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    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11][03/03/2021] LineageOS 18.1

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
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    Thread Please delete

    Thread Closed.
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    Thread S6 Wont Boot HELP!!

    Hi So my S6 won't boot, I have flashed stock via odin and it boots to GS6 logo and then the screen flashes and goes back to the GS6 logo. It is stuck in this loop. I am unable to go into Recovery Mode. Any help?
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    Thread S6 Doesn't Work after Motherboard Change!

    Hi I sent my S6 for repair and they came back to me saying that they it still doesn't work after a Motherboard Change odd? Also if MB is changed will KNOX remain tripped or will it be reset to 0?
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    Thread S6 Wont Boot HELP!!

    Hi So long story short, my S6 turned off randomly and when put to charge it doesn't charge (as it usually does when this happens - this has happened before), it just boots up to the charging screen but does not charge. So I re flashed the latest 6.0.1 OFW with odin and everything when fine but...
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    Thread S6 G920F - 5.0.2 Engineering Bootloader (Root on 5.1.1 without tripping KNOX)

    Hi /* I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE *\ /* PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK *\ This method will allow you to root your S6 on 5.1.1 with UniKernel (NO KNOX TRIPPED). Engineering Bootloader for SM-G920F 5.0.2: Link removed UniKernel...
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    Thread Anyone received update today S6?

    Hi I have received an update for the SM-G920F (BTU). Updated from BOFJ to BOGE. Anyone else received the update? Noticed anything new?
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    Thread Best Portable Charger/Power Bank for S6

    Hi I currently own an Aukey 10,000 mAh Portable Battery with Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0 up to 12V. The charger its self is capable of being quick charged and it is also capable of giving quick charge. It is a heavy power bank with a rounded metal design. Anyone have you found any...
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    Thread S6 Randomly Turns Off...

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 running complete stock 5.1.1 G920F. This happened to me quite a few times over the past few days. It happens sometimes when I am doing something on the phone or the phone is in the pocket. What happens is that the phone turns off or something of that nature...
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    Thread [Q] Will Kingo Android Root SM-G920F w/o knox trip

    Hi I want to root a Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F on 5.1.1 without tripping KNOX. I plugged it in to the PC and it gave me the option to root. As there is no root method for 5.1.1 ATM, will Kingo Android Root trip KNOX? Anyone tried it?
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    Thread [Q] Help with CM12.1 Build!

    Hi I am trying to build CM12.1 for the Xperia E, but everytime I try to build I always get stuck on the same error, I have searched around on google and tried some fixes with no luck. Could I have some help onto how to fix the issue. make: *** No rule to make target...
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    Thread NEW DEV TEAM - TeamXE

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    Thread Want to help with Zues, Poseidon or Hades kernels?

    Hi I am looking for people who want to help contribute to these kernels, you will get access to source on github and you will be able to edit and add features. Please Post Below if you would like this role.
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    Thread Need Testers Xperia E FOR NEW CM11/10 ROMS

    If you want to be a tester post below and i will send you a link to the rom to test.
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    Thread Zeus Kernel - Stock JB Xperia E

    Zues JB Kernel Stock JB Kernel + More Awesome Features #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * You are making these modifications to your phone * I accept no responsibility of the consequences, if any for flashing this kernel */ Just Flash Via Flashtool: 1. Connect Your...
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    Thread [MOD][XE] ICS (Xboost) Single Sim SystemUI (AOSP Style)

    What is This? This is a SystemUI.apk taken from PerformaV5 (Tipo Rom), It Works on E and its very useful because it only shows 1 Signal Bars so its Ideal For Xperia E SS Variants. It has also got a customized Quick Toggles and Notification Drop Down/Bar. It is blue and also has a Network Speed...
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    Thread [STOCK ROM][FTF] Xperia E (C1505) 11.3.A.2.33 Generic UK (Unbranded/UK)

    Xperia E (C1505) Generic UK Firmware (.FTF) Downloaded through Sony PC Companion, Decrypted and Packaged by Flashtool. Android Version: 4.1.1 Baseband: 76XXU-USNSKOLYM-2540 Kernel: 3.4.0-perf [email protected]) Build Number: 11.3.A.2.33 Branding: Generic UK (Unbranded) Country...
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    Thread [ROM][NANHU][UNOFFICIAL][4.4.2] CarbonRom by TamsuiCM11

    CarbonRom KK For Xperia E (4.4.2) Working: Display Audio WiFi RIL Video Playback (SW/HW) Mobile Data (3G) LED's Magnetometer (Screen Rotate) ART Vibrator Battery/Charging Sound Recording Not Working: Camera Bluetooth Video Recording FM Radio Carbon Fibers Download at...
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    Thread [HOW TO][XE] Use the Illumination Bar as a Notification LED

    We have been working on getting Illumination Bar App By rundgong Working On the Xperia E and now finally we have. In this guide I will be showing you how to use the Illumination Bar in the Xperia E (which is the Silver Bar at the Bottom of the front of the phone). You can use different colours...
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    Thread [Q] E Users --> What Rom are You On?

