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  1. Harry44

    Thread ANDROID 10 Old OnePlus Gestures

    Any chance there is a Magisk module or something else that will restore the OnePlus gestures? I have been using 10 all day but haven't been happy with the Google gestures.
  2. Harry44

    Thread OnePlus 3 vs Axon7

    OnePlus 3 vs Axon7 I currently have the OnePlus 3 I am considering getting an Axon 7 due to the better screen, front facing speakers, and SD support. Did anyone ditch the Axon and get the OP3? Should I stay with the OnePlus 3 or jump and get the Axon? Any comments will be appreciated. I...
  3. Harry44

    Thread Fastboot / BL not showing correct variant name, bootloader version or baseband versio

    Fastboot / BL not showing correct variant name, bootloader version or baseband version.. I have never see this happen ever. Everything still works fine. Not sure why the BL is messed up. I tried running the unbrick tool and it still wasn't able to restore the information in fastboot. Thoughts?
  4. Harry44

    Thread Remap power button to volume down

    Just as the title says. My power button is broken and I am trying to remap my power and volume down button. I know I can do this with apps but I know there is a file I can change to achieve this. I am on purenexus right now. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Harry44

    Thread Kernel with OTG Y Powered Cable support

    Title says it all. I am looking for a Marsh mellow kernel with powered OTG Y cable support.
  6. Harry44

    Thread [Guide][Script]Fire Mobile Boot Helper - Boot imgs without your PC using android!

    Development of this project has ended, ggow has accomplished tetherless boot! *Disclaimer* I am not responsible to anything that happens to your device(s) Fire Mobile Boot Helper Fire Mobile Boot Helper allows you to boot custom boot.imgs using another Android device. I assume most...
  7. Harry44

    Thread [Guide] [Project Fi] Install custom roms with network switching (T-Mobile / Sprint)

    After many hours of testing, here it is. Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of this! Install custom roms and use Project Fi network with network switching...
  8. Harry44

    Thread ROMs and Project Fi

    Good evening XDAers. I just received my Project Fi Sim and Welcome Kit. I love my Nexus, and the openness of roms. Will I be totally unable to use custom roms other than Pure Nexus? Or is there a workaround where I can pick to be either using the Sprint or T-Mobile network depending on where...
  9. Harry44

    Thread Call log shows "Unknown"

    Every ROM I have tried has had a broken call log. I don't know if its the ROM or the device. I'm running the latest CM nightly. However like I said I've experienced this on every ROM I have installed. Every call in my call log shows as "unknown" Has anyone else had this issue? Any fix?
  10. Harry44

    Thread Need Kitkat stock aboot

    Solved please delete
  11. Harry44

    Thread Droid Turbo Think Tank.

    Droid Turbo Think Tank The main purpose of this thread is to discuss possible ideas for development and exploitation of the Motorola Droid Turbo. Topics can range from ideas on how to accomplish certain mods as we are trying to bake them into images to ways to flash different files to...
  12. Harry44

    Thread Looking for an app

    Looking for an app that allows calls and sms's to be transferred from one android phone to another via Bluetooth. Both rooted.
  13. Harry44

    Thread Looking for logcat PLEASE

    Hello I am currently trying to bring wifi calling to the nexus 4. Can one of you note owners connect to wifi and run wifi calling and give me a log cat. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. Also please let me know what rom you are running!
  14. Harry44

    Thread [Q] Just got my Galaxy Tab 10.1 for XMAS

    Hey guys I just got my Galaxy tab 10.1 for Christmas, how the hell do I connect to my Mac, I tried some android mtp connection software with no luck.