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    Thread [Q] Inflight calls and voicemail

    Saw today about the uncarrier 7.0 changes that came and the inflight calling through gogo. I'm going to be flying to Victoria Texas in the next few weeks and was wondering how to enable this without using the the official ota.. Thanks for any help.
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    Thread Samsung games promo

    So samsung is doing a promo for a few free games. LINK I was wondering how to get these onto my S3. Also, would these work for the d2vzw even though it has the international listed? I'm currently running AOKP and don't have whatever app Samsung uses to do there apps. Any help would be awesome...
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    Thread Imoseyon BETA leanKernel TW (8/8 - v0.1, kexec)

    I did not create "this" and I'm not taking credit for it. This is an awesome kernel created by an awesome dev. I have seen a lot of people asking about where to find this kernel so I asked the dev if I could make this thread to help everyone out over here. I do plan to keep this updated as he...
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    Thread Swiftkey Beta 3

    For my fellow users of Swiftkey they released a beta today of 3.x for people that are part of thier VIP program. Go here To download it :D Or just pull from my Dropbox if the site won't load Phone Tablet
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    Thread Scrolling with the dock.

    Pardon if this was talked about already... App doesn't let you search in just a forum. I'm using my dock and I switched from gesture to mouse pointer. In mouse pointer the scroll is backwards. It is most notable when I'm on my home screen. I have my dock set to pop up when I swipe down and my...
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    Thread ICS for the Prime (releases today)

    I was just following the live blog from Android Police and they said: Special announcement: Tegra 3 Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich is available today! I tried to pull it and it wasn't up yet so idk when exactly it will be up. This is just a heads up for those not following. Android...
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    Thread Streaming movies remotely

    This is for those of us that are like me and don't have a server deicated to there movies, music, tv shows, etc. I was looking for a way to stream all the movies that I have on my desktop to my Prime when I am either home or away. I stumbled upon Skifta. Skifta is a program you run on your...
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    Thread New recovery maybe? Idk if this will work for us but its worthashot right? Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium
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    Thread XDA shortcuts

    Hey, I'm curious if anyone hasever set shortcuts to forums other phone and/or tablet. I did it before on my phone but can't findthe options now and when I try to set one it says no cache data please open the app. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium
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    Thread Antutu

    OK so I wanted to get my prime hi up in the leaderboards on anutu and I noticed something. There is a prime running ICS clocked at 1.6 on there!!! Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium
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    Thread Battery life app

    Hi all, I am looking for a battery widget and/or app that will let me see how long my battery will last. I used to have something like this on my OG Droid and it learned how I used my phone. At first it was really bad but after a few days it learned and was really good at telling me how much...
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    Thread The tottally unrelated to anything phone related Christmas thread...

    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone in the Revo community as well as to our mod if he ever comes over to our forums :) Have a great day guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thread Random youtube video to relieve stress I really don't want flamed for this so if no one likes this or if everyone hates on it I will remove it to the best I can or a mod can come in and delete/lock it
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    Thread Awesome youtube videos

    I was going through my Google+ stream tonight and after getting through everything related to Kim Jong Il dieing I found this little gem. My videos: 13 house Christmas light show:
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    Thread 4G

    Ok well I had heard tat Verizon was upgrading their 4G coverage today so I have been checking out the coverage map. I just checked it again and I should now have 4G at home not just when I'm at my apartment at school:) For those who what to check if they have 4G now and not just 3G in some areas...
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    Thread Random question

    Has anyone looked at the new Droid xyboard? (ci*board) I'm thinking about finding someone willing to get it for me for Christmas :P
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    Thread [APP]Black and white themed mms.apk [Updated 12/8/11]

    Ok this is basically finished. Just needs a few more tweaks. Make sure you back up your default mms.apk before you use this one. Themed version: Stock version: Zip to install Themed mms.apk: Zip to install Stock mms.apk...
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    Thread Themed Swypes [Updated 12/6/11]

    Ok so I went and got a bunch of themed Swypes from djdarkknight96 and his thread [THEME] DA SWYPES v3 Dark,White,Blue,Red,Pink,ICS,Green, **New DA Stocks 11/27**. I went ahead and zipped them all up and posted them on Dropbox for all of you to enjoy. Me and Indyred have both installed one of...
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    Thread Root kit Mt is this what you took out of our phones awhile back? If not you should :)
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    Thread Ghost text message

    Ok so Today I decided to delete all of my text messages. As I was doing so I got one which was deleted of course. Only issue is now I have a notification for said text message... I have no way of viewing this text message or deleting it. How should I go about getting rid of this notification?
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    Thread This just made me go number 2 in my pants... This is for those who at least know their way around the IT world. Otherwise you will just be like "ok? so what?"
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    Thread Stuck in landscape...

