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  1. Nick_101d

    Thread Long term effects of Overclocked display?

    I see that people are having mixed opinions when it comes to Overclocking the display on k20 pro. So can we have some feedback by people who used it for Decent - Long term, just enough so we can have a clear idea of whether it is safe to daily drive Overclocked display mod or not.
  2. Nick_101d

    Thread How to install any Q rom on Moto z2 play

    I was going through forums of motoz2 play and I saw so many comments on how people are having trouble booting up any Q ROM and having strange bugs with it. I am daily driving Havoc 3.5 as of now and I don't have any problems with the 3.5 except for the fact I cannot pass safetynet for some...
  3. Nick_101d

    Thread Pass Safetynet on Q GSI? Havoc 3.5 official

    Is there any way to pass safetynet on 3.5 havoc gsi based on android Q? I am on kvt 2.5 and the gsi is perfectly working! 9/10 its a great experience but is there a way to fix safetynet? Yes I have magisk and I tried editing fingerprint to motoz2play but that didn't work!
  4. Nick_101d

    Thread Best android Q ROM for MOTO z2 play? (ALBUS)

    Since the android Q is out for z2, possibly there would be more stable Android Q roms for moto z2 play now. The GSI's are all broken when it comes to android Q, they cannot be daily driven cause of some major flaw. Can anyone suggest a decently stable Q rom for z2?
  5. Nick_101d

    Thread Best android Q gsi for MOTO z2 play? (ALBUS)

    So after testing AOSP extended, LineageOS17, Havoc OS and even DerpFest OS, I think moto z2 (albus) doesn't do great with GSI for android 10. There always was something off and the stability was far from one you expect from a gsi. I used KVT 2.3 aroma to boot. However, there are other devs...
  6. Nick_101d

    Thread Possible to Flash Q Rom made for Moto G5S Plus (sanders) on Moto z2 play (Albus)?

    After scattering through a tonne of content on the internet and flashing multiple ROMs on my moto z2 play, I found AOSP extended GSI of android PIE and I am using it right now as my daily driver. It works 9/10 Anyone can daily drive it as long as you are not concerned about passing SafetyNet...
  7. Nick_101d

    Thread Installing rom ,need a noob solution

    I downloaded my stock rom for lenovo p70A and I'm tired of battery drain problem after rooting my device so decided to flash the same rom over it. Never flashed a rom till date and so when I found my .zip roms in 2 parts I'm struck. Should I copy them both in the same folder and extract one...