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  1. beekay201

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead) [DISCONTINUED]

    Thank you very much for the build. Updated twrp and double checked partition size, went ahead and flashed the zips, didn't feel the need for root access yet. Install went smoothly, as expected. Will keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and report back, but for now I'm just going to...
  2. beekay201

    Post [APP][2.2+] DriveDroid - host ISO/IMG files to boot your PC from

    Very useful app, congrats. Installed on AospExtended, Nexus 5. Worked nicely today performing an install on my mum's laptop. Noticed a couple of things: - A few mirrors didn't seem to be updated (Fedora and Linux Mint) - Setup routine worked pretty much flawlessly. Also, uh, is it possible to...
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    Post [9.x][ROM] AospExtended Official for Nexus 5

    recent install, all good so far, thanks
  4. beekay201

    Post [REPARTITION] Nexus 5 Repartition [HAMMERHEAD] [16GB/32GB] [UA TWRP]

    "it depends on what ROM you want to flash" - rom devs should then post it up on their install instructions (i looked at two roms, so two threads, none said i would need to repartition if I wanted to use gapps.) but thanks for replying
  5. beekay201

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 5

    it seems that way, it would just be nice if that was mentioned in their install instructions.
  6. beekay201

    Post [REPARTITION] Nexus 5 Repartition [HAMMERHEAD] [16GB/32GB] [UA TWRP]

    hey, sorry to bother, would someone just please confirm if i need to do this to my phone if i want to run 9.0+gapps edit: answer is yes
  7. beekay201

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 5

    redowloaded and reflashed my stuff to bring it up to the latest versions (twrp for starters, then gapps and magisk versions) so that i could try this out - not even with opengapps pico, keeps saying that there's no free space left edit: so i've been reading some threads here and there and it...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Certainly seems like it. Device does not figure on
  9. beekay201

    Post [ROM] [OmniROM for Nexus 10 ] [Android N]

    thanks tim-scrap, already edited my previous post. like i said, been away from roms for so long that I skipped wipe data before flashing omni and stuff. it's working correctly now.
  10. beekay201

    Post [ROM] [OmniROM for Nexus 10 ] [Android N]

    there seems to be an issue with updating apps from play store with beangapps mini (apps always stuck on "Download Pending"), is this a known issue? edit: nevermind, been away from rom flashing for so long that i reflashed stock, booted in, but then forgot to wipe data before going omni&gapps...
  11. beekay201

    Post Paranoid Android 7.3.0 - AOSPA - Google Nexus 5

    Hey all, First time posting in a long time. Glad to see PA is still right up there. I got a question though, is uhm, sigv still working on the project or has he left?
  12. beekay201

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Hey, any news on 7.x builds? Thanks in advance a hammerhead wrote this.
  13. beekay201

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Thanks Omni team, updated without hassle and build is running as good as before. Thanks for showing concern for your users, and releasing a security update. :) a hammerhead wrote this.
  14. beekay201

    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 6.0.1 {Hammerhead} (09/09/16)

    Same issue on 10.2, clean flash. Reboot restores sound. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  15. beekay201

    Post ES File Explorer cannot get root

    There are so many other great file managers, stop using this bloated and adware'd crap.
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    Post [App][4.0+] Amaze File Manager (Material theme)

    +1 Been using this for quite a while now, only file manager/explorer I got installed. Thank you very much!
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    Post [GAME][4.0+][Trump the Boss] - World Domination Game by 9 yr Old

    I wonder why a game needs to access my contacts. Did not install this, sorry.
  18. beekay201

    Post [APP] NetX - Network Discovery Tools

    Installed, not disappointed. Great job mate. Keep it up.
  19. beekay201

    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 6.0.1 {Hammerhead} (09/09/16)

    Nova has such animation speed tweaks, for example. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  20. beekay201

    Post [LAUNCHER][5.0+] Sapphire Launcher **A custom google powered launcher**

    Shall give this a go as well. Thanks and keep up the good work dev! :)
  21. beekay201

    Post [APP][4.1+] ML Manager - APK Extractor & App Manager for Android

    Dude, this app is right up my alley. Awesome, installing now! =)
  22. beekay201

    Post [Launcher][2.2+] T-UI, Linux CLI Launcher

    Yeah, I'll try this. Looks awesome. Thanks!
  23. beekay201

    Post [APP][4.0+] Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher has been my goto launcher on every install since like 2012. Got Prime. Worth every penny. (Still) Highly recommended.
  24. beekay201

