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    Thread acer r11 linux trouble no way to update under linux

    Hi how to fix PNG key error cause I can't update package with terminal
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    Thread lineageos 16 official oppo f1f

    I saw with surprise that official lineageos had official noghtfly d'or pour device but i trier to flash ans ençountered. An error 7 should.i install a new twrp version ?
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    Thread pie version.?

    Hi something is preview to get pie version under our device ? Thanks in advance
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    Thread chromebook acer r11 linux apps

    Hi I just update dev version to 70 now I can see the new Linux settings after I activated crostini but terminal does not appear to proceed to get it please? Thanks
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    Thread Remix os boot from acer chromebook R11

    i just would like to test remix os live usb from my chromebook as i do with my windows laptop ...but no way it return an error and stop it due to the braswell architecture ? thanks in advance. ( note that for this device i had to change firmware element to allow it to boot on usb ).
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    Thread acer r11 usb boot

    No way to reboot advert r11 chromebook under USB key... After following procedure at the end ctrl+L don't work to be able to choose the USB boot... Someone succeed ? Thanks in advance
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    Thread best ubuntu Flavor rasp pi3 ...

    After trying all, Ubuntu mate is not really adapted cause it take to much resources ... With Lubuntu and xubuntu it's around similar performance but only xubuntu can read YouTube videos with midori ... So finally choosing xubuntu Is there other OS interesting to test?
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    Thread remix os 3.0 and adaway

    Really happy to test this new version with a flash drive and permanent use... Even according root access to Adaway the host file cannot be write... So no way to use Adaway Please is there a way to success ?
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    Thread acer r11 play store?

    Is play store available for Acer r11....I just put it in developer build but can't see anything about play store... Could you confirm that it's not yet implemented I saw that Asus flip had already this feature Thanks
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    Thread chromebook choice

    Reading so much things about Chromebook that I want now test by myself but which one should i buy...Acer R11, Asus flip, HP 14 ...lenovo ? I'm loosing my mind... Could you help me to choice referring your experiences Thanks
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    Thread no more alternative rom....?

    I saw different post where we can see, flashing magictrick file, that adb command work well to unlocked bootloader and to be able to install twrp ... and rooting oppo f1.... but there's no other rom to install... Should we wait only for the spectrum official project by oppo ?
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    Thread chinese messages call return

    Call notifications appears in unreadable characters like chinese ...I just recognize the phone.number there a way to change.something in settings to have right language ? Am I the only guy ?
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    Thread little activity

    Is there any news about spectrum project ( pure android) ? Very desapointed to see so few activities here... Hope developer could propose us other rom here for this device... Thanks in advance
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    Thread No more button to close recent apps

    I can't see option in settings to retrieve this global button in order to close recent apps ... Am I the only guy? Envoyé de mon ONE E1003 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Thread About Slimkat for moto g

    I just saw slimkat for our device here Just to report Envoyé de mon XT1032 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Thread Solo launcher

    Hi Just one question. is there a way when we create a folder in drawer section that the apps puted in the folder disappears from the drawer ... Actually even an app is belong to a folder we can also see it in the drawer Thanks Envoyé depuis mon IQ442 avec Tapatalk
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    Thread Tweedle twitter

    I just wanted to try this new twitter soft but no way to launch it ...could you report same troubles ... Thanks ... Sent from my E10i using xda premium
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    Thread 360 Launcher v.1.5.1 ...Really cool

    Just Would Like to share very Happy With this Launcher.... Sent from my E10i using xda premium