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    Thread [ROM][CM11S] XPERIA Z2+ - Oneplus One CM11S Port for Z2 [sirius] - Closed

    [ROM][CM11S] XPERIA Z2+ - Oneplus One CM11S Port for Z2 [sirius] - 3rd Edited! (Download Edit) Closed.
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    Thread [PORT] Galaxy S5 SBrowser for Galaxy S4

    Hi I have ported Galaxy S5's S Browser (Internet Application) to my Galaxy S4. It's tested on 4.4.2 Kitkat (E330S/NC4), and It works fine :) Download Link : Download attachments and copy files to each folder. (It's not an CWM-Flahsable script)...
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    Thread [APP] GALAXY S5 Calculator, Memo, S Health

    Samsung GALAXY S5's Calculator, Memo and S Health Application. I dont know its really extracted from Galaxy S5 but, maybe... (Its cont confirmed) Memo and Calculator works fine. But S Health is not. (Doesent open up) Erase or backup original calculator application before apply. Memo ...
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    Thread [HOW TO] Get Galaxy S5 Status Bar by Editing build.prop

    Hi everyone! Before start, sorry for my Bad Enlgish:( I dont know why but, after I change build properties to SM-N900S (Note3), I get Galaxy S5's Quick Panel. (Many people has been tested in other forums, and its worked) This guide need root permission. And also you have to update firmware...
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    Thread Stock Kitkat Firmware for Korean Galaxy S4 (SHV-E300)

    Stock Firmware for Korean GALAXY S4 * Before read : This thread is for Korean Galaxy S4 (includes E330). Please make sure your using Korean version of Galaxy S4. If you are using other country or other version of Galaxy S4, this firmware can make brick your device Stock Kitkat Firmware for...
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    Thread New color of Galaxy S4 and Note 3 style Batterycover Released

    Samsung Introduced a new color of Galaxy S4 and Note3 style Galaxy S4 battery cover in Korea. The new color for Galaxy S4 is Rose Gold (White, Black) and Deep Black, Its available in Korea right now. And also, Samsung released Note 3 style(leather style) back cover (battery cover) with 3...
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    Thread [Q] How to port one handed mode for all screen

    Hello Everyone, I'm using GALAXY S4 LTE-A (i9506) with Kitkat Firmware (4.4.2) Now Im making a stock-based Note3 ROM, and I want to port One Handed Mode for All Screen feature in Note3. I have been edited SecSettings.apk and I copied EasyOneHand.apk to /system/app Now, I have to edit...