    Vote Above.
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    Thread [GUIDE] [E] How to Play Asphalt 8 **NO LAG**

    I have tried may different ways/mods to reduce the lag but non of them worked, thanks to XDA Member NSDCars5 For discovering this method. Lets Begin: 1. Install Xboost Rom and Install Chainfire3d. 2. Download Plugins Provided: Here 3. Install the Qualcomm one and Use it and tick Unroll...
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    Thread [E] Hades CM10 Kernel

    Hades CM10 Kernel CM10 Kernel + More Awsome Features. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * You are making these modifications to your phone * I accept no responsibility of the consequences, if any for flashing this kernel */ Just Flash Via Flashtool: 1. Connect Your...
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    Thread [ROM] [E SS/DS] Ultimate CM10 Install Guide!

    Ultimate CM10 Install Guide Required: -CM10 Zip (Odexed or Deodexed) -Unlocked Bootloader -Flashtool -11.3.A.2.23 FTF (Single Sim Only) 11.3.A.2.1 FTF (Dual Sim Only) -USB Cable -Time -Patience -Zues Kernel V3.1 Lets Begin:[/SIZE] 1. Follow this guide to Unlock/Check if Your Bootloader Is...
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    Thread [ROM] TurboICS C1505/C1504/C1604/C1605

    Hi To The Xperia E XDA Community I am presenting to You With an Stock ICS Rom + Aroma Installer For Your Beloved Xperia E! You will need an unlocked bootloader for this. Unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty. Under no circumstances will I be held responsible for anything bad that...
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    Thread [E] Poseidon ICS Kernel

    Poseidon ICS Kernel Stock ICS Kernel + More Awesome Features #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * You are making these modifications to your phone * I accept no responsibility of the consequences, if any for flashing this kernel */ Just Flash Via Flashtool: 1...
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    Thread Which Phone Shall I Choose To Keep?

    Hi I have got the choice between keeping an Xperia E or Keeping a iPhone 3Gs. Which one would you keep? why? Is it better to keep the 3Gs or XE, give me your oppinion!
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    Thread HELP: Unknown Device Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

    Hi! So I try to flash cwm following a guide, flahsing a zip file. I do that then flash rom. I wipe /system. When I connect in Download Mode, I get USB Device Unrecognised. Please Help? I have tried to install drivers still no luck!
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    Thread OneFlash Init.d

    OneFlash Init.d This .zip will give you init.d support without having to download all those stupid apps like Universal Init.d. All you need to do is flash and fill the init.d folder with your favourite scripts and watch them execute without you having to worry about if the app actually executed...
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    Thread Please Delete

    Please Delete
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    Thread Please Delete

    Please Delete THREAD MOVED:
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    Thread [NANHU][4.4.4][DEV-preview] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 by TamsuiCM11

    CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.2) For Xperia E Project Home/Status Page Working: Display Audio Bluetooth WiFi RIL Video Playback (SW/HW) Mobile Data (3G) LED's Magnetometer (Screen Rotate) ART Vibrator Battery/Charging Sound Recording Not Working: Camera Video Recording FM Radio All...
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    Thread [Q] How to Add CWM or TWRP to Kernel Ramdisk!

    Hi! I was wondering if any developers out there could help me out to get CWM on the latest stock firmware for Xperia E. If you flash a old kernel with cwm wifi will not work. So for I have created zImage out of stock kernel source and added jjm34 ramdisk and the bug still persists, any...
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    Thread [APK] Stock ICS Browser Apk For Xboost Rom!

    STOCK ICS BROWSER APK Move Brower.apk to /system/app Download Link:
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    Thread [How To] Setup ABE For Compiling Android Roms From Source (CM11) UPDATED 11/1/14

    Setup ABE (Android Build Environment To Compile Roms) For this you tutorial you need to be running Ubuntu 13.10 64-Bit (32-Bit Will Not Work). Does Not Matter if you are running this in a virtual machine or not. (Will work on Both) Also I will also be showing a Guide to Syncing CM11 Repo and...
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    Thread [Q] Please Reply! Compiling CM11 Error!

