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    Thread Wifi & Bluetooth wont turn on

    Hey, i got the same issue as mention here --> i checked /efs/wifi/ which contains the right MAC. Anyway i was not able to activate WiFi or BT. There are a lot file inside the efs folder so i dont think the...
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    Thread Disable Headset-detection

    Hey Guys, i broke my headphone jack on my Sony Walkman (NWZ-F880) and now it does not deteced my headphones anymore. I searched the web and found varouis solutions but the only partly working one was SoundAbout. With that i am able to listen via my headphones but when i touch the connector the...
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    Thread [Linux] Installation script for SBKv2 Devices (Linux/Windows will come)

    Hey, just a modifyed version of olife which works with SBKv2 devices. Follow these instructions (use How-To for OLiFE/SBKv1 with this OLiFE script (found in wheelie thread, not made by me) i'm working on OLiFE-like script for Windows ...
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    Thread [Linux] Net-Install Ubuntu (V0.7)

    Heyho, i've made an ArmHF Ubuntu rootfs with an Net-Install (like Debians Net-Installer) script. So you can choose your: - Desktop Environment - Display Manager - It's able to install Jhinta kernel - It's able to install Mouse-Driver - It's able to install Tegra-Drivers (v15) - Resize...
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    Thread [Q] How to build Jhinta's Kernel on sbkv2 device?

    Heyho, i tried to build the Jhinta kernel by following this thread: but the command "make tf101-linux_defconfig" doesn't work 'cause the file doesn't exist (it works with lilstevies source). I...
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    Thread [Q] UNbrick with

    Hey, i've bricked my tft101 and i'm tring to reset it by following this theard : but multiupload is down and now i need a simular file ( or the same) because i've an sbkv2 device and my cwm only reads from ssD memory and my backup is...
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    Thread Custom RUU

    Wirsing, i've got a question: is the radio cooked in this rom: or have i to flash i manually? and if where can i download this radio? thx NoDiskNoFun
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    Thread [Q] Leo is unchargeable.

    Hey, since 2 days i got this problem with my leo. When i connect it to charger it tells me it's charging but it isn't. I've tried to connect it to different chargers, usb-cables and to my pc but nothing helped. I'm running MAGDLR on it with dorimax kernel an i've tried different roms (Dorimax...
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    Thread [Q] Multiboot Linux

    Hey, since DoomLord have realesed his bootloader it should be possible to boot Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) like the Dualboot 2.1 and 2.3 we've got before the update. The Linux could be a SquashFS like azuzu's Linux and the kernel could be boot by bypassing. The all could be placed on SDcard (Yes...
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    Thread [Rom] SignedMiui

    Hey, i found this MIUI rom while searching for another bermiui link i install it and its awesome ** 1752 points on Q. Advance awesome! no lags ... Screen On/Off animation don't work (the one and only bug) try it. Credits go to someone unknown
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    Thread [Q] SE Active Launcher

    Hey, if i install this launcher it just trying to replace se home and show me the old one (successful install) ... anyone know how to fix this issues?
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    Thread [Q] Little question about 3D

    Hey, i don't own an O3D but i wanna buy one. but theres one thing that i wanna know: is the 3D effect working with every 3D app or only with camera, pics and vids?
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    Thread [Q] Custom Kernel

    Hey, since the update i haven't seen any rom with custom kernel or such a thing itself, is this cause by baseband .71 or by bypassing? Do anyone know when one will be released? thanks
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    Thread [Q] Import to Germany

    Hey, if i buy the captivate is it able to be useable in germany? I think it have to 'cause it's quadband but i'm not sure. And i have to unlock it, or? (AT&T) thx
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    Thread Miui Launcher for Miui Rom

    Heyhey, i've downloaded and installed BlackEditionHD_1.4_SE ( Everything is perfect, but i would be happier if i could use the Miui Launcher. This Launcher is not installed so i need an .apk or an Do anyone got that? thx!