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  1. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread Looking for Sprint V50 Android 10 dump

    I'm looking for an Sprint V50 Android 10 dump rather if it's the direct .img files pulled from the device or even an TWRP backup. Preferably the latest version pushed out but even the January 2020 version will be fine. Thank you in advance.
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    Thread Kernel Source For G6 And G6 Plus Available

    News source = G6 Kernel = G6 Plus Kernel =...
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    Thread Good tempered glass screen protector

    Has anyone found a good tempered glass screen protector for the XA2 Ultra? I'll have my phone by Wednesday next week and want to make sure I get a good quality protector for the screen. Thanks in advance!
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    Thread [ODIN] J700T Nougat 7.1.1 Grabbed straight from SamMobile. Flash using Odin.
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    Thread H918 10K kernel source and potential 10N OTA coming? The 10K kernel source looks to have finally been added to LG's open source site not too long ago... along with what appears to be the kernel source to 10N which to my knowledge has not been pushed out as of yet. My guess is 10N will be...
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    Thread [Kernel Source] Insignia NS-P10A6100 10.1 inch tablet I got this awhile ago from Insignia (aka Best Buy) but completely forgot I had it until I stumbled across the thumb drive they mailed it to me on. The thumb drive also has nearly 7 gigs worth of other files which I'm assuming is the ROM...
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    Thread [Q] Nexus Player rebooting to TWRP at night

    I've given my girlfriend my Nexus Player updated to 7.1.1 with StickMount running for an NTFS formatted hard drive. Anyways at night lately it's been going to TWRP on her automatically. I am assuming there is some kind of OTA update. So this leads to two questions: 1) Which directory is this...
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    Thread Watch band for small wrist

    So I've been looking for a bit for a watch band for the G Watch that's designed for a small wrist. I'm not having any luck finding a watch band that can fit comfortably on a small wrist. The watch itself looks fine on said wrist it's going on but the band is too lengthy and can't get tight...
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    Thread New firmware update for T-Mobile J7 2016 SM-J700T (6.0.1 PJ3)

    I haven't installed it since I don't know if it will take away root and bootloader unlock but I did take an screen capture with the info on what this update provides. Once I get the update file pulled I'll upload it on my Android File Host account. Here's the stock .tar file courtesy of...
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    Thread [Q] Adding Chinese to Hani ROM 1.01

    So I am running Hani ROM 1.01 on this Note 4 in my hands right now - N910U. However the ROM is missing the Chinese languages. I tried the various language adding apps on Play Store but none of them seem to work. Is there any flashable zip or something that has the Chinese Traditional language...
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    Thread [Q] How bad is the boot loop issue?

    So I am looking to purchase a refurb G4 (or Note 4) for T-Mobile as I'm moving away from Verizon and wondering just how bad and the likelyhood of the boot loop issue actually happening on the G4 at this point? Anything I should ask the seller that might indicate the refurb G4 will be less likely...
  12. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread New OTA Update M1D63H Out

    Just got prompted for this morning. Still running 6.0.1 and security updated to July 5th 2016. Beyond that I'm not seeing much different going on perhaps some under the hood bug fixes as I noticed Android Fit info lagged updating at times on MWD48B. Hopefully an update zip will be out soon.
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    Thread N910U rooting, TWRP, and 6.0.1 questions

    Okay so I just got my hands on the N910U running 5.0.1. It is prompting me to update to 5.1.1 which as far as I can tell I can use the current CF Auto Root for this one to get it rooted. From there I should be able to install TWRP for this particular Note 4 along with the current 6.0.1...
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    Thread [Q] Insignia NS-P10A6100 and MT65xx Driver on Windows 7

    I am having a huge issue trying to get the MT65xx Phone Driver to install for the Insignia NS-P10A6100. Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Without this I'm unable to do ADB and Fastboot stuff since neither ADB or Fastboot seems to want to detect the tablet. I used the method here to try and get...
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    Thread Guide: Use RRO Layers on LG Marshmallow ROMs (work in progress)

    I will be updating this with pictures and more detail information within the next day or two. For now this will be a quick brief guide. This has been tested on the VS985 G3 variant on the Marshmallow 46A release. Those of you running other versions of LG's Marshmallow if you can confirm if this...
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    Thread Zero Lemon battery with kick stand case

    I'm considering getting a Zero Lemon battery and wondering is there any cases available that has a kick stand that is comparable with said battery in use? Preferably a blue case. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 is out for Nexus Player (Fugu) Right under Fugu you can find the download for 6.0 Instructions for flashing are right at the top of the page.
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 Developer Preview 3 MPA44G is out According to Android Police there's not much changed in this build. Hopefully some of the bugs from build 2 are at least fixed.
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    Thread [Q] Internal storage and rooting question

    I just noticed quite a few large files sitting on the root of my internal storage on my G3 here such as: system.img aboot.img boot.img etc etc etc My question is do I need these files to sit on the root of my internal storage for TWRP/bumped kernels/etc or can I delete these files without any...
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    Thread [Q] VZW S4 on AT&T Go

    So I recently moved an VZW S4 over to AT&T Go for a friend. So far everything is mostly working fine running Eclipse ROM (VZW ROM). But I am wondering on a few things here as even on global mode with the AT&T Go APN's inserted at best we're both seeing HSPA+ but most of the time it's staying on...
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    Thread [Q] Trying to decide on getting Nexus 6 (Verizon)

    So here I am trying to figure out if I should get the Nexus 6 on Verizon or if I should get the LG G3 instead. I got to play around with the G3 for a good week and was very impressed with it compared to the Note 3 I currently use as my daily driver. Being that the Nexus 6 to me doesn't seem much...
  22. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] USB OTG and Lollipop

    So I just got my Nexus 7 2012 today and got this bad boy unlocked, rooted, and running the latest CM12 nightly (3/12). Does anyone have any suggestions on the one thing that seems missing which is USB OTG on this device on Lollipop? So far I'm trying M-Kernel which seems to be lacking USB OTG...
  23. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Looking for Blue case with stand

    It seems like trying to find cases for the 1st gen/2012 version of the Nexus 7 isn't the most easiest thing but I am trying to find a blue case that has some kind of stand ability. Any good recommendations I'll take a peek at. Thanks in advance. :D
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    Thread Thinking of getting G3

    Once I get it rooted and got recovery installed I should be able to use AOSP roms right? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread [Q] Does the Note 4 battery work on the Note 3?

