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  1. DeadSOL

    Thread Screen Burn-In

    Wow. I didn't notice until today but the status bar icons and time are showing signs of screen burn-in. I didn't even know this was possible with LCD screens. I can clearly see them with a dark blue full screen wallpaper. This is absolutely horrible. Check yours too, people! Sent from my...
  2. DeadSOL

    Thread Nexus 7 Hard Reset at Night

    Hey, guys. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto a problem I just had. I woke up this morning, packed my Nexus 7 into my bag (which I was playing on last night and had been left charging with a dodgy cable attached), got onto the train, took my Nexus 7 out and found out that it...
  3. DeadSOL

    Thread Phone does not respond

    So, I was using my phone at night time when I discovered something really weird. If you hold the top and bottom of the phone (I'm doing this with one hand), double tap to wake does not work. Also, if you use the power button, it turns the screen on and quickly off. Can anyone else replicate...
  4. DeadSOL

    Thread LG G4 No Issues

    Hey, everyone! I, for one, am sitting on the fence with the decision on whether or not to buy the G4. Since there are so many threads talking about the various issues with the G4, I thought that I would ask those of you who don't have any issues. Let's balance the arguments so that more of us...
  5. DeadSOL

    Thread NFC and the Galaxy Note 2 N7100

    I have a question. Does the Galaxy Note 2 come with a battery with NFC built in? Thanks for the help! Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
  6. DeadSOL

    Thread Galaxy S3 Benchmarks (Unreal Engine 3)

    I was wondering what sort of benchmarks we can get from our GPU on different ROMs. Are Samsung improving it or keeping it the same. Also, we can test the performance of different ROMs. Guys, go and download Epic Citadel from the Play Store. It uses Unreal Engine 3. Link...
  7. DeadSOL

    Thread [PETITION] Google wants you to take action! [First post updated, 14th Dec, 2012]

    Hey, fellow Galaxy S3 users! The mothership (Google) is calling. They want us to join hands and sign a petition for a free internet! What's happening, you ask? "Some of these governments are trying to use a closed-door meeting in December to regulate...
  8. DeadSOL

    Thread General Thread

    Hey, Galaxy S3 users! I thought I'd make a sort of general thread so that we can all talk here, introduce each other, bash a certain company, and have a general discussion. It'd be a good way to help the newbies out, too. The clutter of extra threads in the General section is really annoying so...
  9. DeadSOL

    Thread 'Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?' video

    For those of you who haven't seen the video, here it is:
  10. DeadSOL

    Thread News Wall live wallpaper

    I updated my firmware to XXLG8. The News Wall live wallpaper now has a blue background instead of the black one. There is no option of getting it to return to its original black background state. We all know that the black background looks stunning on the Super AMOLED screen. Does anyone know...
  11. DeadSOL

    Thread Contact pictures missing in Messaging app

    My Contacts app shows me the pictures for my contacts but my messaging applications (stock Message and GO SMS Pro) do not show the pictures for nearly all my contacts. Is there any way to solve this issue? Everything was fine on my Galaxy S.
  12. DeadSOL

    Thread Galaxy S3 HD Games

    Is there any discernible difference between Angry Birds Space HD, Cut the Rope HD, Cut the Rope Experiments HD, and their non-HD counterparts? I, for one, ran Cut the Rope and Amazing Alex games (HD and non-HD) side-by-side and I couldn't even see a single bit of difference. Does this difference...
  13. DeadSOL

    Thread Google + no longer supported?

    I'm using the latest version of Slim ICS (3.8) for my I9000. Okay, so I've searched a lot for the Google+ app on my phone. I've never been able to find it. Today, I searched for the app on my laptop and the Play Store informs me that the app is not compatible with my device. Why on Earth is...
  14. DeadSOL

    Thread [Q] Advice for buying a new GSM Galaxy Nexus

    I'm a Galaxy S user and I am currently thinking of buying a Galaxy Nexus (the international GSM model). Is there anything I should know about the phone before I buy it? For example, what are "maguro", "takju" and "yakju"? Should I buy a specific model? Will there be a newer batch of models...
  15. DeadSOL

    Thread [Q] ICS Music Player Mod Possible?

    Hey, I'm using the leaked music player (version from ICS on my SGS. It's missing a few things when compared with the original music player; 1) Volume control buttons IN the music player app itself 2) Equalizer 3) Lockscreen integration Is there some way that these can be...
  16. DeadSOL

    Thread Galaxy S 2.3.2 Rooting

    I desperately need some help. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 (8gb). Here are some details about this phone: Model Number: GT-I9000 Firmware Version: 2.3.2 Baseband Version: I9000XXJPK Build Version: Gingerbread.XWJV1 The thing is, I want to root my phone and install custom ROMs and...