    Hey I am trying to compile CM11 for the xperia E, but I get this error: In file included from /home/usaamah/cm11/kernel/sony/msm7x27a/include/linux/byteorder/little_endian.h:12:0, from /home/usaamah/cm11/kernel/sony/msm7x27a/arch/arm/include/asm/byteorder.h:21, from...
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    Thread [Root Tool] Cydia Impactor! UPDATE 02/01/14

    Cydia Impactor How it works? It used the Master key exploit to drop SuperSU binary, if the master key exploit does not work it will attempt to use another Signature Bug found in Android. What is the Master Key Exploit? The Master Key Exploit was discovered by BlueBox Security, it can modify...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia E Won't Enter Fastboot & Flashmode!

    Hey I flashed the kernel from TeamMex ROM for the Xperia E, since then when I plug in hold volume up or down the screen lights up. Any Solution?
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    Thread [Q] Error Compiling CM11 For Xperia E! QUICK REPLY!

    Hi! All I have done is downloaded entire cm11 repo. Used Local Manifest in TamsuiCM11 repo. Cloned FXP specific Device Tree Ran brunch nanhu.... ok First I got error so I rename kernel defconfig to cm_nanhu_defconfig! Ok So I fixed First Error! Now I get This Error...
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    Thread [Q] QUICK REPLY! Compiling CM11 Erors For Xperia E!

    Hi! So I have downloaded the entire CM11 Repo and Used the Local Manifest in TamsuiCM11, cloned android_device_sony_nanhu from the FXP repo and put it in the device/sony folder and renamed in nanhu. When I try . build/ it's ok When I try breakfast nanhu it's ok When I try brunch...
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    Thread [How To] Install CM10 on Xperia E SS (Almost All BugFix) *NOOB GUIDE*

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    Thread [Q] [Request] CM11 For Xperia E!

    Hi! I need Dev. help to port cm11 to Xperia E... It can be done becuase the Xperia Tipo has got it. I will be willing to provides anything the developer need, even if he does not have the phone! PM or Comment Below!
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    Thread [How To] Unlock All Device Bootloaders (Even if Bootloader Unlock Allowed: No)

    Hi! I just wanted to share how I got My Bootloader Unlocked even though is says Bootloader Unlock Allowed:No This will maintain all Data and DRM Keys and provide a FULL NETWORK UNLOCK (You can use any SIM) no need to worry. Lets Get Started! Moderator Edit Content removed. Jinx13 is...
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    Thread TroubleShoot Guide - Games (Xperia E)

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    Thread [How To] Get ICS On Xperia E!

    Hi! I just wanted to share how I got my ICS on my Xperia E C1505. You must be thinking why ICS?, Jelly Bean is Better... Well Your Wrong, As many people have seen the Xperia E is really laggy and that is because Jelly Bean its self takes up a lot of RAM, With Installing ICS your Xperia E would...
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    Thread [Q] Black Screen When Playing Games!

    Hi! I recently bought Minecraft, downloaded Angry Birds Go and Injustice Gods Among Us on My Xperia E! All the above when I start them they only show black screen with sound, I can click on things but no picture, please help! When Running Injustice Phone says, app is not responding , Wait or...
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    Thread [q] [help] cwm locked bootloader!

    HI I WAS WONDERING HOW CAN I MAKE/START CWM ON XPERIA E! Because battery_charging is moved to the Kernel and also btvntool (both in /system/bin) So therefore I cannot find anyway to start CWM! Any Dev. got any ideas? How can the latest Device Get them and we don't and how come Sony patched...
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    Thread [how to] link2sd xperia e!

    Hi! Instructions: 1. Download Minitool Partition Manager! 2. Go into Settings > Xperia > Connectivity > USB - Change is to MSC! 3. Plug Phone Into PC 4. Launch Minitool, Right click memory card under Disk 2 and select Move/Resize - Make it As big as you want and press ok! 5. Right click...
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    Thread [q] link2sd - anyone got it working!

    Hi i tried to use link2sd and it wont detect my second partition - sony xperia e c1505 i tried formatting first partition to fat32 and second to ex2/4/fat32 link2sd doesn't recognize 2nd partition any solution? Can i have detailed instructions thanks!
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    Thread [q] how can i create an app!

    Hi! I would like to know how I could create an app that would load up a website for mobile view and search the website! Thanks In Advance!