    I just saw the Note 4 extra battery kit at Best Buy today and wondering since my Note 3 battery isn't holding up as good as it used to... will the Note 4 battery work on the Note 3? Thanks in advance for any info.
  26. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Using VZW S4 on T-Mobile

    I'm looking to potentially let my best friend use my S4 and wondering a few things since my best friend is on T-Mobile... 1) Does anyone have a reliable list of the APNs for LTE, MMS/SMS, etc for T-Mobile? And I'm assuming the LTE APN also covers GSM that T-Mobile uses too, right? 2) With...
  27. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread SIM card quesiton

    Just curious but what sim card size does the Verizon M8 use? I can't really seem to find that info anywhere and want to make sure before I get one as I'll be swapping between this and my current Note 3. Thanks for any info in advance.
  28. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Anyone got the last My Verizon app pre-root stuff

    I stupidly deleted my TiBu backup and sadly don't have the apk for the last My Verizon app before they started requesting root access. Does anyone have the apk for that version? Many thanks in advance.
  29. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread Kickstand case with S-View

    I feel like I've been searching up and down the Internet for eons but I'm looking for a good case that has a kickstand (or stand ability) and also has the S-View feature on it. Yeah there's plenty of cases on eBay that has kickstand/stand but doesn't have the proper S-View feature. Any...
  30. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread (Dead Old Thread) Sky Note 4.3 RC8-2 (11/14/13)

    NOTE: stvn1337 now is the ROM Port Maintainer. This is an port of Sky Note from our sister AT&T Note 2 variant. Most things are working on this with a few exceptions like SMS/MMS. This ROM is developed by seanzscreams and wouldn't have been possible to be working on our Note 2 without the hard...
  31. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread Commotio/Vanir ROM now on 4.3

    I'm posting this for those interested Commotio/Vanir ROM by DHO is now on Jelly Bean 4.3. The latest nightly 8/12 is very solid at this point with nearly everything working pretty good. Data, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth (both media and phone), Camera, Camcorder (video is slightly distorted in the...
  32. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Best ROM battery wise (either stock or AOSP based)

    So I just rooted a friend's MyTouch 4G Slide and now trying to figure out which ROM to use. I have her trying JellyKang 1.8 which so far has been a horrible nightmare in terms of battery life on her device. So is there any advice on either a better ROM that doesn't have a battery drain issue or...
  33. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Trying to figure out which ROM and kernel to use?

    Okay so my best friend has a Galaxy S II (aka Hercules) on T-Mobile... and my job is now to figure out which ROM and potentially kernel to put on this beast. With what looks like many options out there... what are the recommendations from you folks who know this device very well? ROM/Kernel...
  34. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] What ROM for my 10.1 Wifi?

    I just got an Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi 16gb and wondering which ROM should I be using? Especially for stuff such as Hulu Plus and what not. Thanks.
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    Thread What is a "GIigabyte" Verizon?

    Looks like someone forgot to use spell check. From here... until its fixed.
  36. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread Verizon Trade In Review

    Today I am going to do an review of the Verizon Trade In service. Their trade in service allows you to mail off your smartphones you are no longer using in exchange for an Verizon gift card. The Verizon gift card can be used either for getting a new phone, accessories, or even towards your...
  37. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread Liquid Gingerbread 2.4

    (Please note: I'm only forwarding this here so XDA Droid 1 users can know this ROM is out - all credit for the work on this ROM goes to the developers of course so thanks to Team Liquid for all the hard work!) ROM & KERNELS CHANGES & CREDITS => CLICK HERE HASH & CHECKSUMS => CLICK HERE...
  38. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Replacement launcher for Droid 1?

    Right now I'm using Launcher Pro on my Droid 1 but its really laggy at times especially when I go back to the home screen. Any recommendations on an replacement launcher that has these features: A - Customizable dock at the bottom which I can put shortcuts to my apps. B - At least three screens...
  39. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread The Official Thunderbolt ROMs & Kernels Listing v2.5 (Updated 8/31)

    The Official Thunderbolt ROM & Kernel Listings Version 2.5 Last Updated @ 8/31 Updated Lightning ROM to 4.3 (Gingerbread Sense 2.1). Added PUR3AO5PTH3ORY to Gingerbread AOSP. Updated TH3ORY TESTERBASE to 39 (Gingerbread Sense 2.1/3.0 Hybrid). Maintained By Ryanmo5 Created By Demolition Man aka...
  40. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread [Q] Has NexTheme been ported yet?

    I have not really followed the theme releases for the TB so bear with me... Has NexTheme been ported yet to the Thunderbolt? In particular a port that is usable with Das BAMF? Many thanks in advance for any answers.
  41. TheLoonyRebel

    Thread The Official Thunderbolt ROMs and Kernels Listing (DEAD)

    Thank you very much everyone for all your support. This iteration of the listings is now dead as I'm moving onto Version 2 which will continue the evolution of the listings. I hope you all continue to help give ideas, suggestions, and what not to the new version much like you have with this one...