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    Post Question How to make Nova default launcher?

    i use Poco Launcher Under Setting, search "Def" and chang..all is fine Thing to note. Cannot work with gestures will crash Only use navigation button
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    Post Question Am I the only one?

    i just had mine....and all in fine 1. Living in SGP (asia) 1. Netflix - ok 2. Disney+ - Ok
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    Post General What not to do with China ROM

    this make sense... Upgrade is ok (lower to high) downgrade is nok (high to low) Currently with CN 12.0.13... Official Rom will be unsafe (as they are 12.0.6 at nest) Rom will be safe (if choose 12.5 version)
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    Post General What not to do with China ROM

    " fastboot loop" is discouraging... guess will stick to China rom til better visibilities.
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    Post General What not to do with China ROM

    this rom flashing is getting "interesting" 1. wipe to factory after 12.0.13 OTA 2. after unlock., flash rom. Dont flash Official Rom I still has 4days...and now wondering if just stay in CHina ROM is easier
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    Post General MI 11 Ultra/Pro - Official MIUI Firmware List

    kinda confused. based on Mi Community, there is no Mi 11 Ultra Global Rom. The customised rom, eu.rom, has higher MIUI version This thread has...and the EEA looks like the "global rom"that most Youtubers are mentioning (MiUI 12.0.3) So I guess the EEA version is what most are "watching"on...
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    Post Exynos Variant?

    There is only SD varaint for this handset
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    Post Settings menu lags (Solved)

    Does not work as well...perhaps it's the format of my number? Sign in through email..and after several authentication, it will prompt for phone number +CountryCodePhone number (+CountryCode)Phone number?
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    Post Settings menu lags (Solved)

    i'm lost... When i click on the "My Oppo" app, it will prompt blah blah.. I guess will needs to register through email then after prompt "bound by number" and here is where i'm lost. no matter the format i place the number..i..t just dont work
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    Post [ROM][AROMA][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v2.0 [Youth|Turbo|Plus|Elite]

    I had tried to re-flash rom but still the same. perhaps it with xperia launcher?
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    Post [ROM][AROMA][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v2.0 [Youth|Turbo|Plus|Elite]

    this 2.0 feels superb smooth. some qn 1) Uses Xperia normal that the "wallpaper" is not full screen? 2) The signal bar is white..could change to 1.5 colors? Edit. uses Gravitybox for item 2
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    Post [ROM][AROMA][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v2.0 [Youth|Turbo|Plus|Elite]

    finally took the plunge into this ROM (for my elite..Youth uses others) 1st hour feel..not bad. Curious 1) why not install with Google launcher? (and all the Kit Kat thingy?Clock, camera...) makes it more Nexus 5. 2) Why the based Elite Stock of Jul and not Sep?
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    Post Iocean X7 Elite Bricked ('BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL(4032))

    same as u..but differ phone model.(N9589) had a few upgrd...til the recent brick it. Tried a few version of flash tool and still the same :(
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    Post [Q] MTK 6577 vs 6589

    I had this unit..and the dual core as well. Try those GPU benchmark..(around half of the score of S4, HTC One etc) I had a problem though...i can received sms but could not send any out. Nevertheless....impressive. (bluetooth, auto brightness, reasonable WIFI range...)
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    Post [GT-I9505 + GT-I9505G] CF-Auto-Root

    Firstly, would like to thank for the root given. Rooted the device the very 2nd day. The air view, air gesture n smart scroll...was fine. However, when my phone was in "safe mode" a black pop at bottom left, I rebooted my device. Afterwhich, this features cannot work on the same webpage. When...
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    Post [N7105] Stock ROM for N7105, Guide for installation & Root. - DISCONTINUED

    the apps was not able to root my note 2 (n7105 LTE). I believe its the ROM. PDA : N7105XXDLL7 CSC : N7105OLBDLL2
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    Post [ROM][12/29] - Stock Rooted De-Odex - N7105XXDLL4 - 11 Dec 2012

    some queries.. 1) This rom could also be used on non AT&T N7105? 2) How to flash this rom? uses CWM since its zip
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    Post S3 jelly beans

    previously was root with stock rom...(unroot usin those root keeper) and proceed to update JB. Looks good but root is lost. is this the only method?
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    Post [KERNELS] Updated! [12/09/12] INSECURE ICS Kernels FOR ROOTING! - I9100 /G /P

