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  1. DigitalJosee

    Thread [ROM][GSM/CDMA][OFFICIAL][4.4.4] Gummy v2.1

    GUMMY Gummy ROM is made for speed, stability and to stay as closely in line with AOSP as possible while still supporting a large amount of devices and giving you all of the features you love. It isn’t slowed down by features you’ll never use nor is it so slim as to be just another AOSP...
  2. DigitalJosee

    Thread No service!

    Accidently i changed my baseband to the USA one, and now i'm getting no service, i tried to wipe cache and dalvik, a factory reset and nothing. It changed my stock rom also, i changed it on PA 3.99, and when i enter in Stock 4.0.4, boom, still no service. I made a Google search, and it give me...