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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] LineageOS 17.1 [MAR SECURITY PATCH]

    I hope this ROM got update it's most rom use and very good stible
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] LineageOS 17.1 [MAR SECURITY PATCH]

    I like this ROM awesome only some bugs But it's fast and minimal ROM and nice . Keep it.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][microG]LineageOS 16.0 for HUAWEI P9

    Most of things are works will , I have issue that can't find Netflix , Snapchat ...etc . In play store but installed Snapchat Manually and can't login. Try hide with magisk but not working , nice ROM.
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    Post Lineage OS 17 for Huawei P9

    before some week install it in and Rom booting and working . to install same as treble Rom , actually if can will install gapps later its way good to use and go !
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    Post P9 Camera for Treble GSI

    Thanks for the zip for gsi.:) lo_ol on gsi phh app no choice that ! What copy exactly to fix blurry ? Can explain more and simply , thanks ^_^
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    he not say anything wrong, there are dont care or something ,Deserve actually more support:). Thanks also AOSP or lineage more flexible,Except the camera NOT working and some problems:good:
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    You don't need that, the files I use you need driver in your PC and xml file from Board Firmware and IDT
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    lol man Have you entered password before downloading from the web site? To clarify more this method opens such as door or point in the phone to enter the files to the phone and installed in some way! In fact was tried on oreo 8 but worked:) The file is currently uploaded. Wait for the process...
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    Post Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    You are welcome! I have seen. Now uploaded to another link check here You don't need to use just the pin on the test point, you don't need to remove the...
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    Thread Solution dead p9 (bootloader locked - FPR lock) test point !

    Hi :) Not responsible for anything that happens to your phone:good: sometimes bricked phone this You will have a short explanation of how to fix your phone if dead p9 This is tried by me and worked!;) so You need two things to Flash With Testpoint -Board Firmware /Huawei Flash tools IDT...
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    Post Huawei P9. porting EMUI 9 firmware.

    It's is possible?!
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    Post [bootloader] unlock bootloader

    Battery status 0 ! Charge phone first Then do factory reset if you can If don't try with DC phoneix!
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    How to bring the phone back to life and to work? The phone was restarting at the Huawei logo, adb not working and I have bootloader code but not working FPR looked and bootloader looked Dload not working , so what I do , try use DC phoneix and go forward the bootloader unlocked and FPR but...
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    Post Huawei P9 stuck in rescue mode after install boot.img recovery.img and recovery2.img!

    Can you go to TWRP?What is your phone version and system?
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    I can't believe the phone back to work again!
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    the FPR loked its showed in fastboot and the system not boot anymore actually its 8 oreo When I checked it through adb , but i said m.m Because recovery and erecovery like on emui4 ! also when i try use Erecovery Touch Not working to Connect to Wi-Fi ! Yes is P9 L19 c185 and when try use...
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    fastboot oem get-bootinfo ... (bootloader) locked OKAY [ 0.013s] finished. total time: 0.014s ----- fastboot oem get-product-model ... (bootloader) EVA-L19 OKAY [ 0.011s] finished. total time: 0.012s ---- fastboot getvar vendorcountry vendorcountry: hw/meafnaf finished. total time: 0.010s...
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    Thanks for your reply, now cant flash anything < . I try to fix what can be fixed, he has the code but now when doesn't work or something is wrong, when try with ADB to unlock bootloader (.. "FAILED > emote: Command not allowed) also FRP LOCK . i try many version with DLOAD but does not...
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    Post Huawei Wtf!

    So he needs his phone, I take phone but does not can't do anything like open bootloader or any thing with ADB or format and His system was returned to Android 6 !
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    Thread Huawei Wtf!

