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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    Did you do a reboot to recovery between installation of the lineageos zip and mindthegapps installation? That is required, and I missed it when I first upgraded. (I'm assuming you're using lineageos recovery.)
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    I have 2 units of PH-1, and I experienced the browser freeze on both of them. Both were updated to the latest version of stock Essential Android before moving to Lineageos. One was flashed with Lineageos 17.1, and the other remained on stock. Then both were installed with 18.1. To remove the...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    If the next OTA update brings back the chrome issue, then we can surmise that the lineageos zip includes a modem blob that causes the issue. If not, then I too wonder why..
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    What I posted is fairly comprehensive if you've used linux to install lineageos in the first place: Using the QQ1A.200105.032 fastboot zip, extract the modem image (modem.img) # fastboot flash modem_a modem.img # fastboot flash modem_b modem.img Sorry, can't help if you're on Mac or Win. The...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    Apart from its relatively poor battery performance, my PH-1 with Lineageos 18.1 is exceeding all expectations! While my Pixel 4A is awaiting service for dodgy volume and power buttons, it's serving me well. But there are a series of gotchas to getting a frustration-free experience: 1...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Essential Phone

    I have updated from official 17.1 to 18.1. A clean install was needed. The chrome freeze means I can only use the LOS browser for now. This freeze also occurs with Vivaldi browser. Magisk installed without issue via LOS recovery update (I renamed the .apk to .zip). If the browser freezes...
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    Post [DISCUSSION][Bugs&Issues] Android 10 [Experiences]

    I was surprised to receive the global Android 10 update, V11.0.11.0.QFQMIXM, so soon after the Pie March security update. The update went smoothly - I have a very stock setup. The fingerprint sensor is much improved, feels faster, more reliable. In general the phone seems to run a lot smoother...
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    Post Android 10 is now available for the Essential PH-1

    I'm on 100% stock and the battery life improvement is noticeable. Great work from Essential for a major update that seems to quite bug free. Two banking apps had issues. The more responsive bank (it's Citi in Singapore) provided an update within 24 hours. Kudos. The other.... well their mobile...
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    Post [ROM][X52X][9.0.0_r34] AospExtended ROM V6.4 [OFFICIAL]

    mk9866 - updated to twrp 3.2.1; thanks! Install worked. Never thought it might be because of the recovery version.
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    Post [ROM][X52X][9.0.0_r34] AospExtended ROM V6.4 [OFFICIAL]

    Cannot install - device is . Akash98Sky, thanks for the ROM. I'd very much like to try it but when I install on my Amazon purchased Leeco S3 (S2 rebranded for US), the install script says it's not an le_s2 or le_s2_www. It says the device is "." then the script fails. The same occurs on Pixel...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][X52X] Syberia Project [DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks. My initial installation was without Magisk. After I installed Magisk and added the camera2 API the supplied camera app and anorva gcam are both working. Adaptive screen brightness is not working. The phone reverts to 50% every time I reboot, and doesn't seem to respond to change in...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][X52X] Syberia Project [DISCONTINUED]

    It's great to have another Pie ROM. I've installed it, and it copied my other Pie installation without issue. I expect that there will be bugs to squash, but it's running surprisingly smoothly for now. The supplied camera app FCs. Will update with other bugs I come across.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0] Pixel Experience [AOSP][X52X]

    Can't install - device is <blank> Rk585, thanks for creating the ROM. My phone is an S3 which I purchased from Amazon, which works with all S2 custom ROMs. I'm currenly on LineageOS (7.1.2) which identifies it as an X522. However the install script for your ROM fails, saying that the "device...
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    Post Android 9 issue: Bluetooth doesn't connect to car. Anyone?? [SOLVED]

    I am seeing an issue as described by the OP. I paired up the phone successfully on my Subaru WRX 2015, but the phone doesn't connect automatically subsequently. I've not had time to check extensively but it seems that it's no longer able to connect to the car again.
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    Post !!To all the new Essential Phone owners who recently cashed in on the Amazon deal!!!!

