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    Thread How do you Superuser Mod (Patch service.jar)?

    I found a very straight forward answer for Z5 but nothing for the Z3+. How do I patch this?
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    Thread Phone Call Management affecting "Headset is plugged in"

    I have a Sony Z3+/Z4. The app Phone Call Management is re-detecting a headset plugged in so my music stopped randomly. Sometimes it would work for hours. Then there are times when it stop every 3 seconds. I can't replicate the exact cause. I used TB to disable it and everything is fine. 1...
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    Thread Phone Call Management affecting "Headset is plugged in"

    I am having a problem with Phone Call Management re-detecting Headset is Plugged In, so it stop the music playing everytime. It's very random how it happens. How can I fix this? I am on NagasakiROM
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    Thread Note 5 blank screen (dropped)

    I dropped my Note 5, even with a glass protector. The screen is blank. I believe I can control it with a kb/mouse with OTG. Mine is rooted, what can I do to mirror to my computer or a TV?
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    Thread Gear Fit (1st Gen) Battery Drain While OFF

    I noticed this problem for a while since I don't wear this watch much anymore. The battery would drain even though it's off. How do I prevent this?
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    Thread Dolby Atom changes to MUSIC every time it's on background.

    Yes, I am listening to music but I set my own custom present in Dolby Atom. Every time Dolby Atom goes to back ground, it defaults back to Music. This happens on both Stock Music and Phonograph Music Player. Am I the only one experiencing this? If so, I will warranty it as it's defective.
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    Thread Android File Transfer --Option to Copy Files Missing

    as titled, the Android File Transfer missing the copy files. I can still rename and add folder but there's no option to copy and transfer to my Mac.
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    Thread [OSX] SideSync missing "Browse my mobile device" under MORE

    I can connect to SideSync and see my phone and navigate my phone on my desktop but now it's missing the Browse my mobile device. It was there 2 days ago and I can't get it back. +++Update I just had a chat with Live Chat Samsung and they told me the newest update removed this and I can no...
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    Thread *#0*# only returns a white screen

    I am on Darthstalker rom and when I punch that code in, the test menu doesn't come up. Only a white screen light up.
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    Thread Proximity sensor not working

    I am using WhatsApp and it thinks holding the phone to my ear. I tried *#0*# and I only got a white screen and nothing further so I can't test the proximity sensor. What should I do? I Google and no one started a thread about it.
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    Thread LG H818N | same model same firmware, cannot read the same MicroSD card

    I have the Hong Kong version H818N, both bought in Hong Kong. I rooted them using the same V10E-HKG-XX image. I unmount the MicroSD, put it in my NEW H818N and it said it's blank and not supported. What's going on? I put it back in the old one and it mounted perfectly. They are essential the...
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    Thread Android Wear lose pairing with watch.

    Probably 3 times over the last few days. 1) Factory Reset 360 2) Paired and apps are installed 3) After few hours/charged 4) Open Android Wear and my watch is gone, it's asking me to pair again. What should I do?
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    Thread HELP!! HTC E8 Dual SIM M8Sw back to Stock (Lollipop --> stock)

    Hi, I've updated officially to 5.0.2 but now I am selling the phone. 1) Rooted 2) Bootloader Off 3) Flashed GAPPS After I did a factory reset, the phone isn't working 100%, I am missing the navigation key, lots of forced closed etc. I tried to flash a via bootfast but have error. Can...
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    Thread Cut sim to use with E8?

    Guys, I just got a E8 Dual and would like to use my existing sim card. I bought a nano sim cutter before. Does anyone have experience with a cut sim in the E8?
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    Thread Thermal Daemon Mitigation and Wipe and Secret Menu

    I turned Thermal Daemon Mitigation "ON" and my phone is now in a boot loop. I already WIPE system, cache, dalvik cache and flash again but it's still in boot loop. Now I did a DATA wipe after backup and it's booting. Where is the Secret Mode setting store? I don't want to restore that part.
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    Thread [Q] Is the phone charging during LG logo?

