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    Thread Need help before I buy

    Hello, Im interested in picking up a brand new Mclaren Edition 7T Pro but, all the none T-Mobile ones are too high to justify the price, most expenisve being Giztop. What are the cons of buying a renewed Mclaren Edition or buying a new in box T-Mobile variant? Can I flash the global rom on the...
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    Thread Question Am I the only one?

    Who bought this phone I mean? It looks like no one seems to care about this phone. Its all over youtube but, everyone seems to be doing the same thing, unboxing it. I was hoping I could get some attention to this phone so I can talk to others. Anyone plan on purchasing this phone? If so, tell me...
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    Thread Question How to make Nova default launcher?

    Well, I feel the headline is as straight forward as can be, but ill be more specific. I purchased my Lenovo Legion Duel 2. So far I like the phone, but I cant seem to get Nova launcher to stay the default launcher. I manually downloaded the play store on the phone, not sure if I did it properly...
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    Thread Question China vs UK software difference.

    Im interested in picking up this phone, Itll be my first gaming phone. I can purchase the Chinese version now or I can wait for the UK version. I just dont know the difference when it come to the sofrware. Can someone break it down for me?
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    Thread Is it still worth it?

    tried any GSIs?
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    Thread Open beta for 7T pro McLaren

    Does anyone know if there is an open beta for the 1+ 7T Pro McLaren edition? I feel like I’d rather be on beta than custom rom.
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    Thread Anyone using AT&T?

    Which APN settings are you using?
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    Thread Anyone else having issues with Messages?

    I dont know if im the only one but, id like to use the stock messages app but, i keep running into the same issues. Sometimes a text wont send, MMS is buggy, etc. Anyone having this issue?
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    Thread SMS/MMS issues

    So, assuming you own this phone, whats everyone using for SMS & MMS? I would like to use the stock messages app, though there isnt much in terms of customization. On my Note 10+ i went stock, on my 1+7 Pro I went stock but, this app honestly (unless my settings need tweaking) just really sucks...
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    Thread Dead On Arrival

    I just opened up my brand new 7T Pro Mclaren and when I first attempted to turn it on I got a warning on the screen that the battery was too low to turn on. Should I be worried about this and ask for an exchange or is there nothing to worry about?
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    Thread 7T Pro McLaren VS Vivo Nex 3

    So, which one of these bad boys should I keep and which one should I sell? I love the large form factor of the Nex 3, but I am not in love with the OS. I love everything about the 7T pro, I just wish it were as big as the Nex 3. I’d like your opinion if you’re willing to give it.
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    Thread Debloat?

    Anyone know if there is a debloat method for for this?
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    Thread How to register for a vivo account on the phone?

    I live in the US. Does anyone know how to register for a vivo account on this phone? I’ve been going back and forth with vivo but, they’re no help at all. I think if you’re living in the US like me this phone is basically useless to you. Which sucks cause I think I’m going to have to return the...
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    Thread How do I use Nova Laucnher with Funtouch OS 9.1?

    Ive been using the Nex 3 for a little over a week and im finding funtouch OS harder to work with than it was on the Nex S. For starters, I can use 3rd party launchers. I can download Nova, set it up but, whenever I use the navigation gestures to get home, I am brought back to the stock launcher...
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    Thread How to Install Google Services

    Just recieved my Nex 3 today, so excited to start using this phone. Hopeing someone could inform me on how to add play services on the phone. Also, am I able to change the launcher one this phone? If so, how?
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    Thread How to install One UI 2.0

    Hey all, I've got the NOte 10+, model is SM-N975U1, I live in the states and im using it on ATT. Does anyone kno what I have to do to install One UI beta on my phone?
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    Thread Download Updated Pixel Launcher from Pixel 4

    Will this laucnher work on the Note 10+?
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    Thread Mi Mix Alpha with Glass mold?

    I read there were going to be 2 versions of this phone in terms of material: one with a glass screen and another with a plastic screen. The glass screen version is supposed to come out in even smaller numbers than the plastic version. Has anyone else read this?
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    Thread Where to buy?

