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    Thread Sprint LG V20 hotspot and SIM unlock for non-rooted phones

    Has anyone tried this guide? I am able to get to the menu and see the same options. Also I can get to the APN and change APN type from default,mms to default,mms,dun i have tethering included in my plan...
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    Thread Voice input problem with more than one language

    I have 2 languages on voice input , and it's set to automatic, however only primary language gets recognized. The other one would not get recgonized no matter what i do. It used to work perfectly fine on LG G$ , or maybe even on older version of G5 firmware. Can anyone confirm ?
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    Thread wired headset button starts google voice search on short click

    wired headset button starts google voice search on short click not on a long one as it does on any other phone. This overrides any other app and makes headset button useless. the only way to stop it is to disable voice search all together, but i do not want to do so. Is there any other way ?
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    Thread rooting Marshmallow based stock ROM with locked bootloader

    It looks like Tctien342 was able to figure out how to inject files into Marshmallow based system.img from TOT File in the SPrint LG G4 forum: He then figured how to modify file to set...
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    Thread LG v10 root method

    Can one of the developers please take a look in to this root method and tell if it will work on on LG G4 with Marshmallow with locked bootloader? this method employs flashing a modified .tot file via LG’s update tool.
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    Thread Terrible Battery life with Marshmallow zv9

    Is it just me or the battery life is terrible with Marshmallow/ZV9 ? I get 7 hours of from 100% to 0% with phone laying down and not doing anything. I had a buggy phone on ZV6 with more than 24 hrs of average use. The phone died and Sprint gave me a refurbished replacement. The new phone is...
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    Thread trying to update PRL on LG G4

    I am not able to update PRL on this phone. I was trying to update it to Corporate PRL. Tried the Basic Flasher, CDMA workshop and QPST. First one completes, but prl stays the same after reboot, second and third ones return errors. QPST is provides a more descriptive error messsage...
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    Thread LG G4 Sprint SIM / Network unlock

    Has anyone been able to SIM / network unlock Sprint variant of LG G4? For international use? for domestic carriers? The phone appears to be locked. I tried putting GSM micro SIM and putting phone in to GSM mode. Got an icon about invalid SIM in notification tray. But no prompt to unlock. Also no...
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    Thread [Baseband/Modem] OC5 Odin flashable

    most credit for this should go to Jairsantana for file provided in this thread: (ROM)(ODIN)OC5 stcock firmware tar. i just stripped modem and bootloader and repacked in to separate files. The link to files is here:
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    Thread Call Recording on KitKat 4.4.2 rooted phone fix

    If you noticed that call recording is broken with any app after updating Galaxy Note 3 to KitKat, this is a known issue with it's kernel. i found a simple workaround. It requires a rooted phone. 1) install Call Recorder Galaxy S4 & S5 2) when you start it for the first time it will ask you if...
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    Thread how to keep private non-internet wifi connection on ?

    For development purposes i need the phone to be connected to an Access point that is not connected to the internet. This works with any other device but not with Samsung devices like Note 3, it will state that my connection is "Unstable" and disconnect. I have turned auto-switching off but it...
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    Thread Samsung refused to fix broken headset jack on rooted phone

    Samsung just refused to fix a broken headset jack on a 2 month old phone obviously still under warranty because the phone is rooted. I am an android developer working for well known company in the industry. And this is a well known problem with headset jack on those phones. Really disappointed...
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    Thread USB OTG works!

    I 've just tested and can confirm that USB OTG mode is working on this phone. I was able to connect my USB stick to my GN2 and play a movie off it. I wonder if it has enough power to power the portable HDD like WD passport. Will test soon along with USB keyboard and mouse. I've ordered Logitech...
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    Thread GSM SIM card mode for Sptint Glaxy Note II?

    Is any one brave enough to perform this mode on their new SGN II? :) I believe the little metal shield near the microSD slot is Sprint SIM-chip - it in the same spot as SIM slot on other versions of SGN II and it looks...
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    Thread Wi-fi signal strength sucks on epic touch 4g vs Evo 4g

    Just moved from EVO 4G to Epic Touch few days ago and started getting wi-fi problems in places where EVO didn't had any so I decided to compare them side to side using "wifi analyzer" from the market. There are 3 near by network that my laptop can pick up and connect - 1 my own and 2 neighbors...