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    Thread SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8, Airplane Mode Lock out

    My employer has a fleet of vehicles (75) in which every driver has been given one of these tablets. 2 additional apps were added "STREETSMART Advantage" and "AppLock". These are unrooted Tablets. AppLock is locking out the "Settings" app and everything else not needed the job....HOWEVER, the...
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    Post [ROM] LeeDrOiD U V3.5.3 - Oreo - R16 | June 26th 2019 | Fast | Stable |Shortcutter

    HTC Gallery and contact photo Hello everyone, This is my first post, so if I mess up for any reason...please excuse me. I just want to say.... LOVE this rom....!!!! I have what I believe is a simple problem. I can not add a picture to a contact when choosing "GALLERY" as the source. It...