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    Thread Screen OC possibility?

    So loads of amoled phones have the option to have screen OC. I personally have been using 69hz on my mi9se for the past year and I definitely notice switching between 60 and 69 in terms of UI fluidity. Is there any possibility that the 4a could have this feature unlocked or is the kernel too...
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    Thread 64gb version UFS or eMMC ??

    Can anyone with a 64gb model confirm whether their device uses the UFS storage? I've heard rumours that only the 128gb model supports this. Just wanna know for sure before purchasing either! L✌️
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    Thread Best budget Bluetooth headphones

    Hi guys, Now I've made the move to the pixel, I kinda gotta get some wireless earphones.... I'll be using them mainly for the gym so fit had to be good. In ear headphones tend to 'pop' out my ears but I've never tried the ones with supports (hooks). Currently using apple headphones which have...
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    Thread Best android head unit for a scirocco with dynaudio?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my RNS 510 with the dynaudio amplifier system for an android head unit. I've heard some units are not compatible with the dynaudio amplifier so this has complicated my search! I've also heard that some android head units just sound terrible.... I need one that...
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    Thread Flashing MIUI rom via TWRP without bricking

    Hi Guys, Got my Mi4c unlocked and rooted running cm14 however, when I try and flash an MIUI 8 rom via TWRP the device goes into a bootloop. I am new to Xiamoi devices (Nexus user) am I missing something? Is there a patch to flash after a rom to prevent bricking? I'd really like to try MIUI...
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    Thread Touchscreen update

    I guys, I first had a Moto g3 when they were first released. Absolutely loved the device however, it was plagued with ghost touches etc Now that some time has passed, has this been fixed?? Also, does cm14.1 with the improved latency make any difference to this device? I'd very much be keen to...
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    Thread How's your LTE speeds?

    Hi guys, Looking to get this phone to use as a personal hotspot. Currently using an htc m7 and the speeds are pretty bad compared to my one plus x due to the poor LTE antenna. Can you guys share your LTE speeds? And if you're using your g3 as a hotspot, how's it performing? Ta!
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    Thread What would make the g3 perfect...

    The display. The colours are slightly too warm and also, the touch input is not the greatest. For example, when writing a text quickly you often get ghost taps which leads to inaccurate input. Compared to my g1, the g3 is noticeably worse. The lack of led notification. I am confident we shall...
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    Thread A 615 phone that ISNT laggy

    I've been really dissapointed by the Mi4i. Its a mostly all round, fantastic phone. But, I just can't get used to the subpar performance. This got me thinking, is the processor really to blame or is it poorly optimized software..... Well, just check out this video of the Moto X play. Same specs...
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    Thread official snap case

    Hi guys, Trying to find one of googles offical snap cases and not even ebay seem to stock them. When i go to the playstore listing it states that the case is not available in my country (uk). Where can i find one?? Many thanks!
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    Thread power control apk location

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the power control widget in system apps through my jelly bean ROM. Pretty sure I accidently deleted it, can anyone tell me what its called or post it here for me? I'd be very grateful! Regards, Dan
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    Thread trebuchet settings

    Hi guys, Is there anyway of getting into trebuchet settings yet? Or at least a cmd or something to change number of screens etc. I would use apex however the icons fail toalign correctly in120dpi. This is really annoying!! Thanks in advance for the advice, Dan
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    Thread New Launcher

    Can someone make one of the stock gingerbread launchers on the market able to customize amount of home screens on one's device. Every one i try has 5 by default and there is no way for me to reduce this to 3! Also the stock gingerbread launchers work ALOT smoother for me than ADW free or ADW...
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    Thread Cheap uni books!

    if you need uni books this year and dont want to break the bank, check this place out first; :) they got some good deals! Dan
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    Thread I got really badly screwed!

    Hi guys, i recently have tried to buy a car off auto trader and paid via money gram (post office service) and registered the funds to be only available to me. Anyway the guy i was buying off was a scammer, he obviously made fake I.D and cashed the money before i had a chance to blink... :eek...
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    Thread Mytouch/HTC Magic battery fits tmobile/HTC dream g1?

    hi guys, so im looking at buying a new battery which wont need a new back cover for my g1.. ive read somewhere that a standard mytouch battery will fit a g1. is this true??? ive had a good look and can see no answer to this so dont have a go at me:) if not, can anyone reccomend me the best...