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  1. cyberspirit777

    Thread [Q] Is there anyway to get the SIM card out?

    The SIM card tray in my HTC First is stuck and even with a removal tool I can not get it out. Does anyone know how to get it out or how I may be able to take the phone apart and get it out?
  2. cyberspirit777

    Thread [Q] Lumia Acting Weird

    I purchased my Lumia off of Craigslist with a broken screen. I've had the device for close to a month and it was never having an issues. Recently, it has been freezing at random times. Often it freezes when I'm using the Music hub it even freezes when I try to turn the device off. I have factory...
  3. cyberspirit777

    Thread [Q] Quick Questions: Note Update on T-Mobile

    So my aunt has am AT&T Galaxy Note on T-Mobile and I told the store she purchased the phone from to flash the T-Mobile radios so that she can get 4G HSPA+ but the device is stuck on gingerbread and I would really like to update it to stock Jellybean with Touchwiz? If I use Odin to flash the...
  4. cyberspirit777

    Thread Facebook Home Is Supported? Yes.

    Today, around the time if this posting, I was looking through the Play Store and I decided to download the Facebook app. I scrolled to the bottom as I usually do as it was downloading and came across the Facebook Home icon. So apparently Facebook Home is officially supported on the Nook HD which...
  5. cyberspirit777

    Thread Audio Enhancement

    Is the SRS WOW HD panel been ported for use on the Galaxy Nexus? Is there any mod that is capable of being used on the device? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  6. cyberspirit777

    Thread Galaxy Nexus Screen Resolution Issue

    Everywhere that I've looked it states that the screen on the Galaxy Nexus is 1280x 720 which is indeed an HD resolution however today I happened to come across an app that displays the resolution of the device and it happens to be reporting the above as false. It says that I am getting 1184 x...
  7. cyberspirit777

    Thread Emoji Stock Keyboard

    I am using a non-rooted GNex with Android 4.2.1 (Sprint CDMA) and I was wondering was there any way to get am emoji plug in for the stock keyboard. Also, what's the easiest way to root my device? Thanks, Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
  8. cyberspirit777

    Thread [Q] Getting To Files After Root And Changing Home Launcher

    I just recently rooted my Nook HD and replaced the stock home launcher with one that suits me. How do I get back to my books and magazines and Nook Store easily without having to go back to the other home?
  9. cyberspirit777

    Thread Price of P1000 in Current Times

    Hello, have looking around for a tablet and have found a man, who owns a phone store, who wants to sell me his old Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. How much do you think would be a fair price? It is inside of a leather case so no scratches on the outside and it has a screen protector so no scratches on...
  10. cyberspirit777

    Thread Update phone without loosing unlock

    My aunt has recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note and it has been unlocked. I've checked it and it is not rooted. She is on T-Mobile. The phone has been flashed to support T-Mobile's 4G HSPA+ network. I would like to update her phone to ICS via Samsung Kies but I'm afraid that her unlock will...
  11. cyberspirit777

    Thread Galaxy Note Update?

    My aunt has recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T from an independently owned store. They rooted the phone and unlocked it for 4G. Along with my guidance they were able to enable the 4G data on it. My question is, can I update the phone to Android 4.0 or whatever it needs to be...