    I was previously on Kernel_I9100DXLP9.. there was an updated and i flash it..root gone. However, i'm puzzle which kernel should i use? Baseband version : I9100DXLPA Kernel version : 3.0.15-I9100DXLPB-CL709089 [email protected] #3 Build Number : DXLPB Uses the DXLPB insecure? Anticipated thanks
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    Post [MOD]Install any version (ICS, Honeycomb, change SKUs) to your Transformer Prime

    had a TW version and received OTA updated to
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    Post [Q] Folders

    you can't..and its not a problem on 7+...all honeycomb devices do not have such feature. You will needs apps like folder organiser etc to help to create that.
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    Post Prime/Tegra3 Gamer's thread

    Games that do not work well on ICS. - SoulCraft THD - All Gameloft games (keeps crashing) Will test more..(between my TF101 & Prime) *My devices are not rooted. :P
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    Post What's The Best Handwriting Note Taking App For Honeycomb ?

    FreeNote It is not compatiable with TF??
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    Post Gameloft spiderman, Asphalt 6 HD update for 3.1

    Working with1.0.4 on 3.1honeycomb
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    Post Gameloft spiderman, Asphalt 6 HD update for 3.1

    It updated auto to 1.07 ....not too sure if the crash was due to 3.1..(as previou salso faces same) Now at the stage whereby Dr optupus is fighting with Spidy (again)
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    Post [Q] Apps for Kids / Thinking of buying this tablet

    had install preschool lunchbox, the entire kids learn to read, phonics, connect the dot....also tried my alphabet cars n kids mode. All r well. On games, angry birds cant b wrong. Alos tried mr block, walkabout to help kids in logic movement... Though apps not as much as ipad, it is gd enuff
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    Post [GAME] Galaxy on Fire 2 THD (FREE for 1 Solar)

    done ....was waiting for it
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    Post Gameloft spiderman, Asphalt 6 HD update for 3.1

    refresh last purchase link helps? Anyone tried n working?
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    Post From leaked 3.1 US to 3.0 WW?? Possible?

    silly me..just do the vol down again...thanks
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    Post From leaked 3.1 US to 3.0 WW?? Possible?

    Was on TW_epad_user_8239 and updated to the leak 3.1 with US firmware. managed to downgrade (all the way back to TW_epad_user_82313) and TF auto prompt me upgrade to TW_epad_user_8239 (with numerous reset) However, there are many android.process* crashes... *acore *media *gmail... Still no OTA...
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    Post 3.1 update tracker

    me installed the leak version...from a TW firmware -> US firmware. Would like to have as a TW firmware again...anyone had a idea? or wait for the download version from asus?
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    Post [INFO] List of compatible apps/games/etc

    Me had Spiderman, HOS broke with 3.1... Asphalt 6 & Dungeon Hunter is fine..
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    Post [Q] Gameloft HD games are ₤1 this weekend

    the Acer Iconia A500 or Motorola Xoom works fine with Asus Transformer.
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    Post [INFO] List of compatible apps/games/etc

    Extreme Formula kinda of lag...or jerk. Not smooth
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    Post [INFO] List of compatible apps/games/etc

    Robotek is working fine...install and playing it.
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    Post [INFO] List of compatible apps/games/etc

    Which "phone" u choose? Me tried LG P990 (NIVDA hardware)....but the game quit after the movie....same as other gameloft games as well
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    Post List of Compatible Cases (Compilation)

    Got a Creative Ziio (10'') as a Sub. The Screen protector though smaller than Eee Pad, but it did well one the Leather case is used...Hardly noticed it (See attachment 1) TF protudes a little out of the sleeve If used as it is, the "Power On" button will be depress. (See attachment 3) Re-the...
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    Post List of Compatible Cases (Compilation)

    Foldable stand case Size:274mm*188mm*20mm TF Size:271mm*171mm*12.98mm I'm pretty worry about the keeping it tight :confused:onto the sleeve.