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    Thread Can I Upgrade my XT1805 to Oreo ?

    My XT1805 is rooted and bootloader unlocked and stuck on NPSS26.116-61-5. Is there any way to upgrade this to stock Oreo ?
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    Thread Fingerprint scanner gone after install of Xposed on my Moto G5S Plus

    Hi all, I've lost the fingerprint scanner after installing Xposed 89 for SDK 25. Is there anything I can do to have both the Exposed and Fingerprint scanner working ? If not, what is the best way to remove Exposed ? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Launcher which shows notification count on app icons ?

    Hi all I have a Samsung Phone which shows the number of notifications in a red circle against each app icon on the home screen. So i can see, at a glance, if there are any emails, whatsapp, fb messages etc.... Is there a launcher for the Tab A which would similarly indicate the notification...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Lost USB On-board Storage

    Hi all, I have LOST my onboard USB storage. For work, I needed to Encrypt my phone. I was on JellySNAP Rom. I went through the Encryption which then failed. I tried pressing the button to Reset but that didn't do anything. I was System UI Stopped messages. So I tried a reboot which brought me...
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    Thread Insufficient storage space error

    Hi all I'm desparate. I don't want to wipe my data and have to start reinstalling everything. My phone went to upgrade an app and it failed due to the storage error. I now cannot reinstall the app. I have checked my space and I have Device - 1.08gb USB - 10.56gb SD Card - 6.17gb I am at a...
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    Thread Phone won't accept my encryption passcode

    HI all, My company phone is encrypted. I loaded NeatROM 4.5 after having been on NR 4.3 for ages and all was good, although some apps would not work. This morning, the phone locked up so I rebooted it but it would not boot successfully. So I decided to do a full data wipe but then, when the...
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    Thread Keep screen on when connected to power ?

    Is there any app or tweak which can leave the screen on when the phone is being powered / charged ? If I connect the phone in my car and just want to read the odd bits while driving, the screen keeps going off. Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Installing a GB phone.apk on an ICS ?

    I liked the phone dialer screen from my GB Rom because it had 4 tabs across the top rather than the 3 which is has now. It no longer has "Contacts" as a tab at the top. Therefore, could I install a phone.apk from the GB rom and install it on an ICS stock rom ? I suppose, is it the phone.apk...
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    Thread Android Facebook 1.9.3 App - Not Sync'ing Contacts

    Just setup ICS on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I've downloaded the Facebook app from the Play store. However, once installed, it never asked me as to which contacts I wanted to Sync. Within the app, I can't find the option anywhere either. I un-installed the app and re-installed it and still no...
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    Thread Routing Music etc. through Bluetooth ?

    Hi all I have a Bluetooth Car Kit but it seems that bluetooth only works with phonecalls. I use a Internet Radio app and would like to route the audio through the car kit rather than having my SGS2 on the dashboard, listening via the onboard speaker. C
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    Thread Which feature in a Rom gives smooth scrolling when rotating screen ?

    I installed a Rom a few days ago which has a lovely smooth scrolling of the screen by 90 deg when rotating the screen from portrait to landscape. I tried another Rom which does not have this feature and I can't remember the name of the original Rom which gave this feature. Thanks
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    Thread rootfs files - what changes in each version ?

    Hi all Is there any way to see what changes are made between the different released versions of rootfs ? I installed 20110721 last night (downloaded from but this absolutely seemed to drink the battery so I've gone back now to 20110718. What am I likely to be missing by not...
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    Thread Anyone using inbuilt SIP calling on WM6.5 ?

