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    Thread Take your head and let it roll over your keyboard.

  2. Spl4tt

    Thread [Issue] Unresponsive Screen Edges

    Hi all As i already mentioned in another thread i found a new problem on my device, wich i believe to have since the beginning. All the Edges of my screen are unresponsive and instead respond on a wrong position, more to the middle of the screen. I first realized this when i wanted to try...
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    Thread [Q] What to do when the One X falls into water?

    Till now i thought pressing the power button for 10 secs would do the same as pulling the battery. Now that i have my device, i realize that this is not the case! instead it reboots the phone, and you can't do anything against it, because we don't have any access to the battery. So my first...
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    Thread [Q] Searching an app wich instantly rotates the screen by tapping it..

    Hi all Im searching for an app that instantly rotates the screen to landscape and back.. no, not an app that toggles auto rotation. i want to assign the app to the call button, that i can turn it manually. i want to decide by myself when the screen rotates. this is cause im more and more...
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    Thread battery cover "scratches"

    hi all got a "little" problem.. my HD2 battery cover got a little scratch from day one.. thought it was not so bad and just ignored it but it got worse from week to week, month to month now this little "scratches" are big, very big xD and it looks like the metal is loosing his upper coating or...