    So yea I'm stuck in landscape mode... Very depressing... Running GV 1.2 with the ICK theme. Not the latest with the new animations and it is the alt version. Anyone know of a fix? Sent from my Revolting Revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson.
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    Thread The lastest thing from LG...

    So this is what the wonderful creators of the Revo released today... :/ ^^^Click the link silly^^^
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    Thread [solved] constant sync

    For the few days I have had the sync icon on my task bar. Unmoving and always there. I just figured out what it was. Picassa pictures was syncing for one of my accounts on my phone. I disabled it and it went away. Just an fyi if anyone else had the problem. Sent from my Revolting Revolution...
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    Thread Themed Swypes I found Sent from my Revolting Revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson. EDIT: To get any of these Swypes you are going to have to borrow a script from one of the themed Swypes that Eldrydotcom made. Link >>>...
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    Thread Sooooo....

    Who wants to post a NAND backup of stock GB without any apps installed other than SU. With root would be amazing.
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    Thread Random

    So tonight I found out why I loved my Droid so much... I installed the newest cm7 via ROM manager, first time using it pretty nifty, went and installed a new oc kernel that oced to 1.25. Ran a benchmark on quadrant standard and the revo only does 200 points better... I miss that old hunk. If it...
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    Thread [Q] ICS live wallpapers

    Does anyone know where I could get the ICS live wallpapers?
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    Thread ICS app dump

    Fellow XDAer found the ICS system app dump on droid world :)
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    Thread ICS Fonts.

    Found this on Google+ (love that thing) Post: Android ICS Leaks Before bed, I give you some MIUI and ICS lovin'. Here are the Roboto / ICS Fonts packaged up all ready for Theme Manager. Enjoy! Whole new reason for CM7 I think. Unless there is a way...
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    Thread Info on data wipes.

    I was just wondering if data wipes did the same thing on this phone as they do on mine. Just set up the gmail account again and you're good to go... Sent from my revolting revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson.
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    Thread Power off animation

    How do we go about changing the power off animation on this thing? Revolt has a different one and I want to make it something more revolutionary. ;) Sent from my revolting revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson.
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    Thread Occupy protests

    Have any Revo owners been involved in any of the Occupy protests in NYC or the other cities around the world. I really want to go to NYC to see what it's like first hand. I'm only 19 and this is basically the first large protest of my life that I can remember. I would hate for it to end while I...
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    Thread IRC

    Everyone should get on the IRC :) It's always fun to hang out and talk to other revo owners. :) Plus you might get to see TheCubed stop in. :)
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    Thread [Q] Best ROM for the MT.

    I'm coming from LG Revolution land and my girlfriend has the MT. She wants her phone to be like mine and be able to tether, get rid of the dumb VM boot animation (and the power off animation if possible), and have a different theme more like mine which is kindof like GB but at the same time...
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    Thread [Boot Animation] XDA Boot Animation

    I was randomly looking through XDA this evening/morning considering it is 6am for me right now. Anywayz, I want to know if this will work for the Revo or not. I think it will but not 100% sure.
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    Thread Theme app

    I've wondered about this for a long time now and with all these themes being released I think it is even more needed. I'm no good at coding but I know a few people who took android app classes in my college. I was thinking about trying my hand at it with the aid of their book and hopefully some...
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    Thread [Q] Changes in the build.prop

    I was messing around with my phone tonight and I went into the Build.prop. I was wondering if I could change the to 3.0 without causing any issues. I'm hoping it will just make it say that in the settings. This is just for personal amusement. I want to take my phone to...
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    Thread Found an updated superuser app

    I was messing around on the xda app and saw this post I just installed it on my phone and it's pretty sweet. You can update the current superuser app though the Android market. Sent from my revolting revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson. Sent from my revolting revolution. Powered my mtmichaelson
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    Thread Tango

    I was just wondering who here uses Tango to make video calls with their Revo. I use it a few times a week to keep in touch with family I don't see very often. If you don't use it I advise checking it out it's pretty awesome and you can video chat over Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.
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    Thread So I deleted my battery log...

    I woke up this morning and wasn't thinking and went to wipe battery data and instead just deleted the log... Will this cause my phone not to read battery life or will everything be ok. If this causes me to lose battery reading info could someone let me get a copy of there battlog to put back...
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    Thread [Q] Randomly lost data service?

    I was driving today in a 4G area and after I got off the phone with a friend my phone just kinda lost any sort of data connection. When I lost the service It ried a reboot to no avail and it started the download of the OTA update which shortly after failed due to me not having a data connection...
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    Thread Android Market.

    I found a link the other day, I don't have it currently but I can try to find it if someone wants, about a new Android Market. I want to install this but not without a file to reinstall my current Market. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Thread to get the new APK is...
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    Thread [Q] Wallpapers

    I was looking through some pictures on here and I've seen on other phones (HTC) where the background relates to the weather and time of day. I was wondering how this would be done on my Revo. Thanks for any help.