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  1. CaseyS

    Thread Changed Google password

    So I changed my password for my Google account and now when I go to sign in to my account on my phone it just goes back to the start of sign in and ant Google related service/app won't work now. I'm on the latest firmware as well. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  2. CaseyS

    Thread Thoughts on the P40 Pro

    I know a lot of people (including myself) are bitter about how the updates to our device have been. As much as i want to move away from Huawei I can't help, but lean towards getting the P40 Pro. Mainly towards the camera aspect as I'm a photographer and like having what's essentially a pro...
  3. CaseyS

    Thread Rooting (.327)

    I did some searching and maybe not enough, but I couldn't find any information at least not for 9.1 on how to root it. I extracted the recovery_ramdisk and patched with magisk, but is it the same process as 9.1? I'm assuming that's not the case, but that's why I'm asking.
  4. CaseyS

    Thread lost fastboot

    So something I noticed, I've updated my phone loads of times via firmware Finder and the update tool on my PC with no issues. So I haven't needed to update my phone for a couple of months so I had no reason to connect my phone to my pc. Yesterday I went to do the usual update procedure and plug...
  5. CaseyS

    Thread P20 pro update

    Is anyone else still on the .110 firmware? Seems like the majority of people have received an update.
  6. CaseyS

    Thread Service Disabled

    So after a while now and a lot of struggle trying to root my h910 I managed it a few weeks back, but I have service disabled and I've tried flashing different roms on the device with no success at gaining service. Can anyone help me out here?
  7. CaseyS

    Thread Root for H910

    I've been looking to root my phone, but it has the January 2018 security patch and I read you can't root with the latest security patch unless you downgrade. So my question is, is there really no way to root without downgrading because I would prefer not to downgrade.
  8. CaseyS

    Thread Dead V10 (H900)

    So about four months ago I bought an LG V10 from an online vendor (same vendor I got my LG G2 which has never given me issues) So that being said I can't completely rule out it was just faulty from the vendor or just the problems that already exist with the model. So after about 3 or 4 weeks of...
  9. CaseyS

    Thread {SOLVED} Lost root after flashing CM12.1

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum but not to Android. I'm familiar with Samsung devices coming from a S3 mini. So I was wanting to root my Galaxy tab 2 7" (GT-P3110) but don't have access to a computer currently. So I got to digging and found a Chinese app called "Root Master" which worked for...
  10. CaseyS

    Thread Screen off animation

    Why does my phone sometimes have the screen off animation as a TV turning off like the nexus? I'm running CM10. Sent from my GT-I8190 using xda premium
  11. CaseyS

    Thread {SOLVED}I need help urgently a

    Im having a problem with CWM, it says E: cant mount and E: cant open, i dont know what is wrong but my phone can only boot to CWM i need to know how to get back to Stock recovery, but also when i try and use ADB Shell it opens but there is all the words that run really fast and i cant read them...
  12. CaseyS

    Thread Ubuntu will run on S3 Mini

    Here is the thread for the requirements and we meet them with a dual core 1Ghz Cortex A9 and 1Gb of ram (min is 500+Mb ram) All we need now is someone to port it onto our device. Sent from my S3 Mini whilst rollin a fat one
  13. CaseyS

    Thread Ubuntu for mobile?

    Just wondering if our S3 Mini will be able to run Ubuntu when it's released. It's for ARMv7 devices and I know our phone is a ARMv7 but I saw that only phones with OTG support will be able to run it. So what does that mean. "OTG"? Sent from my GT-I8190 using xda premium
  14. CaseyS

    Thread Your favorite app/apps

    I though i would make this thread so that everyone can see what each other's favorite payed/free app is. Feel free to post screen shots and maybe an explanation of why its your favorite. My favorite app at the moment is (Vonage) It allows me to call and text friends and family in the states...
  15. CaseyS

    Thread [SOLVED]After flashing...

    It was after flashing the Modded theme via CWM I am unable to connect to play store and have lost root access.. what went wrong? Sent from my GT-I8190 using xda premium
  16. CaseyS

    Thread Theme Chooser

    Is there anyway of getting the theme chooser.apk for the S3 mini? Sent from my GT-I8190 using xda premium
  17. CaseyS

    Thread Thank you to all wildfire devs

    I just want to thank all the devs that have worked on this great little phone. You guys are the people who got me started in the android world. But ill still check in every once in a while to check on development but for now I have my new Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and hope development gets...
  18. CaseyS

    Thread AnTuTu Benchmark Scores

    A thread similar to this may have been posted before but i couldn't find it so here's a new one :) So i was interested to see what other peoples scores were in AnTuTu Benchmark and what there setup was. Mine was 916. S-OFF Rom - DK Custom Froyo 2.2.1 v4.7 Kernel - RemPuzzle CPU - 768 -...
  19. CaseyS

    Thread Overclocking Wildfire

    Hi does anybody know of a kernal that will enable me to overclock my wildfire to about 800mhz, my wildfire runs smooth at 768 no problem. But i have seen people with wildfires overclocked more than 800mhz. Depending on what rom it may work on i would be more than happy to move to another one. I...