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    Thread Will Xperia P will get cm10.1 ?? Aka jelly bean 4.2.2 ??

    Please reply thanks Sent from my Xperia P using xda premium
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    Thread Is it mine phone only or xperia v has a yellowish display!!??

    Please help as I am trying to figure out that a defective screen or is it with every xperia!?? . I also have xperia p and xperia T but the screen just look so much whiter on the others specially the whites and the blacks!! I will post the example pics soon thanks!! Sent from my LT25i using xda...
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    Thread Req- Xperia arc 2.3.4 theme port for Xperia p!

    I had the Xperia arc before p I like the p but I am missing the arc's theme a lot! Here is a screenshot and in the attachment is the arc please someone port it for Xperia p! I will really appreciate it and try to donate as well :) Thanks Zip file (from arc!)...
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    Thread Beats audio on cm10 request

    Hey anyone can please port beats audio on cm10 ROM please I love cm10 but miss beats audio from the stock rom ....please someone ??? thanks Sent from my HTC One S using xda premium
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    Thread Sony stock 2.3.x theme for Sony ics 4.0 request!

    Someone please make Sony xperia arc ginger bread theme for the ice cream sandwich Rom!! Please I loved that blue glass transparent look of 2.3 stock Rom and I want the same on 4.0 ics Rom too!! Hate the new ics theme but it is faster than 2.3 ....... Will donate $$ for porting 2.3 Rom theme to...
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    Thread Please help usb not mounting !!!

    please help as my phone is not being detected as usb storage or any other device !!!! it does not even charge with usb only from the charger !!! please someone help I have unlocked bl and v19 doomkernel with arconium 8.0 please help thanks
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    Thread Xperia s weather widget !

    Please anyone can provide the Xperia s weather widget for ics beta for arc s please I love that widget !! Thanks Sent from my LT18i using xda premium
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    Thread Crt screen off animation on cm9

    Can anyone please tell how to get the crt screen off animation on the fxp cm9 rom?? An btw when will the official cm9 will be available from the cyanogenmod team on the anyone? Sent from my Xperia Arc using xda premium
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    Thread Required Ics swipe keyboard for cm9/ icelite rom

    Please anyone can provide me the sony swipe keyboard for the stock ics rom like the cm9 or icrlite rom the stock ics rom but miss the swipe keyboard a lot! So please anyone can tell us or provide us the apk needed?? Thanks Sent from my LT15i using xda premium
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    Thread Request for type here to search or share widget from Sony I saw it on Xperia pro

    Can some provide me the widget available in the pro that says "type here to search or share" widget please I need that... Here is the link Thanks Sent from my LT18i using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] Please help to get back to stock kernels

    please help as i am not able to get back to the stock kernels, i tried the x10 flashtool and it is not recognizing the ftf file !! and is doing nothing please help as i am stuck on sony screnn and have to ship the device today have sold it on ebay ???? Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Mess up the Xperia Arc software that are boot loader locked!!

    Can anyone please help us on messing up the xperia arc badly with the software so that we can get a new replacement with an unlocked boot loader ??? Thanks
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    Thread Mortal Kombat 4 running with no lag !!!

    Mk4 is running awsomly with 60fps !!! here is the link of my video showing the same
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    Thread Credit card case for nexus s

    Anyone know of nexus s case with the credit card holder, it can be leather/plastic anything but should have a card holder, I really need that cause have bunch of cards thank you And also if it is aluminium it will be awesome ....... anyone? ?????? Thank you in advance Sent from my Nexus S...
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    Thread [Q] Equilizer app

    i am just moving from htc hd7 to samsung focus i was pretty happy from it until i listened to the music. i mean there is a day and night difference between the hd7 sound and the focus just because hd7 has sound enhancer, any one know a similar app or any other equalizer app avaible in the market...
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    Thread [Q] please help, phone wont shut off

    :confused: please help anyone as soon as i turn off my device instead of turning off it goes to recovery mode and when i choose reboot system it comes back to the rom!!! anyone any ideas?? someone having same problems ??? please help and yes i already tried by taking out the batteries, as soon...