    So, any ideas where I can pick up on of these? Im looking for the 12GB version. I live in the US and I dont need it to be preinstalled with the play store. That I can do myself.
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    Thread HELP! Cant sign into Huawei account.

    I just got my new Mate 20 X and cant sign into my Huawei account. It says I have to link a number with it but, whenver I imput my cell number it never sends me a verification code. I had a Huawei i.d. but, it isnt giving me access to it. I live in the US, im using ATT, and the phone I have is...
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    Thread Should I Buy from AliExpress?

    Has anyone ever bought a phone from this site? Does this seem like a good idea?
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    Thread Anyone Ever Bought from here?

    So, this website - - has a really good deal on the Mate 20 X and I was going to purchase from them. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about the site before I did?
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    Thread Can I change the launcher yet?

    Hi all, I sold my Mate 20 X because I couldnt change the launcher on it. I had the EVR-AL00 model and was running 9.1 Has anything change in the past 3 months, is there a way to disable the stock launcher or even just use Nova launcher? I would love to be able to root but, honestly I can just...
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    Thread No way to remove Huawei Launcher?

    So, is there no way to remove/disable the Huawei Launcher without being rooted? im running 9.1 and from what ive seen theres no way to remove it. I hope im wrong because honestly if I cant swap launchers im just going to sell my phone but id prefer not to. I have the EVR-AL00 running 9.1 and I...
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    Thread OP 7 Pro Mclaren Edition

    Does anyone think there will be a Mclaren edition of this phone? I dont want to buy the 7 Pro if in a few months a more powerful version will show up.
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    Thread How Do I Upgrade to EMUI 9.1 on EVR-AL00?

    So yeah, Ive got the evr-al00 model and have received the update yet, idk whats going on. I would like to upgrade to the beta version but, from what ive been reading you can only get beta if you're running 9.1. Does anyone know of a manuel way that I could upgrade and then go to beta or a way...
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    Thread Need Help Connecting EVR-AL00 to PC

    Hello, I'm having a pretty big issue with my phone where my windows PC isnt recognizing it. It was on an older version, which was build, EMUI 9.0.0, android 9. I thought maybe that had someting to do with it so, I performed an update. After updating my phone to build
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    Thread Official Firmware Download

    Hello all, Can anyone provide me with a link to download the stock firmware for the Nex S 1805 Global model. Id like to install the latest update via fastboot. If anyone can help me with this, please let me know.
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    Thread Help With Settings Menu

    Hello all, My settings app/menu keeps clsoing on me. Whenever I go into it, it will stay on the screen for a second and then close. I removed some apps via adb but, none or so I thought, had anything to do with the settings menu. Does anyone know what could be causing this or have a fix for it?
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    Thread Can Anyone Help Me!

    I need a link to global downloadable firmware for my Nex S. Every link I go there always seems to be some issue or it just isn't there. I need to reflash the firmware on my phone because I keep getting reboots whenever I sign into facebook messenger. I've posted about this before but, no one...
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    Thread Why Does This Happen?

    So, whenever im seeting up facebook messenger on my VIvo Nex S. It reboots itself before I can complete the setup. No matter what I do, it always happens. I thought it may have been something that I uninstalled using ADB but, I just did a factory wipe tonight, set my my phone back up, and...
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    Thread I Want This Phone Again!

    Hello, Ive previously had this phone but, sold it because at the time I kept rooting it and Niantic locked me out of Pokemon Go cause they assumed I was spoofing. I want to buy it again because it was probably the best phone I've ever had! I want the 6gb 256gb version, If anyone knows where I...
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    Thread Reset Using adb?

    Does anyone know how to reset the Nex S using adb commands? Honestly, I dont know the difference in using adb, doing it through recovery, and just wiping it the old fashion way through the computer. So, if someone would explain that, that would be awesome.
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    Thread Pro's & Con's to rooting my 1+6T and custom rom, whats the point?

