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  1. Robshr

    Thread Twrp

    Sorry but I haven't kept up on things about the pixel 3 but do we have trwp yet
  2. Robshr

    Thread Verizon hotspot help

    I have the latest version of Android 10 and it's rooted but I can not add the provisioning line in the build prop to get hotspot. 10 won't let me write to the build prop
  3. Robshr

    Thread Question

    Is there a difference between the unlocked version of the pixel and the Verizon version as in can the Verizon version be rooted as easily as the unlocked version
  4. Robshr

    Thread latest developer preview image

    does anyone have the latest preview zip that they could post as google no longer has them up thanks rob
  5. Robshr

    Thread 420 boot animations plus a couple of others

    Here are a few 420 boot animations. The downloads are in the same order as the pics just go to system/media and rename your original to bootanimation .zip.bak and move the new one to the folder and rename to just bootanimation and set permissions to 0644 reboot and enjoy
  6. Robshr

    Thread Developer preview 3 wear 2.0 question

    With the latest preview the wear app doesn't seem to work on any custom Roms I get a message saying I need to flash a signed ROM or unsigned user debug, test-keys I checked the ROMs info that I'm on and it's set as user debug, test-keys but I still get the message anyone found a way around it...
  7. Robshr

    Thread Speaker boost app that works

    Now this app has to be side loaded but it works pretty well it's called speaker boost I'm not the creator I was just trying different speaker booster apps to see if I could find one that could be side loaded and...
  8. Robshr

    Thread Question about finger print scanner

    For some reason when I go to add my finger print it will take the first time I touch the scanner but won't register any after that so I can't add any finger prints Is there an app that is associated with the scanner that I can clear it's data or something else. I've tried the usual cleared both...
  9. Robshr

    Thread Speaker Volume booster (updated 5/19, 3 to 6db increase)

    Version 3 is now up and in my testing with a sound meter app it boosts the volume between 3 and 6 db on average, that's the most I think we can get out of it Instructions: adb push to /sdcard/ Flash in recovery wipe caches and reboot First boot might take a little Please a thumbs up if you...
  10. Robshr

    Thread Easy to make charging stand

    Here's a quick and easy way to make a charging stand out of two pill containers. One large and a medium one ( the charger fits perfectly into the mediums lid once the piece is taken out of inside and the little nubs are shaved off. Add weight to the large one after painting, notch for the cable...
  11. Robshr

    Thread Flashable ringtones(updated 8/10)

    Here are a few to start I'll add more progressively Please leave suggestions INSTRUCTIONS: adb push zip to sdcard flash in recovery wipe caches reboot and give it a few minutes to show up and choose it in settings/sounds Here are a couple to start Old car horn Train drive by Kiaria Demon...
  12. Robshr

    Thread Successfully system rooted wear android N

    Just successfully pulled my first system image from android N. Was finally able to hard root it (system root) will share the method when I get it perfected ROM to come Update preview 2 had just to many things not working going to wait to next preview to work on it more
  13. Robshr

    Thread Flashable boot animations(more added 7/31)

    Here's the first one I've made I'll be adding more as I make them (Note the gifs shown below are just previews and were made to fit the huawei watch) Instructions : push to watch using adb push (zip) /sdcard/ Then flash in recovery Dancing droid Dancing droid w/ black background Droid in...
  14. Robshr

    Thread Pull N system image?

    Is there a way to pull Android N system image off my watch I tried the same dd commands I used on my urbane but I get an error saying there dir doesn't exist If someone knows the commands and could post them it would be greatly appreciated as I've tried alot and I either get an error or a file...
  15. Robshr

    Thread Looking for an app that can limit bandwidth

    Hi, I'm looking for an app or a way to regulate the bandwidth going to another device connected to my hotspot on the nexus 6p. Thanks
  16. Robshr

    Thread HD Wallpapers

    Here are a few wallpapers from pictures I took
  17. Robshr

    Thread The reason behind a red score in antutu

    I have seen alot concerning a red score in antutu. I have found the reason why a score will be red. It's having f-sync turned off Screenshots below are two tests run one eight after the other and the only difference was turning f-sync off
  18. Robshr

    Thread Want to increase speaker call volume

    Is there a way to increase the volume of a call on speaker phone. I'm running RR with elemental x kernel with the volume in the kernel all the way up everything else is extremely loud it's just with speaker phone on the volume is real low Thans Rob
  19. Robshr