    Post [APP][TEQTIC][4.2+] WallFlix - HD video wallpapers

    Hi This is a nice app, a breath of fresh air into Android's LWP; no ads even. Simple, material design and easy to navigate layout. Recommended.
  25. beekay201

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Yeah, exactly, OTA overwriting boot is definitely a concern. No worries, I'll just keep using FlashAfterUpdate. ;)
  26. beekay201

    Post Exsisting ROM and Update factory Image

    No Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  27. beekay201

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Hi, Thanks, I already knew about OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate and Secure mode. My question was derived from that if we running system-less (i.e. no modifications done to /system), and if OTA did not touch ramdisk/boot, maybe we would not need to reflash SuperSU. But it's all good anyways. Sent...
  28. beekay201

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] OmniRom

    Hi all, When using SuperSU in system-less mode, do we need to have opendelta reflash SuperSU when updating? Using gapps-config, left the device with 154MB free on /system. Excluded stuff because I don't need/want it.
  29. beekay201

    Post [ROM][N5][Mark_4.5][MTC20F]

    I see. That doesn't change the fact that I'm seeing this behaviour on M. Maybe I'll give your ROM a spin later.
  30. beekay201

    Post [ROM][N5][Mark_4.5][MTC20F]

    This is the strangest thing: I've been experiencing this, but on Cataclysm. Haven't been able to track down the culprit. I can't use the home button, and after a reboot QS do show up when I bring them down, but after a while it stops showing up again. Started like a few days ago. No...
  31. beekay201

    Post Which Headphones Do Y'all Use?

    Same feeling.
  32. beekay201

    Post stuck in boolloop after installing layers is this the overlay that's giving you grief? delete/move it.
  33. beekay201

    Post Auto-updating MM ROM?

    Why would you install MM on a device that belongs to someone else? a hammerhead wrote this.
  34. beekay201

    Post How to use Ifont with Marshmallow

    No backup? Tough luck.. But the device isn't bricked. a hammerhead wrote this.
  35. beekay201

    Post Compiled ROM not booting - any Dev pls help!!

    Did you put the blobs in there?
  36. beekay201

    Post got a question

    What I don't get is how and why users running custom roms receive and accept stock OTA notification updates. If you had twrp installed, then the OTA would not install - it would fail.
  37. beekay201

    Post [Q] Trying to compile CM13 on ElementaryOS

    You could start by showing us some of those errors. Keep in mind that you will need to pass '-j1' to make to get the exact errors.
  38. beekay201

    Post Accounts problem

    I've been using Inbox for quite some time now. ;) a hammerhead wrote this.
  39. beekay201

    Post Can anyone shed some insight on how this happened!?!

    You should probably make that question to the CM team. a hammerhead wrote this.
  40. beekay201

    Post Accounts problem

    Contact Google Support a hammerhead wrote this.
  41. beekay201

    Post stuck in boolloop after installing layers

    No need to reflash your ROM, OP. Reboot to recovery (a custom one, of course), and either by using adb shell or twrp's built in file manager, remove what you will from /system/vendor/overlay. a hammerhead wrote this.
  42. beekay201

    Post [ROM][5.1.1] OmniRom Official [NIGHTLIES]

    What's going on behind the scenes? ;)
  43. beekay201

    Post Accounts problem

    Try to clear Gmail app data on the device. Why not give "Inbox" a try as well?
  44. beekay201

    Post New GPU Drivers for Nexus 5 || Compatible with Android 4.4 || Updated 8.8.14

    Would the op please update the thread title?
  45. beekay201

    Post Considering Android 6.0 and MTP / Desktop PC File Manager

    I've also encountered something like this when i started out with MRA56K. adb server would not see the device. unplugged usb cable, went to dev options, selected MTP ("charging" was selected), plugged USB back in, been working ever since.
  46. beekay201

    Post November Security Updates are out!

    No, he just told you you need to sideload it i.e. use 'adb sideload'. People who are asking these type of questions need to read AND understand 2 threads:
  47. beekay201

    Post Installing factory images to solve boot pb

    Like Gbooye said, you can go straight to whatever you want, MRA58N for example.
  48. beekay201

    Post Strange behaviour of 51-android.rules file

    After creating rules, did you reload them? either by rebooting or using udevadm? What distro are you on?
  49. beekay201

    Post Accounts problem

    If you logon to Web Gmail, do you see (d) and (e) in there?