    I just got my 1+6T today. So far so good. Definitely better performance than any android phone i've ever used. Im used to rooting and flashing custom roms on everything I get though but, with a phone like this is there even a benefit?
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    Thread Should I buy?

    Hello all, I am very interested in buying this phone. I still have my Xiaomi Mi Mix (that im still trying to sell) and im looking to upgrade to what the Mi Mix shoud've been. I've had a lot of pros and cons to this phone and I want to see if that is still the case. I saw Mr. Mobiles review on...
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    Thread Where To Buy?

    So, anyone know where I can pick this beast up?
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    Thread 4x8 Layout or higher

    Im running rom, MIUI 9.6. Does anyone know of any themes that offer a higher screen layout? I downloaded a theme that had a 4x8 layout but, I cant find it anymore, it doesnt even show up in my "purchased" section of the theme app.
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    Thread Is TWRP by Mr.Raines still the best

    I was finally able to get past the issue with the password encryption whenever booting into twrp by mr.raines. All I had to do was downgrade to MIUI 8, and then reinstall everything. I am trying to flash roms now using twrp by mr.raines but, it keeps failing to install the rom. Is this still the...
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    Thread Differences between Epic Global Rom and Epic Rom Pro

    I cant believe this question hasnt been asked yet but, what is the differnce between the Epic Global rom and the Pro verison?
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    Thread Does NE1 here use MoviePass?

    U use MoviePass and I just updated the Mi Mix to 9.5.2. and it says it is not compatible with my device anymore. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Thread Twrp mr.raines password fix

    So, ive seen many complaints about this but, so far I havent seen anyone fix it. I know there are youtube videos and ppl have their methods but, these methods arent working for me. Obviously I have a Mi Mix. Whenever I boot into twrp it asks me for a password. Does anyone have a step by step way...
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    Thread I need help with a performance boost.

    I would like to gather some of your thoughts on what I could do to boost the performance of my Mi Mix. I love this phone and want to keep on using it but, I'm a heavy Pokemon Go user and honestly, the performance just isnt cutting it so, Im hoping I can get some feedback. Do you own the Mi Mix...
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    Thread Issues with the latest TWRP

    Everytime I download the lastest TWRP my pc tells me that the file is corrupted. Any suggestions?
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    Thread For the Pokemon Go Players out there!

    My Go Plus wont connect to my Mi Mix!:crying: I came from an iPhone 7 Plus, where my Go Plus worked just fine. I've been trying to connect it to my Mi Mix since, yesterday. It shows up in the settings menu, but when I press the Go Plus icon on the main screen, it always fails to connect...
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    Thread Switch back to Stable

    I installed MIUI 9 on my Mix, but I'm having a serious issue and need to switch back over to Global Stable. I downloaded the rom from the official site, I tried installing it through the phone by going into the updater, and that didnt work cause MIUI 9 is chinese only. Then I tried flashing it...
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    Thread Mi Mix Global Stable ROM V8.5.4.0

    I just received the update for V8.5.4.0. Is anyone else running it? Why isn't there a download link for it?
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    Thread Official MIUI Beta Rom

    So... yea, does anyone know if there is an official beta rom for the Mi Mix? On the official website all I see is a Global Stable, and a Global Dev.
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    Thread Buying my 2nd Mi Mix

    So, I gotta buy my second Mi Mix. I was thinking of buying it off of Banggood, has anyone bought from them? I want my Mi Mix to come sealed and not have any vendor rom on it or at least not have any Vendor rom on it. Any ideas?
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    Thread Mi Mix 1 click root?

    Does anyone know if there is a 1 click root for the mi mix?
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    Thread No Sound after unroot!

    Hey, all, thanks for everyone who gave their thoughts on how to fix my problem. Turns out my speaker.... according to Xiaomi, blew out. So I gotta send it in for warranty repair. Idk how that happened, but some how it did. Thanks again for trying to help me.