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    Thread [Help] Can't move forward the movie when streaming from wifi

    When I stream movies with AirStream everything is fine except that I can't to pass forward on the movie. If I click on the time bar it jumps to the desired point what instantly jumps back to the original time I watched.
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    Thread Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 T530 - Is still worth buying?

    Hi, I want to buy a cheap tablet that is at least 10 inch. Came across Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 T530 (260$ on eBay). My primary usage is reading (PDF and internet) and I insist on an Android device. I don't care about the camera or 3G/4G. Do you recommend this tablet? Are there any good updated ROMs?
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    Thread No signal and camera doesn't work. Uploaded the logs

    Hi, I have nexus 5 stock ROM 5.1.1. After some hours of being on my phone lost mobile reception until I rebooted. In a different case no app could access the camera. I've attached the logs from CatLog for the both cases. I would be very glad if someone could give me at least some direction on...
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    Thread [GAME][2.2+]Pilot Guy - Fly a helicopter and reach the target!

    You need navigate the helicopter through the levels. The game is very challanging and requires coordination and concertation. I hope you will enjoy it and rate the game and give a feedback (and maybe a +1? :p). Here is the link...
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    Thread Roms, root, version... think of buying Note 3 some questions

    Hi, currently I have galaxy s2 CM 10.1 stable build. I want to upgrade to a newer phone with better battery life, speed and big screen. Things that I want to know about this phone are the roms, is there stable CM version? And which version is better the exynos or the snapdragon? Or maybe you...
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    Thread [Completed] Backed up with CWM navigating to the folder in restore says "no files"

    Hi i need help ASAP, I backed up my phone with CWM it made a folder as a backup. When I tried to restore the backup I navigated to the folder and it showed me inside that folder (like there are no files) instaed of starting the backup procces. one more problem is that now i flashed another ROM...
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    Thread [Q]Which is the best version of the 8190?

    Hi, I'm planning to purchase a Galaxy s3 mini. Which version should I buy for the best compatibility with the published roms and kernels? And do CM developed ROMs for this phone are bugless? I ask because the roms for galaxy s2 are not fully compatible because of lack of source code. I'm...
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    Thread CWM noob question

    If I restore back up I made with CWM with it will it flash Rom too? I mean let's say I have stock Samsung Rom then I flash the cm back will it be like flashing new cm Rom but with my apps and settings already?
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    Thread Where are the installed apps stored in android?

    I thought that the folders in the root of sd card with the names of the apps is their location But then I saw in the storage option that these folders are labeled others with my custom files I put there So where is their instalation located?
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    Thread Flac from phone with disortion and youtube without

    Flac music that I have in my phone have disortions while the same song from youtube sounds normal what is the problem?
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    Thread TWRP Factory Reset Deletes ALL internal SDCARD?

    TWRP Factory Reset Deletes ALL internal SDCARD? It's strange because I wanted to flash CM10.1 after Neatrom and I used Apollo 4.7 So I did factory reset in TWRP then I saw from TWRP that all my internal storage was removed. I restarted the phone now I see that the internal storage isn't deleted...
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    Thread Aux cable and phone drivers

    If I listen to music from a speaker that I connect to it my sgs2 with aux cable And I use cm so I don't have all audio drivers So is it affect the sound quality from the speakers or it just delivers the audio and the speakers use their own driver?
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    Thread [Q] Phone wont boot after flashing Biftor and Jeboo kernel

    HI I flashed Biftor 4.7 and Jeboo Kernel then biftors tweaks for other kenels and the phone wont boot luckily I can access download mode why did it happen and in download mode what should I do i thought about just flashing this with odin...
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    Thread [Q] battery percents continues to increase after unplugged

    It happens on every ROM it can even raise 10% if I left it charging long enough. and after long use it happens to for example from 100 to 90% it takes 30 minutes with the same use it can take only 20 minutes to go from 30 to 20%.
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    Thread [Q] Strange behavior of stock LSJ with Google play

    When I install a new app it only downloads it and installs after a reboot and if I download more than one app I need to reboot to install each app
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    Thread [Q]Gemini App Manager saves autorun preferences if i remove gemini?

