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    Post Please reply. Display problem.

    I do have the same problem with you, where the display has darker frame around it. but it's disappeared one day. then I begin to play a game and sometimes I fell asleep while playing it, and yes I got some kind of retention of game's UI around the screen. the UI can clearly be seen when I am...
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    Post Mi Account Locked. How to bypass?

    if you cant login to the phone to unlocked it, you can login to the mi cloud website and remove the device from your account. restart your device and it will no longer asking for your password
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    Post how to solve The slow charging Issue in custom roms for whyred?

    idk, but the RR and the AOSiP can do quick charging thingy
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    no lag, only full screen video playback from browser is not actually fullscreen
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    Thread XIAOMI Redmi Note 5 Pro [whyred] global fastboot ROMs bug

    just to make sure no one getting the trouble i had. if you bought Xiaomi devices (not sure its the devices after Redmi 4a or every devices with miui 9.5) with the bootloader already unlocked by the seller or the distributor, make sure youre registering or linked your account to the device...
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    best custon rom ever, used this as my daily driver. never fail me
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep]

    so yeah this ROM is great, i using it as my daily driver. good battery life, performance, etc. but there's 2 issue annoyed me so far, there's delay on waking up the phone and the full screen video playback issue. the delay on waking up the device is not happening when the phone is not moving...
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep]

    i dont think its the expanded desktop issue, cause i reinstalled the rom and the issue is still there, but not as frequent. the music app, google maps nor the headset is not the issue i think. im still trying to find out what is causing the issue.
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep] i clicked at the fullscreen icon, but the video doest goes to fullscreen mode.
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep]

    so i installed this rom, dont know theyre bug or not, but here's what i found when listening to music via bluetooth and commuting with google maps while the screen is turned off, the screen is hard to wake up after a while (displaying nothing but dark...
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    Thread REDMI Note 5 Pro Can't Install GApps Aroma?

    i just bought the RN5P today and decided to test out some custom ROMs. the Recover and ROM installation went great for the RR and AOSP, but everytime i tried to install the Google Apps Aroma, it's always stuck and went blank then goes to restart the TWRP after the last screen when it says...
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL][OTA / TREBLE[8.1 - Oreo] AICP - 13

    the call interface doesnt work, when someone calls me theres only ring tone without the ui for reject or pick up the phone calls