    I've just received mine from Amazon. I missed the Prime Day sale, but it's still very reasonable. After initial setup I checked for updates, received Android Pie. Things are working very smoothly - it's noticeably smoother than my Mi A1, smaller, better in almost all fronts, but should be at...
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    Post [Kernel][Tissot][Oreo][P][Treble &amp; Non-Treble][OC]eXtremeKernel V12 for MI A1

    That's unfortunate. I've flashed v3, and now recently v4 (OC version) on my stock 8.1 phone, and it's been very, very good. I've previously used Franco kernel, which does not support 8.1. The increase in responsiveness with the OC kernel and the battery life is noticeably better than stock or...
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    Post [KERNEL][MiA1] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r13 - 15th November - Stock, custom roms

    Hi Franco, I did the 8.1 (June 5) ota update. Things were working ok, although lag was noticeably worse from 8.0. I flashed the r7 kernel via the app. Things seemed ok then I noticed WiFi was off, and could not be turned on. The mac address was 2:0:0:... Another use posted an almost identical...
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    Post 8.1 update rolling out!

    My phone certainly felt slower after the 8.1 update. I did not encounter the SMS message bug but some hours after the update I lost WiFi connection altogether (could not enable WiFi, mac address 2:0:0:0... I had no choice but to reflash from stock image. After the reflash I'm still at 8.0, as...
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    Post [KERNEL][MiA1] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r13 - 15th November - Stock, custom roms

    franciscofranco - I purchased your app, received r6 the next day, and all seems well. It feels as if scrolling and app loading is quite a bit faster. Battery life after 25% cpu underclock and gpu underclock looks good so far. I'm using stock Oreo + Magisk (for google camera mod). For OTA I use...
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    Post [KERNEL][X52X][Overload Kernel by Renji ]

    renjian - thanks for the kernel. I tried to use the kcal app to adjust the screen settings, and it says your kernel does not support kcal. FYI, when I use the same app on Illusionkernel there is no problem. Could you please check on this?
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    Post [ROM] Project x aosp android 6.0.1 (NIKEL) by Developers 3.0

    I'm using the latest version, flashed without the patch after a wipe. Battery consumption is good, but I'm seeing usage as: Over-counted: 25% Wi-fi: 21% Screen: 4% Screen is much lower than expected, wifi very high, not seen on any other rom. What does Over -counted mean?
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    Post [ROM] Project x aosp android 6.0.1 (NIKEL) by Developers 3.0

    Yes, I've tried an earlier version of this rom as well as the latest weekly. The battery drain on the latest version is very much better, much more like the Snapdragon Note 4X. Normal non-games response is good, but not as smooth as MIUI from Excellent compromise of...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][MIDO][Weekly] LineageOS 14.1

    I was caught out by buying a Mediatek version of the Redmi Now 4X, and sadly it has much poorer custom ROM support. You should check for "Redmi note 4 mediatek nikel" and you will find some threads. The usable ROMs seem to be based on MIUI, with Xiaomi 'extras' removed and some tuning added...
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    Post [ROM] Project x aosp android 6.0.1 (NIKEL) by Developers 3.0

    You can check but note that much in the posts are not required as the ROM already removes a lot of the bloat. Just focus on the part relating to editing build.prop. Proceed with care please.
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    Post [ROM] Project x aosp android 6.0.1 (NIKEL) by Developers 3.0

    Just FYI, I'm using the 22/09 version. For me Telegram, Wire and WhatsApp all work fine. In fact so far everything is working well. I did have to edit the /system/builds.prop to fix strange battery drain issues (WiFi taking a lot of battery). Thanks Developers 3.0 for the ROM!
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    Post [ROM][X52X][7.1.X][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for LeEco Le2

    device model UNKNOWN codeworkx - many thanks for your work on the ROM. With the latest version the camera seems to work perfectly on my phone, a Le S3 purchased from Amazon. My phone is identified as device model "UNKNOWN". As the S2 and S3 phones all seem to be variants, is it possible you...