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    Thread Problem with flash 7.0 NPH 25.200-22_cid9

    Have a problem flashing through Fastboot and then boot and only have warning bootloader unlocked ... any solutions? flash twrp for nougat and /data no get mounth... any to help?
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    Thread Módem MM and Nougat

    Is posible to flash through custom recovery? Sorry but I don't have pc...
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    Thread What file is the módem?

    I download this firmware. Android 6 MM... What file is the módem? To flash through Fastboot. I have Android 7 Nougat módem but mi firmware is Android 6.
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    Thread How to?

    Good day. How I should proceed? I have firmware 6.0 with custom recovery but I flashed NucleaROM and I already use the special recovery for rom. Nor can I flash roms based on firmware 6.0 although I never flashed a firmware 7.0. What should I do? Flashing simply by fastboot an Android 6...
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    Thread Rom

    Hello Im new with this device What rom stock based is good to flash? Thanks
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    Thread [REQ] SecLauncher2.apk

    Hi. I want use the SecLauncher2 with 5 row x 4 colums in homescreen with KK 4.4.4 port of Samsung roms (Amcha). Any body can help? Thanks and sorry my english
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    Thread Rom for Moto E

    Hello I am newbie in Moto scene and dont understand some things... What rom is compatible with mi Moto E?
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    Thread RAVPower 2250 vs. Anker 2200

    Which is the recommendation? RAVPower 2250 or Anker 2200
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    Thread [REQ] SecLauncher2 for QS ROM 4.4.2

    Any have a mod o tutorial for SecLauncher2 for QS ROM 4.4.2 homescreen 4x5? In the thread only have app grid 4x5. Thanks in advance!
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    Thread [Request] Chinese Leak Lollipop for S4 i9500

    Anyone have the download link (preferably in Mega) chinese leak Lollipop for S4 i9500? Thanks in advance
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    Thread IMEI & Baseband unknow [SOLVED]

    Hi mate, turn to you after having found no solution to my problem by searching the Internet. I have a rooted S4 i9500 4.4.2 KitKat and always with TouchWiz based ROMs because it turns out to flash any AOSP based ROM directly IMEI, IMEI SV and Baseband me listed as UNKNOWN. I tried to solve the...
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    Thread IMEI & Baseband UNKNOWN

    Error S4 - i9500
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    Thread i9500 imei & baseband unknow

    I have a problem flashing roms aosp i get IMEI and baseband unknown but in roms stock everything works well even without restoring the folder efs. I tried even returning to flash in Odin a firmware 4.4.2 . Nor am I da result restore efs still in roms aosp. Someone has happened? Might give me a...
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    Thread Titanium Backup "MODACO"

    What is this? Have donation option to Modaco! [Tarzanic English]