    Hi all, I am trying to get SIP Internet Calling working on my WM6.5 (Touch Pro2). I got to the point where it seemed to want to use my VoIP provider (Rynga - a Betamax Company) but then I just got a "Bing" sound and it then tried to call regularly via Vodafone. So I don't know if I have...
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    Thread [Q] Restricting wi-fi to connect at 802.11g ONLY

    Is it possible ? I have been disappointed with the browsing speed on my TP2 and thought it might be something to do with MTU settings or something like this. However, last weekend I decided to change my router mode from 801.11b/g to 801.11g only. WOW, suddenly my browsing was perfect (the...
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    Thread GPS Problem - all of a sudden it won't fix

    Hi all, I have some sort of problem with the GPS. Last Saturday it suddenly wouldn't get a fix at all. I tried taking the battery out and rebooting and still no joy. Then suddenly on Monday it started working again. I was on a flight on Wednesday and it worked on the flight too. About 2...
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    Thread Anyone have problems with 8gb microSD HC Cards?

    Hi all I have had a SanDisk 4gb microSD HC card for ages and it's worked perfectly. I recently bought a SanDisk 8gb one and have a permanent problem with it. When inserting it, sometimes my TP2 either fails to recognise it or if it does, sometimes it freezes some functions. The main problem...
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    Thread MS Voice Command - Whats Latest UK version ?

    Hi all, I have setup my Kaiser with AthineOS rom and VC 1.6.19209 works fine but it's a US version. Yesterday I had an SMS message with "MO" in it - the US version interpreted this as Missouri !!! Does anyone know what the latest UK version is ? Otherwise, the files installed in the \Program...
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    Thread Mobile Vista 1.3 (cooked 3.14 ROM 19209) - Text to Speech

    Is Text to Speech a feature of WM6.0 (or 6.1) or was this something that you bundled into this ROM. It could be very useful especially while driving when messages are read out but is there any way to slow her down - she speaks at a rate of knots and so I find it very difficult to hear unless I...
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    Thread Remove original files in Extended Rom folder before Upgrade

    Hi all, I have downloaded a ROM from the ftp site which was a ZIP file containing many CAB files together with Autorun.exe, TPDisable.exe etc... I know I have to copy these into the Extended ROM folder to then upgrade the ROM (or do I ??) but how do I remove the current files in there because...
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    Thread Re-install original Vodafone 1.11 Rom

    Hi all, I have downloaded the Vodafone VPA Extended Rom ZIP file from the FTP site. Without sounding stupid but can someone please confirm as to how I would load this onto the VPA. There is an Autorun.exe and about 10 CAB files and two other EXE's in the ZIP file Cormac
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    Thread Calendar Default View

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a registry change I can make to set the default Calendar view to the one month display ? Cormac
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    Thread Bluetooth Problem - can make call but not receive

    HI all, I have a ProWave car kit which runs the phone audio through the car radio. I can make a call perfectly but when receiving one I can hear nothing. I can only think that it's some problem with the Bluetooth. I'm running ROM 1.12.00 WWE, Radio 1.12.10, Protocol Ver 1337.42 and ExtROM...
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    Thread Changing the "Message Sent" bleep

    Is there any way to change the small "bleep" (or blip) indicator tone when you send a text message? Cormac
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    Thread Re-Installing a "Shipped ROM" ?

    Hi all, I have downloaded a shipped rom from the ftp site but it's format is obviously different to that of the bundled "latest" ROM's which are installed via the MaUpgradeUt method. Do I simply copy all the "Shipped ROM" files (CAB Files & Autorun.exe & TPEnable.exe & TPDisableinto.exe) the...
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    Thread Where can I get the Orange 1.06 ROM

    Even since I installed Destinator 6 GPS software on my Jam, the phone no longer rings even though checking in System / Notifications all is OK. On another website forum, an Orange SPV M500 owner confirmed that his was working fine on ROM 1.06 Can anyone tell me where I can possibly download...
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    Thread My iMate Jam won't ring

    Hopefully someone can help me please. When I receive a phonecall, the phone no longer rings. If I put it to vibrate, that works OK. I have gone into the phone settings and played the ringtone so that's OK and the MP3 player functionallity is also working OK. When on a call everything is...