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  1. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1] Zaphods CyanogenMOD 13.0 11/12/15 UBER 4.9/5.2

    Source CyanogenMOD OnePlus One kernel Credits All credit go to Cyanogenmod and the devs in this forum (CraZY_BoY^, vinman12 and Temasek specifically). I just build, picked, tweaked and learnt a bit about cm13...
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    Thread Additional OP2 version by XMAS?

    Hi All, Carl Pei announced in apress conference discussing the OP2 that Oneplus will be aimimg to release a new phone for xmas this year. Source Anyhow I did a little more digging and found that three OP2 products obtained "hardware...
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    Thread [ROM][5.1.1] [2.0]Zaphods CM12.1 - ext4 - f2fs - uber 5.1-4.9 - multirom

    Hi all, this rom is built from cm sources with stock kernel. It has some extra cherry picks installed to enable either f2fs or ext4 to work. All else is stock (currently). To flash it choose either all ext4 or data and cache partitions as f2fs. Full format is recommended with first install...
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    Thread [ROM][5.1]Zaphods AK-CM12.1 Unofficial f2fs - 11/04/15 build UBER 4.9/5.0

    Hi All, This rom is a f2fs friendly version of cm12.1 using AK's kernel. Bugs will be as per the cm rom. Im not really chaing much from stock CM12.1 at the moment, as Im playing with toolchains and build environments, so minimal changes from source. Ive been using CM12.1 source in f2fs mode for...
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    Thread how to fix cm12 modem update and problems thread

    Discuss how best to install the CM12 alpha modem. Do the rest of us a favour, do it here in this thread, instead of clogging up every lollipop development" thread. In my experience the best way of sorting problems like wifi issues, proximity failures and dialler problems is just try these. 1...
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    Thread [ROM][Bacon][5.0.1]Vanir AOSP - AK - F2FS - multirom

    Hi all, this is a modified version of team Vanir's latest AOSP rom for bacon and the latest AK kernel but uses an f2fs file system. To install it: 1. format system, cache and data, data/media to F2FS. Philz recovery is best for this. 2. wipe for a new rom. 3. Install this. 4. Install gapps...
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    Thread [ROM][5.0.2]Temasek F2FS-mixed v9.0 sabermod

    Hi all, the following roms provide modified versions of Katinatez latest build of Temaseks ext4 rom, specifically for oneplus one f2fs users. Versions to support ext4/f2fs mixed (2 partitons formatted to f2fs data and cache -2p) are provided. Each of these roms also has a multirom version...
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    Thread [Q] edifiy mount question android l

    Hi, I have been looking at the updater-script for various android l ports around at the moment and there appears to be an extra parameter being used for the mount command as follows. mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system", "/system", ""); Does anyone know what the...
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    Thread [ROM]CM11S 44S F2FS with AK077 - XNPH44S

    Greetings EARTHLINGS, Thought Id have a play with the latest CM11s with F2FS with AK kernel. Works brilliantly and the whole rom feels much smoother. ART working real good (I dont suppose it will with xposed). You need to format system, to f2fs to flash this rom as follows: - philz recovery...
  10. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [ROM] [4.4.4] [Zaphods AK-CM11-F2FS Rom]

    Greetings Earthlings, This rom works is based on CM11 but works with F2FS file system. To use it you need to format the following partitions to F2FS format: - system - cache - data and data/media Philz recovery is easiest to do this. Then, flash this rom, followed by the gapps of your...
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    Thread [Q] Up to date stock OPO software?

    Hi, can anyone enlighten me as to what is the most up to date software. Is it the "fix" software distributed by Oneplus Or s it the Cyanogenmod Factory fastboot images here...
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    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] - SlimKat - AK Kernel - F2FS- [OnePlus One]

    HI Earthlings, I liked the SlimKat weekly roms for the one plus, but just one problem. No f2fs. I also like playing with AK kernels so I combined the two and have this. I am in no way a dev, just an amateur cut and paste merchant, but if its of use to anyone feel free to use. It is based on: -...
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    Thread [ROM] [4.4.4] Zaphods PA-AK077-F2FS

    Greetings EARTHLINGS, Thought Id have a play with the latest PA with F2FS with AK kernel. You need to format system, to f2fs to flash this rom as follows: - philz recovery makes this easiest. - format to f2fs system, then cache, then data and data/media I used
  14. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Pre Order your Oneplus One opening soon

    Hi All, The pre order system for Oneplus will be introduced, for one hour, only October 27th 15:00 GMT. More info here. It will also be possible to order the JBLE1+ Earphones for a special intro price of $24.99. Thought there may be a few here...
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    Thread Reset to factory stock XNPH38R

    Hi All, if you want an easy way to reset to stock, this is it. Works like a dream, for that squeeky clean, out of the packet install feeling. This method uses a full 38R factory image from cyanogenmod. I take no glory for this as our hero MooDeeY has done the hard work. You can find the...
  16. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Full official stock 38R is up for 11S

    Hi all, please note: 01e7fc376c13614d38f5c4201310a1bb cm-11.0-XNPH38R-bacon-boot-debuggable.img 88209189b99ffb7a6bf2534c3b03ab80...
  17. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Q PN071****

    Does anyone know what MID PN071**** is for? Does the * act as a wildcard? I know the was PN0710000 when I got it, and I havnt changed the MID myself, so what could have changed it? Is it because I have supercid?
  18. zaphodbeeb

    Thread discussion: The future of smartphones?