    Thread AFH can't upload

    With my 6p I can't upload to AFH with chrome I get the following error shown in the screen shot below, and with any other browser it won't do anything at all, now with my g3, g2 or nexus 7 I can upload fine with any browser Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks Rob
  20. Robshr

    Thread Need some help

    Here's my problem I'm trying to upload to android file host I have the same setup as my lg g3 with boat browser but on my Nexus nothing will upload but I can upload fine on my g3 or my Nexus 7 with boat browser just my 6p doesn't do anything with boat browser but with chrome it works Thanks I'm...
  21. Robshr

    Thread (MOD)Improve performance eliminate lag with CTTMod (updated 11/08)

    Introducing the CTTMod (cpu thermal throttling mod) Most popular mod for the G3 & G4 now here for the Nexus Remember always make a full nandroid backup before doing anything I Am Not Responsible For Anything You Do To Your Device. Please read entire op before asking questions Rom & kernel...
  22. Robshr

    Thread Bluetooth connects but sound still come out phone

    I can't seem to very any of my Bluetooth devices to play the phone connects but when I play music it still plays thru the phones speakers not the Bluetooth I've tried repairing and yes media and phone are checked Any ideas?
  23. Robshr

    Thread [Completed] Please delete

    I'm hope this is the right forum to post First question I would like to start a forum/thread based on the location of members ( example, XDA Allentown PA ) just don't know where would be an appropriate place to start the thread or if XDA would add a location based forums section That way members...
  24. Robshr

    Thread Flashable custom boot animations for wear

    Here's a couple to start I'll be adding more Also just post me a link to a gif animation you like and I'll turn it into a flashable boot animation for you Flash instructions- 1- Download zip to phone and send it to you watch using file manager for wear 2- Boot into TWRP and flash zip Reboot...
  25. Robshr

    Thread Would like a boot animation made

    I have posted a link to 2 different boot animations. I'd like them combined the first named boot animation is an outline of Andy that flashes different colors with the word android below and the 2nd is the stock marshmallow b.a. What I would like is to have the stock mm one right above andy and...
  26. Robshr

    Thread Can I get some recommendations on a good email client

    Hi I need a good email client because ever since I updated to marshmallow gmail doesn't sync automatically anymore and yes I've tried everything from deleting and reinstalling gmail to clearing it's data, clearing play services and framework data, removing all the accounts and re-adding them and...
  27. Robshr

    Thread Reminder Please thank the developers

    I just like to say please remember to hit the thanks button if you download a developers ROM/kernel/mod or anything else. If it wasn't for the developers we wouldn't have all these great ROMs, kernels and mods. So please show your appreciation it's the right thing to do
  28. Robshr

    Thread Question looking for a way to increase mics sensitivity

    I was wondering if there is anyway to increase the phone microphones sensitivity. When I'm talking on the phone if I move the phone away from my mouth even a little people can't hear me never had this problem on any other phone. I have to keep the bottom of the phone tight against my mouth for...
  29. Robshr

    Thread G3 warranty phone came and can't flash back to 10b

    OK I got my new phone from asurion today and it came with the latest update 35b and I have been trying to flash back to 10b using tot and also back to 24 using the kdz method but both fail With the tot method it says download failed, model information check failed And the kdz method goes to the...
  30. Robshr

    Thread [Completed] Error message on editing post

    When I try to update a post or post something I keep getting this error that's shown below but when I close whatever browser I'm using I've tried several and they all day the same and then reopen it and go to the thread my changes were made So what I'm wondering is it on my side or xdas for the...
  31. Robshr

    Thread Question on going back to lp (answered)

    I wanted to know is it possible to fastboot flash the old LP system image over MM to go back or not because of the new file system?
  32. Robshr

    Thread CPU temperature question (app&mod)

    OK I'm working on the cttmod for mm and I'm having trouble getting different temperature readings from the different apps I'm using to test so I have a two part question 1 - Does anyone know of an app that accurately measure the temp ? 2- How can I tell what method or what directory mm stock...
  33. Robshr

    Thread [4/03/16] CTT mod for marshmallow #1 mod for the g3(new ver. up for faster charging)

    It's now in its final version but I'll still update as I see needed [Donate here] * IMPORTANT * Read ENTIRE OP for compatibility and install instructions as I will not respond to a question that is answered in the op OP has been updated with the new instructions OK Here's...
  34. Robshr

    Thread MM doze feature?