    My friend have Problem his device after trying to install custom ROM just a reboot but not go into system so he go to Huawei shop and I wait 3 days after that told him should go to another shop We can't fix it!, but before that his phone his phone open bootloader and can use ADB ،When the...
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    Post [ROM][OTA][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for P8 Lite

    Thanks for this ROM! I hope see lineageOS 15 with same stable , good work anyway ?
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    Unfortunately the same problem here ---------- Post added at 09:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:13 PM ---------- yes tried some method but cannot pass safetynet .
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    I don't know why I have drain battery ! . I'll try this... also Maybe that's because high cpu load Most of the time. Also fast charging does not work ,Even if it is activated from the settings .Maybe you may check it Phie ---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:58...
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    use this for huawei camera install use magisk Somehow Google Play works for me, and I think also the services are working, I've copied the Google Play file to Inside the app system's roots and into priv-app folder For the...
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    good to mentioned this camera huawei mod and what custom recovery are you use ? > also i have The same problem about google account nothing happped > About the Google Account try to added manually through the settings Maybe it works. can Explain more The playstore apk how to install it ?
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    Post [GSI][9][Reference] LineageOS 16.0 GSI (all archs) and how to build them

    Is there any way to install Google play in this ROM?
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    Can i use Google play store in this ROM because i try install Google play or update Google play services don't work!
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    Post [Rom][Treble] /e/ unofficial for huawei p9, working camera

    It's good to see another ROM for p9 installed It looks good, neat and very smooth ? The camera is normal, maybe using the official camera app or the Google camera app will improve it,There's a little battery drainage ،generally awesome
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    Post goodbye to firmware finder for Huawei

    Try searching for your phone version manually here If there is a problem or something that may not be available.
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    Post P9 wifi not working after "update"

    download Create a file dload in SD card and move file in dload . Use method 3 Buttons To install.
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    Thread [rom havoc 2.6- test]

    test this ROM on p9 It works, i like Customization and Some details also For those who are looking for another custom ROM may work . so What works or does not work? -In general the different stuff works -Bluetooth does not work -for the camera I think you can download the application and...
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    Post No more OpenKirin builds for EMUI 8 devices?

    Yes this is true as they appear from almost a long time did not issue or update for emui 8 They may seem disappointed with us , According to openkirin Now they focus on emui 9 , Also at the same time they say there are releases or updates for emui 8 .
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 13.0 for Huawei Ascend P6S-U06 & P7-L10

    try with TWRP , factory reset and format data install ROM and again factory reset install P7 K-Tuned Kernel and reboot system . ---------- Post added at 12:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 PM ---------- so try this ROM and In general everything is good, i have A bit of battery...
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    Post [KERNEL]Huawei Ascend P6S / P7 K-Tuned Kernel

    Edited -deleted
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 13.0 for Huawei Ascend P6S-U06 & P7-L10

    oh,,, thank you for your work .
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    Post Bypass FRP

    install or change to other model number firmware like EVA-AL10 to your device also check this .
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    Post Post your Huawei P9 home screens

    Check this out
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Is it possible Installations viper4android or dolby for RR2 beta ? If anyone knows what to tell us, the right version Or how.
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Finally, I tried RR1,2 Beta and looked good and smooth, maybe need improvement in the performance of the battery ,But so far without error, and certainly a smooth and fast experience، Thank you for your work.?
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    Post Confirmed Oreo for P9

    Just like you, at that time I was confused between them, not a bad phone, Now my phone He works on Oreo, and in fact they did not like it The phone performed previously at some times, but after updating the phone to Oreo, the phone works better and with a noticeable difference, Huawei must...
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    Post Asphalt 9 Not working in p9 - Oreo !!?

    The game now bypasses the logo, and it shows you have not registered a Google Account, I have a Google Account and i deleted it and added it again but the same problem, now the game problem does not recognize the Google Account even though it exists!
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    Post Asphalt 9 Not working in p9 - Oreo !!?

    I said the above, and I said work on Android 7, and after updating to Android 8 stands at the logo of gameLoft at first, I do not know the reason why so far and tried many things but still the problem, perhaps solved in the update Next.