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  1. ShiRaZ1988

    Thread Optical Zoom too?

    Hi everyone :) I'm thinking of buying this phone. But i'd like to know if it has Optical Zoom at all? On the page it only says 30x digital zoom. So i hope anybody can say/confirm it has at least a little bit of optical zoom. Thanks in advance - have a nice weekend! :)
  2. ShiRaZ1988

    Thread LG G6 - H870DS or H870

    Hello, i would like to get myself the G6. But i'm not sure wether to get the H870 (European model) or the DS model? You could count the Pros and Cons, but its more a decision of wether to root and use custom ROMs or not? What about updates/upgrades? Just share your opinions to help me decide...
  3. ShiRaZ1988

    Thread P9000 Security Updates ??

    Hello, is there any chance to get security updates for the P9000 ?? Or are you stuck with Elephone update strategy? My thoughts are these: I would like to use this phone for (lets say) the next 2 years. Is there any chance to get, at least, security updates? Or is it possible with a custom ROM...
  4. ShiRaZ1988

    Thread Developers for MTK's + budget

    Hi all, just wanted you guys to know that there are some developers wanted! :) It is for the Elephone's, you cant get more Infos from the Elephone Forum. :)