    I just upgraded to marshmallow and I'm wondering about the doze feature is it automatic or is there a setting for it, cause if there is I can't find it
  35. Robshr

    Thread Antutu and geekbench ?

    I just installed xdabbebs mm ROM on my vs985 and downloaded antutu first than geekbench both tell me to town off network connection to run but then when they stop they give me an error saying they need a network connection to run What going on ? Any ideas ? Edit- so far it seems that all the...
  36. Robshr

    Thread Show your antutu benchmark

    Yes antutu side loaded and working on lg watch urbane running the latest 5.1.1 android wear rooted with custom kernel clocked to 1 ghz and set governor and gpu to powersave. This was the first test I did so I'll just have to see what kind of average score I get And here's the antutu apk to...
  37. Robshr

    Thread Everything urbane root easy how-tos and all the files you need in one place (11/26)

    The purpose of this thread is to make the rooting process easier with all the files you need in one place to root and tutorials and a list of must have apps You will be able to find everything you need in one spot. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING YOU DO TO YOUR DEVICE. * Please Leave...
  38. Robshr

    Thread My review of the urbane

    OK so here's what I think after a week with the watch. This is an awesome watch so far only one con and that is no GPS and it's a bit showier then i thought i still like the traditional watch look though even though it's a bit big but once you get past that and find the right apps and with root...
  39. Robshr

    Thread Question pulling system image

    If I pull the system image from my rooted lg urbane what is included in that system image? like will su and busybox stay and will it save any of my personal info or settings Thanks Rob
  40. Robshr

    Thread Want a dialer app

    I'm looking for a dialer app for my urbane that I can call my voicemail and enter the password from my watch while using my Bluetooth headset so I don't have to pull my phone out. Everyone one that I've found will only initiate the call but then I have to emter the password on the phone. Thanks...
  41. Robshr

    Thread Interactive watch face stopped working (fixed)

    I can't figure out what I did but now I can't get any interactive watch faces to work is there a setting somewhere to turn interactive mode on and off? I've tried several different ones and none work Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated Rob Well got it fixed found a stock images for all...
  42. Robshr

    Thread Wi-Fi issue since upgrading to marshmallow

    I use my lg g3 as my wireless hotspot and since updating my nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi edition to marshmallow it will connect but not have internet access any other devices I connect have internet. If I reboot both devices and connect I'll get internet for a few minutes but then I lose it again. I've...
  43. Robshr

    Thread [Fixed]Decifer phone log (errors??)

    Can someone please help me in figuring out what these errors mean I'm wondering if they might have something to do with my CTT mod but I can't fix them until I know what they mean Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks I fixed it figured out that is was because I had all four cores set to...
  44. Robshr

    Thread Vs985 roaming glitch fix for CloudyG3 2.5 ROM

    Here's is a flashable zip it's a changed build.prop that fixes the roaming glitch also adds some performance tweaks also if you have g3tweaksbox installed change the data icon set from stock to vzw And leave data roaming checked under network settings Just flash the zip and wipe the caches and...
  45. Robshr

    Thread How to get rid of wakelocks/services from uninstalled apps

    I've noticed something in amplify under services that there is still wakelocks from uninstalled apps what I'd like to know is where they would be stored within the system so I can get rid of them completely. I have them set to deny with amplify but amplify still says none are blocked so they're...
  46. Robshr

    Thread CTT Mod for the G4 eliminates lag and more (7/14/16)

    OK I was asked a couple of times if I was going to make the CTT mod (cpu thermal throttling mod) for the G4 What I ended up achieving on this mod for the G3 was eliminating all lag improving performance and as a bonus I found a way to also reduce the heat generated by the battery and phone. So...
  47. Robshr

    Thread Possible stage fright patch need someone to make into flashable zip

    I found these patches online to fix the stagefright bug but for one I'm not sure if they'll work with our device if someone could check them out and see if they can make the attached zip flashable!2xoTlCCJ!qhmaBFCBTunbMPsDYd1UN5H_8QizpAlxyfW6lyBWJXw Also here is the link to...
  48. Robshr

    Thread Best screen recording app?

    Just wondering what screen recording app everyone is using and what everyone considers the best for rooted device Thanks Rob
  49. Robshr

    Thread Delete

  50. Robshr

    Thread High quality images for wallpapers (more added 8/29)

    Here are a few high quality images I took that cam be used as your wallpaper will be adding more Completely black Bleeding heart flower Red skull...