    I disabled the autorun of a lot apps wirh Gemini and I want to uninstall it does the preferences stay or are they removed too?
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    Thread How to edit toggles in notification bar in leaken Sammy JB?

    How to edit toggles in notification bar in leaken Sammy JB?
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    Thread [Q]Too weak vibration on max level

    I have a brand new Galaxy S2 I set vibration intensity to max but still its weak I mean that when someone calls and I hold it I feel like something moves inside the phone but the phone doesnt and when the phone in my pocket I dont feel the vibration at all
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    Thread [Q]Can't factory reset the phone it erases data then says can't mount /sdcard

    I tried to flash stock Rom with a kernel with CWM and the factory reset used to work ok and i can use the phone and download apps but cant format from factory reset
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    Thread Does OtterBox case make the phone significantly heavier and thicker?

    Does OtterBox case make the phone significantly heavier and thicker in compare to other cases? Do you suggest it or better to buy a simple silicone case?
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    Thread The screen in my phone sticks out a little

    I think the phone came like that from the store The problem is in the upper left corner of the phone the screen goes out a little when I press this spot I,can feel the screen goes down to its it's place then again up I have varriently for the phone they will give me new or fix it and I have a...
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    Thread Can't find the option to turn off reject calls in CM9

    Can't find the option to turn off reject calls in CM9 and how to add a button to kill all processes that opened (holding the home button) instead of closing one by one manually
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    Thread is SOD dangerous and what is it exactly?

    I read that Uv can cause SOD and I use -100mV in UV so I know that I can get SOD but what is it exactly and is it dangerous like hard brick or in case of sod I only need to restore the ExTweaks options/flash another ROM from recovery?
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    Thread [Q]Adding to CM9 statusbar data and hotspot shorcut

    I flashed the latest stable CM9 the problem that in the status bar toggles there is not a toggle for hotspot (tethering) and no for mobile data. So if the internet works its because the mobile data always works? Can I add the toggles to the status bar?
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    Thread [Q]Little keyboard issue in VK ROM 5.2.3

    I will give you an example: When I tap the message line in WhatsApp to write a message the conversation disappears the the message line too but when I tap a key in the keyboard everything is normal I can see the conversation and the message line comes back. Is there a fix for that?
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    Thread [Q]I flashed VK ROM 5.2.3 and Siyah and camera shows black screen

    I flashed VK ROM 5.2.3 and Siyah and camera shows black screen but I can take pictures normally and everything else in camera works fine.
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    Thread BetterBatteryStats dump file is every thing normal?

    =================== General Information =================== BetterBatteryStats version: Creation Date: 2012-09-14 20:15:34 Statistic Type: (3) Since Unplugged Since 2 h 59 m 41 s VERSION.RELEASE: 4.0.4 BRAND: samsung DEVICE: GT-I9100 MANUFACTURER: samsung MODEL: GT-I9100 OS.VERSION...
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    Thread How to update a ROM to a newer version?

    How to update a ROM to a newer version? I use this ROM WanamLite v12.4 and the latest is 12.5.
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    Thread Is metal case good for Galaxy S2?

    I have bought an expensive metal case for my SGS2 with the word London in the back and a little upholstery in the back are metal cases good to protect the SGS2 from falling or silicon better?
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    Thread What are Kies processes does and can I stop them?

    What are Kies processes do and can I stop them? I saw here in the tips to get more battery life to stop these processes but what do the do? and how to stop them I tried with titanium backup and it wants BusyBox and I don't want to install that on my phone.
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    Thread Formated SD card now cant connect to computer PLEASE HELP

    So I checked the settings in the ICS and saw something like clear/format the internal SD I don't remember exactly. I pressed the button. Now I cant connect the SGS2 to the computer it just shows me 2 unrecognized partitions. From recovery in the internal SD card there are 3 folders of the...
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    Thread Are CM10 and Siyah kernel great for battery life?

    I need a good kernel and ROM to have the battery last as long as possible Now I have Siyah kernel and CM10 ROM. Is it a good combination? Or should I change ROM or kernel to Dorimanx for example?