    Read a really interesting article with regards a project called phoneblox. Please see the following: Could this mean that branded mobile phones become a thing of the past? You considered opinions and thoughts appreciated.
  19. zaphodbeeb

    Thread KitKat details

    Really interesting article on KITKAT 4.4. Seems as though much of what android 5 was to be will now be delivered by 4.4. Coming to the HTC One soon.
  20. zaphodbeeb

    Thread TIP: revone on 1.54 still unlocks/relocks/locks bootloader

    Hi, I got my 1.54 htc one s-offed with the jcard method, so revone wasnt implemented on my device. The revone s-off functionality doesnt work on 1.54 hboot, but it provides functions to manage hboot status. As long as you are rooted, you can still use revone to change hboot status to...
  21. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Q How to get a romdump on 4.3

    Hi all, Ive been trying to get a romdump of ARHD 4.3 but nothing seems to be working. I am sure i've done this before on other devices, but not on a 4.3 One. Any ideas or direction greatly appreciated.
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    Thread BBM Available for Android on September 21 and iPhone on September 22
  23. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] preserve s-off, locked status on stock 1.54

    Hi, I recently got a new HTC One sim free, shipped with 1.54 bootloader from HTC. I knew that revone/moonshine do not enable s-off with 1.54 so I shipped the device off for s-off to fonefunshop and got them to do s-off and supercid on the device. Before shipping it off I rooted and installed...
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    Thread error

    error due to HTC repair error please delete
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    Thread UK HTC Repair-Reported 10/06-Now Resolved. Thanks for all the fish

    Hi All, for anyone thinking of purchasing one of these device I think you may wish to consider the following. I have been waiting for HTC repair to fix a manufacturers defect since 10th July. They now appear to have lost my phone. As follows: - 10th July - reported a crack around the device...
  26. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] Q backup before root?

    Hi, is it possible to backup a stock htc one, as shipped from new before rooting, so that i can restore back to stock. I know this is possible on tablets I have had in the past by running recovery via fastboot from a pc, but how can this be done with a htc one?
  27. zaphodbeeb

    Thread HTC One build quality... Cracks, Gaps, Wonky Glass and overhangs

    Hi all, been having some real fun and games with my htc one. Some things to look out for if you are planning on picking up a new htc one. It took htc over a month to arrange a repair of the device and when it was returned the "crack" between the front fascia had been made smaller but was still...
  28. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] EE HTC One help

    Hi, I need to return my htc one to ee because I think it has a faulty speaker. I have been looking at the various methods to return to stock and have and have managed, using revone to s-off the device. I am completely confused as to how to proceed now. Is there a specific ruu/rom that I need to...
  29. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Replacement glass seal

    Hi all, does anyone know where I can get a new double sided sticky seal for replacing the screen. I have already repaired but reusing the original seal has left a gap which let's in dust. Thanks in advance. Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  30. zaphodbeeb

    Thread post number port prob

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help witth this. got my new s3 i9300 from t-mobile and activated it with the new number. ported my old number to new sim. This went ok but when I go to about phone/status/ my telephone number shows the old number. This seems to cause problems with some apps so is...
  31. zaphodbeeb

    Thread What budget Android Tablet uk

    Hi, I am an avaid htc desire fan and think I am looking for a android tablet. I really like the apps available to me on the htc, and do a bit of app development/rom. What I really would like is a cheap android tablet, that runs everything that the htc desire has (I could probably lose...
  32. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] Disable Vibrate

    Hi, I just got my HTC desire back from repair and had forgotten how annoying the vibrate function is (now its working again). Does anyone know how to stop the vibrate function for all events? thanks
  33. zaphodbeeb

    Thread should I s-on after s-off

    Hi, My desire is currently s-off, and is normally left as s-off. I dont change back to s-on when I use the phone normally. Should I? I guess that there is a potential risk all the time that s-off is set, but is this a real risk in reality if the phone is being used normally? Also I dont use...
  34. zaphodbeeb

    Thread Excellent HTC repair service

    Hi, I write to inform forum readers of the excellent service I have received from HTC repair. It is so refreshing to come across a service that actually works and delivers an excellent level of service, without the usual quibble. From booking the repair to receiving my repaired HTC desire was...
  35. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] Q(s) does cwm restore/backup sd-ext

    Hi, I searched various forums but cant find an answer to this. Does cwm backup and produce an sd-ext.img? I recently got a replacement sd card, so I did a nandroid backup after I flashed cwm I copied this to my laptop, and g parted my new sd to have 2 partitions fat 32 first...
  36. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] How to fix USB block - S-OFF Problem Resolved

    Hi I have a gsm desire which is usb bricked. I have tried to use the procedure described here: but it doesnt provide a solution. I get a message from windows 7 stating usb device not recognised. The desire is rooted...
  37. zaphodbeeb

    Thread [Q] Long file names android to win 7

    Hi, I wonder if any one has found a way of addressing this issue. When I connect my desire via usb and select all and copy to pc it will not copy all files. I get a windows error message stating that the file name is too long. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance