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    Post can you flash T-Mobile Version with international firmware?

    Thank you, I get an answer. So I’ll stay away from the T-Mob version of the phone.
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    Post can you flash T-Mobile Version with international firmware?

    Sorry,I know this is an old discussion but, I’m very confused. you say there is no global firmware for the T-Mobile version of the 7T pro, but then you turn around and say that it can be converted to global. My issue is this, I know there was more than one version of the op7Tpro mclaren...
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    Thread Need help before I buy

    Hello, Im interested in picking up a brand new Mclaren Edition 7T Pro but, all the none T-Mobile ones are too high to justify the price, most expenisve being Giztop. What are the cons of buying a renewed Mclaren Edition or buying a new in box T-Mobile variant? Can I flash the global rom on the...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Question for you when it comes to downloading the phone app. Were you able to make the phone app your default? Because I cant seem to make it my default. What steps did you take to get it to work properly and receive notifications?
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Yeah, did that, but unfortunately it didnt take me into reovery mode. It did bring me into some weird screen ive never seen before on an android phone though so, that was interesting. Thank you for trying to help me out tho.
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    So... Does anyone know how to get into recovery mode on this phone? When I look it up it says to hold vol. up and power until the Lenovo logo shows up and then release both buttons, but I did that and it doesnt work. I did the opposite, hold vol. down and power, which looks like it gets me into...
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    Post Question How to make Nova default launcher?

    Thank you. Ill give that a try.
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Thats awesome! I hope its one that still factory sealed and not a chinese version that they loaded gapps on. Please let us all the news when you receive your model. Hope it works out, I really do.
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    I dont use always on display, im too paranoid about burn in to do such a thing. I also only charge my phone up to 55%, 58% at the most, unless I get distracted but never 100%. I keep my screen on time to 30sec.
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Youre a lot like me when it comes to phones, I to had the Mate 20 X. I love/loved that phone. Its too bad there arent many phones out there with a 7.2" screen. I wanted the Black Shark 3 Pro but, I found out about it a bit late in the game and by that...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Thank you. Ill give that a try and ill get back to you. I am curious how you like using this phone as your "daily driver"? I think my expectations for this one were high/too high. The phone seemed to be getting a lot of attention where I thought it had support and now it turns out it has little...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Were you able to install drivers for this phone? I went to the link you sent me, DL the stock firmware, but the drivers for the phone arent in the link.
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Interesting. So, were you able to get a launcher to work for you or do you just use the stock laucnher?
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    So did you sign into your Google account via the phone or did you download the apks first?
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Which method did you use to install Google play services on you phone and what did you do to get Google contacts and phone to work for you?
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    dEFLASH, I saw you on the Lenovo community thread. I perosnally dont use Gpay, so I couldnt tell you anything on that end but, I havent had any issues with making or receving calls. Im on Mint mobile, they run off T-Mobile towers. Have you tried tweeking your APN settings? toliveforever, posted...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    That would be a thought, instead of just returning the phone. My only issue with that is it takes longer to get updates with the global rom. Do you have global running on your phone or are you using stock?
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Ive got the Chinese rom but, I gotta be honest, im on the edge of switching back to my 12 Pro Max. I love the customization of android, and unless I start removing apps via ADB I dont think im going to keep the phone. I mean, iPhone has little to no customization but you expect that. When it...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Wow, you bought all 3, thats awesome. The 3 you mentioned were the ones I was thinking about too, those and the ZTE Axon 30 Pro, because origianlly it was thought to have an under display camera and a 6.92" screen. Really, when it comes down to it, as long as its a flagship phone, whichever one...
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    Ive got Mint mobile here in the states. Im not having any issues, and its $15 a month. Maybe try them?
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    Thread Question Am I the only one?

    Who bought this phone I mean? It looks like no one seems to care about this phone. Its all over youtube but, everyone seems to be doing the same thing, unboxing it. I was hoping I could get some attention to this phone so I can talk to others. Anyone plan on purchasing this phone? If so, tell me...
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    Thread Question How to make Nova default launcher?

    Well, I feel the headline is as straight forward as can be, but ill be more specific. I purchased my Lenovo Legion Duel 2. So far I like the phone, but I cant seem to get Nova launcher to stay the default launcher. I manually downloaded the play store on the phone, not sure if I did it properly...
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    Thread Question China vs UK software difference.

