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    Post Light flow

    Confirmed! You just need to get used to the colors, but it is working, thanks for this!
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    Post Light flow

    For me, even with root and playing around with the LED settings, no luck.. I cant get it working unfortunately. The fancy stock colors the OP3 shows (especially for google+ or tapatalk) are dont even make sense to me.
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    Post [EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS 3.3 [8.0][OOS][5.0.1][STABLE][SAFETYNET ✓]

    What I also noticed, with 3.2.1 (or better said with FreedomOS 1.1.2) I have notification issues, never faced them with 3.2.0 (FreedomOS 1.1.1) nor sim issues (German location). Gesendet von meinem ONEPLUS A3003 mit Tapatalk
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    Post [EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS 3.3 [8.0][OOS][5.0.1][STABLE][SAFETYNET ✓]

    On the official OP Forums they also reported a higher drain with 3.2.1. It is a bit higher yes, but still decent enough I'd say.
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    Thread Xposed = More battery drain?

    Hey all, currently using a OxygenOS Based stock ROM, without Xposed. Before that I was on "pure" OxygenOS (3.2.1 full OTA with root and xposed), had the feeling the drain was pretty high, but some guys also said they have a high drain with 3.2.1 (without xposed), so..the main question is: Will...
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    Post sRGB Mode [Opinions]

    Not really liking it... It is the same as when I put the color balance slider to high (very right), even enable night mode and rebooting, etc. Still looks too yellow-ish.
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    Post [ROM]OP3Lite 2.4.2 - Debloated, Tweaked, and Fast[Aroma][OxygenOS 3.2.7][6.0.1][10/5]

    Did you verfiy the MD5 after downloading? Had this issue too once, also with error 7.
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    Post [ROM]OP3Lite 2.4.2 - Debloated, Tweaked, and Fast[Aroma][OxygenOS 3.2.7][6.0.1][10/5]

    Tried it also, with different editors.. will take a look later on, no worries.
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    Post Oxygen OS 3.2.1 Released

    mirrors will be provided here aswell I think:
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    Post [ROM]OP3Lite 2.4.2 - Debloated, Tweaked, and Fast[Aroma][OxygenOS 3.2.7][6.0.1][10/5]

    Tried various editors and on my PC, same result. Not sure whats happening there.. But its okay, will look later.
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    Post What browser are you using?

    Opera mini, chrome (+dev) and firefox.
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    Post OnePlus 3 Xposed modules

    Well... Thats too much :silly:
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    Post [ROM]OP3Lite 2.4.2 - Debloated, Tweaked, and Fast[Aroma][OxygenOS 3.2.7][6.0.1][10/5]

    I dont want lower DPI nor multiwindow, thats why I deleted both last lines, so why would I want to replace the build.prop when I dont want these "features"? Also, OP said simply delete the lines will remove these "features", instead it kills the ROM, somehow. Having a backup on my SDcard, so it...
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    Post Random reboots?

    Had one reboot, but at another scenario: Opened GMAIL and from there I opened a link (chrome browser), then I wanted to watch a .pdf file, reboot. Tried again, reboot again. Tried with Chrome Dev, NO reboot.
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    Post [ROM]OP3Lite 2.4.2 - Debloated, Tweaked, and Fast[Aroma][OxygenOS 3.2.7][6.0.1][10/5]

    Deleting the last 2 lines from the build.prop ends in a black screen after the 1+ Logo, even wiping cache wont help.
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] [OFFICIAL] HydrogenOS H2OS v1.4.0

    Works for me too, but I cant get gapps to be working, tried different packages..
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] [OFFICIAL] HydrogenOS H2OS v1.4.0

    For me it seems to be working. I edited the updater-script, removed the supersu install lines. Flashed the ROM itself, then the debloater script with the removed lines, powered off the phone, booted back into recovery and flashed superSU Beta. Works like this, but unfortunately, no multilingual.
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED][4.3.x - 8.x] Flat Style Bar Indicators [20/02/18 ver. 5.1.0]

    Love it! Started to use it on my Huawei P8 lately, but noticed WiFi shows the wrong indicators?! So, when I go to the settings -> WLAN -> looking at the current connected WLAN it shows full (4 Bars), but flat style bar indicators shows 3 Bars (4 bars max settings), it basically shows always 1...
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    Thread Recommendation for a decent ROM?

    Hey there, I'm still using Dhollmen 4.4 on my p5110, which still runs pretty awesome, but I wanna try a more modern ROM. Is there even one which can handle the tab pretty well? I have tried CandySIX already, but it didnt run as fast as expected (dhollmen still beats it). So, can you recommend...
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    Post [OTA UPDATE GRA-L09] Android 6.0 Marshmallow & EMUI 4.0 Download

    Should be enough. Try to copy to the SDcard, it will tell you if it's enough space or not. If it works, you can do it.
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    Thread Change Battery icons on themes?

