC 10 before I update my rom (Viper) from M to N. I tried flashing the latest firmware from the zip in this thread, but when I did so, my screen...
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    Thread Boomsound Notification

    Is there any way to disable the boomsound notification that pops up whenever sound is playing, without disabling all notifications from Android System? I'm running viper10 3.5.0 and I have full root and xposed, so whatever it takes to get rid of this damn thing. Also, if anyone knows how to get...