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  1. saurabh0291

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth problem (receiving but not sending)

    Hey guys!!! I am using Micromax a110 4.2.2 I can pair my device Bluetooth with any other device's Bluetooth And able to receive data. But whenever I send anything from my device to any other Device it says xyz.apk was not sent to xyz device. ------- I searched whole internet but haven't...
  2. saurabh0291

    Thread [App Share][MOD][XPOSED][LG knock knock CODE]

    Hello brothers now we can use knock side feature of lg in canvas 2. However we have used Dt2w but knock code adds 2 more stars...:o Thanx to MohammadAG for wonderful work her is the original thread
  3. saurabh0291

    Thread [Trick] How to make apps compatible with ur device in play store

    Hi there Is ur play store showing this app is incompatible with ur device? Or you trying to search for an app/game but you are not able to find in play store. Then this is the guide for you:p Its nothing but showing our device as an high end device to play store (by editing build.prop...
  4. saurabh0291

    Thread [23/5/14]REVISED-1GBRAM CWM flashable zip

    Mod/script For bindassboost kernel just flash with cwm twrp recover This zip will give you extream GAMING PERFORMANCE in any ROM. Flash and feel the difference For only swap scripts Use this Zip 1)At first delete init.d folder(system/etc/init.d) now Download and flash...
  5. saurabh0291

    Thread Making CWM Flashable ZIP from mobile phone

    Hi there My experiments come to an end. Pls note the steps below (1)at first u need a sample zIP download it from below link (2)download "PowerGrasp file manager" from link below (3)open the sample zip from file manager(do not extract) u will see...
  6. saurabh0291

    Thread Making Pre swap (1GB RAM) for gaming

    Hi to all having problem in creating swap but now u can enjoy 1gb RAM in canvas 2.just follow the steps below (1)place any ROM zip in SD card and unzip u will get three folders namely data,Meta and system .for unzip I am using mi file explorer Search it on XDA and download or use any App u...
  7. saurabh0291

    Thread [Q] Power button not working sometimes

    Hi devs I pressed the Power button while charging but the phone doesnt WakeUp then I have to remove battery and puting it again for making it on. it happened also when I play games and pause it now to resume again I used power button but it doesnt WakeUp. I am on mackay v3 ROM withlatest...