    Hello, someone has experience with theming on the P8? I extracted a theme and wanted to put Battery icons into it, but i can't where it is declared to use these icons. Example: Theme A) Has customized battery icons with charging etc. Theme B) Has stock icons, so i can't find them in the...
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    Post [First & New] Huawei Theme Creator App Emotion UI

    The ads are kinda ridiculous, but well.. how i'm able to import own/default icons for statusbar/navbar?
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Xposed for Lollipop

    Yes, think so too, unfortunately. The Phone is great, but xposed is always appreciated.
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    Post [ROM][P51XX][5.x] AICP ROM LP 10.0

    someone has a mirror? download link not working (site down?)
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Xposed for Lollipop

    Someone knows if its possible to get Huawei P8 support? Maybe an official statement from rovo89 how hard it could be to get it working on this Phone? Appreciate it, thank you.
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    Thread P8 - Rooting, question about it

    I'm getting my P8 tomorrow and have some concerns: I definitely gonna root it, i know how to do (write E-Mail to Huawei), but is it possible to unroot and go back to 100% stock? With stock Recovery and such? Maybe there's something like an "Stock Firmware" Image i could use in order to get...
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    Thread Back to kitkat from 5.1

    Hey guys, i recently flashed euphoria os, but would like to know how i can revert to kitkat (such as slimkat for example). I was on stock LP (kdz), flashed the bootstack and then euphoria. What is the correct way to go back to kitkat, except flashing stock kk kdz. thanks.
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    Thread Good 4.4 Rom - AOSP Prefered

    Hey guys, anyone of you still using a 4.4 ROM? If so, can you recommend me one? I prefer AOSP, but can be stock based aswell. Need to be fast and reliable. Thanks
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    Post [ROM][M7][5.1.1][Official][CM12.1-based]**crDroid**[03/10/2015]

    Would like to know which kernel i can use? Hardly miss dt2w.
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    Post [KK][fix Google Play]MIUI 7 for LG G2 All Variants Based on Stock LG V20C

    Is cwm still prefered or will twrp work fine?
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    Post [KK][fix Google Play]MIUI 7 for LG G2 All Variants Based on Stock LG V20C

    Use a download manager, if you are on a PC try jDownloader, working for me, but pretty slow.
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    Post [KK]Miui 7 for LG G2[Stock based][All variants]

    What about another DL link? I dont understand this weird language.
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    Post [ROM] [KK 4.4.2] Miui v5 LG G2 D802 Multilanguage Based on Stock LG V20C

    You guys having problems when you want to take screenshots? For me it says "Storage may in use", i tried to create various "Screenshots" folder, but still no luck.
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    Had the corrupted file error aswell on first try, downloaded the file then with jDownloader for a second time and it worked, but for me its not worth to try this version. No really improvements.
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    Newest version:
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    If you are a fan its definitely worth a try! Brought a friend to MIUI and he's a fan now of it. Downloading the latest version 5.5.8, but the previous version was hella nice! ... at least for a pretty first port. Can't wait to test the 5.5.8 version. Just follow the instructions and you are good...
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    nope, take them: (pico prefered)
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    It's mult language. nope, i never flash dirty.
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    Yep just flashed. No more scrolling bugs. Runs a bit better than the which is stated on the OP.
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    Post G4 port 😂

    Which is rare here on xda, at least on the G2 section...
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    Post Official miui 6 released for g2!!!!

    Running good so far, better than expected. Just the scrolling bug and some translations are looking weird, but the german language is weird anyways. I think 1-2 weeks/updates more and we have a decent MIUI V6 ROM, hopefully.
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    Post [ROM][4.0.1][CAF][5.1.1][Most LG G2 Variants][Floating Window]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    Is it possible to install V4A properly on build 2.3?
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    Post closed

    prove me wrong :) Well, i'm not releasing a themed rom and begging for thanks.. so? If you mean rule 2.3 - yep, might be a bit disrespectful, but honestly, begging for thanks to release a rom? seriously... you should take a break and ask yourself if its the right way.
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    Post closed

    if you cant get thanks for helping each other you have to try to download themes and sell it as your "own" rom :D Ridiculous how noobs are trying to be a "dev" :D // Downloading themes isnt others work, also begging for thanks to release ROM isnt a nice way to ask for thanks. what did you...
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    Tried the terminal method? 1) Download terminal emulator 2) type in "su" (w/o quotes) and accept root 3) type in echo "1" > /sys/devices/virtual/input/lge_touch/firmware 4) reboot Didnt flash RR yet, but helped on another ROM.
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    You will never gain stock quality on aosp, unfortunately. I use Snap camera on aosp roms, making decent photos, also a bunch of features in there.
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    SELinux needs to be permissive afaik.
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    Post Remove .....

    What about the bootloader? the only thing im sceptical about.