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    Thread Clear frequents calls in JB

    Google added clear frequents calls in JB yes yes yes :D :good:
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    Thread not receiving sms on 4.0.4

    When I was on 4.0.2 I never had a problem with receiving sms. Now i’m on 4.0.4 stock or custom rom. If I load a stock or custom rom it works for about 20min or a day or 2. Or sometime not at all on a fresh install. If I take my sim card out and put it in my nexus one, then I get all the sms that...
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    Thread Charging + USB OTG

    How can I charge my phone and have an USB OTG hookup at the same time? Thanks
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    Thread $30 SanDisk 32GB Class 4

    I just order one.
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    Thread I'm done with Acer

    My A500 is going back to Costco. This the 3rd one that GPS just sucks. Before the update I was getting form 4-10 invew and in use. They did say GPS will be fix in 3.1...I'm not getting a lock at all now. So F Acer. I just came back from fry's...they have the Toshiba on display. I tether my...
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    Thread 3.1 update is another 2weeks away

    Just got off the phone with Ace...and the tech said 3.1 update not for another 2 weeks. What is up with Acer?
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    Thread Temp fix for screen turning back on after you turn it off

    You’ll need Tasker and 2 Profiles 1 for (Airplane Mode off) and 1 for (Airplane Mode On) Profile #1 Click New…name it what ever you want & click ok…click Event then click Display & Display Off…keep Priority as is click Done On Task Selection Click New Task and name it what every & click...
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    Thread send & receive messaging

    How do you guys send & receive text messaging on your A500.
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    Thread [MOD] Permanent notification menu in tasker

    I created a permanent notification menu in tasker to do some quick launching apps and settings. It was hard to do, but I got it to work. The hard part was…every time I reboot the permanent notification menu would not start. Here how to set it all up. 1. Open tasker & hit Task: hit New Task: (&...
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    Thread Galaxy S II live weather wallpaper works on the nexus one.
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    Thread HTC Sensation HDMI mirroring

    I have a car pc with a 7" touch screen. I was wondering if the HTC Sensation HDMI mirroring...will I be able to use the touch screen of the car pc instead of the phone? Thanks...
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    Thread Gingerbread port for Droid X

    How they getting this port before Nexus One? What's up with that?
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    Thread free video converter

    Hope this the right place to put this. All you do is drag and drop and select your phone and press convert.
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    Thread A-DATA 16GB Class 6

    $33.99 with this code...(MLC116509110840NL1) for the first 150 they sell.
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    Thread 2 car docks

    I have and extra car dock. I sent my car dock in for repair…HTC toll me it would take about a week to get it back. Well he didn’t tell me they were also in the process of moving to a new building. Long story short…I call 2 ½ weeks later…and they ship the replacement 2days later. Well a mouth ½...
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    Thread Google Maps

    I didn't know the new maps had (Avoid Highway & Avoid Tolls). Anyone els new this...or is it part of Froyo.
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    Thread Quick way to start adb

    My adb does not start all the time. Sometimes when I plug my phone in to use adb...I have to open the command prompt and type cd \desktop\sdk\tools then hit enter then type adb devices enter for my phone to find it. If I just type adb devices in command prompt...I alway get (List of devices...
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    Thread Motorola P790 portable charger

    I have a Motorola P790 portable charger that I use for my G1 for about 8 months that will not work with the N1. I was looking to buy a new portable charger for my N1. Then was like wait a min…I can use a mini to micro adapter…and it works just find. So if you have one…do what I did. By the way...
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    Thread Help with vpn setup

    Is there anyone here that use Ipcop or Smoothwall for a firewall with openvpn and have android vpn or VPN_Connections working. If so...can you help me out. Thanks
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    Thread trade or sell g1+iphone

    I have a rooted G1 that I would like to trade for a Mytouch + some cash... or sell my G1+iphone first gen 4g as a all in one. The iphone is jailbroken and unlock running OS 3.0. I can take a quick video of it..if you like. PM me.
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    Thread [Theme]HTC Sapphire soloremix

    This theme is ONLY FOR HTC Sapphire 4.5. It the same light blue theme I have for RC33. link:
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    Thread [THEME]SoloRemix [RC33]

    This is what I did with glosssuite(Spoon/Stericson) and AERO(ultra spikey)...sence I like both themes. For the one's that like the first now call darkblue cause some ppl was having problem with the I just redid it. The lightblue is still call newlighter...
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    Thread [Theme] Solo

    Been working on my own little theme my start....still not 100% Theme name is (solo) It's for RC30 only
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    Thread RC30 v1.0 and RC30 v1.2

    I have seen a lot of ppl post about haveing OTA RC30 v1.2 and can't flash back or get root. Well I have OTA RC30 v1.0...can this one be flash back.