    Im interested in picking up this phone, Itll be my first gaming phone. I can purchase the Chinese version now or I can wait for the UK version. I just dont know the difference when it come to the sofrware. Can someone break it down for me?
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    Thread Is it still worth it?

    tried any GSIs?
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    Post Is it still worth it?

    So, being the phone nerd that I am, I have no idea how I never knew about this phone till now. So! Id like to ask all of you, who have the phone, is it still worth it? Are you happy with your purchase? Did you switch to the ROG Phone 3 or the Note 20 Ultra? Hows the OS? I like to customize my...
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    Thread Open beta for 7T pro McLaren

    Does anyone know if there is an open beta for the 1+ 7T Pro McLaren edition? I feel like I’d rather be on beta than custom rom.
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    Thread Anyone using AT&T?

    Which APN settings are you using?
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    Thread Anyone else having issues with Messages?

    I dont know if im the only one but, id like to use the stock messages app but, i keep running into the same issues. Sometimes a text wont send, MMS is buggy, etc. Anyone having this issue?
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    Post Where is it available to buy?

    This site has it. Here’s the link.
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    Thread SMS/MMS issues

    So, assuming you own this phone, whats everyone using for SMS & MMS? I would like to use the stock messages app, though there isnt much in terms of customization. On my Note 10+ i went stock, on my 1+7 Pro I went stock but, this app honestly (unless my settings need tweaking) just really sucks...
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    Post Have anyone tried OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition with another US Carrier

    Hello, Idk how much this will help you but, I’ve been an ATT subscriber for over 5 years, I live in Naples FL, and have traveled around the state and always have good service. I keep ATT because it’s easy to switch your SIM card and use the next phone on the networt, I buy a lot of unlocked...
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    Post Dead On Arrival

    Yea, im charging it right now.
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    Thread Dead On Arrival

    I just opened up my brand new 7T Pro Mclaren and when I first attempted to turn it on I got a warning on the screen that the battery was too low to turn on. Should I be worried about this and ask for an exchange or is there nothing to worry about?
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    Post Debloat?

    You should be able to do the same with the browser as you did with the launcher, set the browser as default.
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    Post Debloat?

    Did you log into a vivo account so now you have access to change out the launcher?
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    Thread 7T Pro McLaren VS Vivo Nex 3

    So, which one of these bad boys should I keep and which one should I sell? I love the large form factor of the Nex 3, but I am not in love with the OS. I love everything about the 7T pro, I just wish it were as big as the Nex 3. I’d like your opinion if you’re willing to give it.
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    Thread Debloat?

    Anyone know if there is a debloat method for for this?
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    Post How to register for a vivo account on the phone?

    I just looked and I have the V1924A. Do you have the 8GB version?
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    Post How to register for a vivo account on the phone?

    Wow, so, you have the Nex 3, the Chinese version, and you were able to log into a vivo account and chnage the launcher?
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    Post Official Method to register a Vivo account through your Email account

    Has anyone tried this method on Vivo Nex 3? I am about to receive one and I just wanna make sure I am not wasting my time by trying this out. ---------- Post added at 02:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:42 AM ---------- You seem to be in the same boat as me. Were you able to find a...
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    Post Vivo Nex 3 - Global ROM?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to flash global rom on Chinese Nex 3?
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    Thread How to register for a vivo account on the phone?

    I live in the US. Does anyone know how to register for a vivo account on this phone? I’ve been going back and forth with vivo but, they’re no help at all. I think if you’re living in the US like me this phone is basically useless to you. Which sucks cause I think I’m going to have to return the...
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    Thread How do I use Nova Laucnher with Funtouch OS 9.1?

    Ive been using the Nex 3 for a little over a week and im finding funtouch OS harder to work with than it was on the Nex S. For starters, I can use 3rd party launchers. I can download Nova, set it up but, whenever I use the navigation gestures to get home, I am brought back to the stock launcher...
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    Thread How to Install Google Services

    Just recieved my Nex 3 today, so excited to start using this phone. Hopeing someone could inform me on how to add play services on the phone. Also, am I able to change the launcher one this phone? If so, how?
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    Post Vivo Nex 3 - Global ROM?

    Yeah, thats how I feel about it.
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    Post Vivo Nex 3 - Global ROM?

    I just ordered a Nex 3 from Giztop. Any idea which rom will come installed on it?
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    Post Tempered 9H glass

    I found a few on Amazon.