    I have a F220, the 5" version of E988. It has a built in battery and FlashTool won't proceed because it said battery is low. I can't boot it into Android and am stuck at LG logo. - I try to take the internal battery out and hook it up to an external charger overnight, but I don't have a...
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    Thread "SIM Management" Grey Out in S7100 Note 2 Clone

    I got this because of it's dual sim and SPMultiPortFlashDownload wasn't working so I rushed into things and flashed a wrong ROM (1GB ram instead of 512MB ram). This should be the exact phone I have. The photos look exactly the same but my resolution is 854x480. My cell...
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    Thread Pisen USB to 2A converter for TAB

    I got the Pisen USB to 2A converter from Hong Kong. It cost about $2 USD shipped. I have no idea why it works, it's charging my P6800 at 1% every few minutes with stock cable. Without the 2A converter, it has the "not charging" symbol. I tried the same cable with TouchPad and iPad chargers and...
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    Thread Google Map Offline not downloading on WIFI

    I am using a E160k (Korean Galaxy Note). The strange thing is that Google Maps Offline doesn't download on WIFI. It works find on LTE/4G. There's nothing wrong with my home internet, as my Tab 7.7 can download Google Maps Offline. My E160K was wiped last night, any ideas why it's not working?
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    Thread Which COOKED ROM comes with Samsung Apps?

    As much as I like COOKED ROM, I prefer to have the Samsung apps, Photo Editor etc. I tried to install them but it just FC, even though I ripped the APK from the original firmwares. Which ROM has the tweaks but left the Samsung apps in?
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    Thread Galaxy Nexus vs Canon S95

    I've been taking some very acceptable photos with my Galaxy Nexus, so I thought I would compare it with a Canon S95. The Canon S95 was taken in Program mode so I can set the focus to be in the center. The top is Galaxy Nexus The bottom is Canon S95
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    Thread Rogers HTC Magic keep rebooting at "HTC MAGIC" screen

    Hi, I have a stock Rogers HTC MAGIC. 1) I downgrade everything 2) I rooted my phone 3) I flash Engineering SPL 1.33.2010...
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    Thread $5 Replacement Battery at Free Shipping!

    For everyone that's looking for an extra battery, look at only $5 with free shipping world wide
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    Thread Any Dual Sim that doesn't drain battery life?

    I am using a JAMin right now, I bought this from eBay. It is using about 5% battery on standby. This is without using the Auto Switch function. 1 What dual SIM are you using that is not draining battery? 2 Where did you buy it?
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    Thread How to create a shortcut w/ Two Functions?

    I like to create a shortcut so that if I run it, it will 1) Device Lock then 2) standby the phone. How should this be done?
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    Thread BEWARE:ting1218: Crystal Case for JAMin/S200/Dopod 818 Pro

    CRYSTAL CLEAR HARD CASE [SNAP ON] 4 DOPOD 818 PRO *UK* Seller:ting1218 The photo is different from actual product received. The seller is NOT selling...
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    Thread BEWARE:ting1218: Crystal Case for JAMin/S200/Dopod 818 Pro

    CRYSTAL CLEAR HARD CASE [SNAP ON] 4 DOPOD 818 PRO *UK* Seller:ting1218 The photo is different from actual product received. The seller is NOT selling...
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    Thread Dropped my JAMin and Microphone doesn't work.... suggestion?

    My mom drop my JAMin from a 3 feet table onto tile. Luckily the phone wasn't scratched or crack. Then I realize the microphone stopped working. Tried basically everything.. What should I do?
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    Thread JAMin: How do you copy contacts from phone to SIM?

    JAMin: How do you copy contacts from phone to SIM? I know you can do it one by one, but is there a way to copy all?
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    Thread JAMin USB Cradle with Stereo Audio out? Did any one buy any of these cradles from eBay? I know that have an audio out. They both look the same, any...
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    Thread How to use MP3 ringtones?

    I am having trouble using MP3 Ringtones. The MP3 is fine when played with TCPMP. I didn't install extended rom after hardreset. I moved the MP3 file to Windows/Rings folder. I could select it from list where I select ringtone, but it doesn't play back. One more thing: on the manual, it said...