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    Thread Close individual backround application?

    I don't know if this is an LG thing or a new android thing (I've been on 5 for too long) but I can't seem to close an individual app. When I view background apps (button to left of home) I only have the option to clear all but can't close / clear an individual app. Is this the new normal? Or is...
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    Thread Dark Theme (Dialog Boxes / Menus) For Xperia Z3 Compact

    Is there any way to get dark dialog boxes / menus for the xperia z3c? I'm running the latest SLiM ROM. There was an app that could do this but it seems that it only works for android versions < 5.
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    Thread xperia Z3c bootloop after flashing CWM

    I recently got a z3c and decided to try to get a slim rom on it. I have done the following: I unlocked the bootloader. This was done successfully to the best of my knowledge The next thing I did was flash a cwm image to by z3c using fastboot. The problem was that I flashed the z3 version on...