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  1. Son Rise

    Thread Samsung Gear Vr Remote On S10e UI 2.0

    So after the android 10 update. My gear vr Remote isn't connecting through the bluetooth. It shows the remote but doesn't connect. Does anyone else have this issue? And can help me?
  2. Son Rise

    Thread HELP!

    So I was on Samsung unlocked galaxy s10e version. I wanted to flash the Verizon firmware of s10e Verizon. But I see a lot of stupid boatwear. And. Now idk how to go back to the Samsung unlocked version without the Verizon boot. So I've tried downloading a galaxy s10e firmware on Samfirmware...
  3. Son Rise

    Thread Help With Google lock bypass

    Anybody knows a Method for 8.0 oreo? I've tried a few on YouTube but doesn't work for the Verizon s7 edge. Anyone knows where I can fine one? Thanks :)
  4. Son Rise

    Thread Can Someone Please Help Me.

    So I Have A Galaxy S9 Plus Sm-G965U. I've Tried So Many Unkocked S9 Plus Firmwares For My Phone. Idk If I Need The Right One... I Have Xfinitymobile. But I'm Running My Verizon SimCard On It. Can Someone Help Me Get The Right Unlocked Firmware? & I've Been Using The Patched Odin.. For The Life...
  5. Son Rise

    Thread Galaxy S9 Plus With No Boatware Firmware?

    Hallo I Have An Galaxy S9 Plus SM-G965U With Verizon Boatware & Apps. Is There A Another firmware That I Can Flash Through Odin Without Alll The Verizon Apps?? Like An Unlocked firmware version? For some real my dam battery drains more then I thought!!. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. Son Rise

    Thread Someone please help me

    Hallo all I was on SM-G930VL. I guess it's a tracfone. Works with H2O Straight Talk. And Verizon. When i flashed G930V. Because I wanted to root. Still didn't let me. So I Flashed G930U Tar With Odin. Is what I'm running right now... How can I get root to pass with the eng through odin. Keep...
  7. Son Rise

    Thread Someone help me please

    Hallo Verizon Friends!. I Was Wonder Is There A Stock Tar Firmware. For The Galaxy S7 Edge Verizon. Without All The Stupid Verizon Bootwear That I Can Flash Through Odin? My Battery Drains Very Fast & It's Kinda Laggy. This Is What I'm On Right Now.. If Anyone Knows Where I Can Get Flash One...
  8. Son Rise

    Thread does unlock at&t phone work with sprint?

    Anyone know? Sent from my SM-G955U using XDA Free mobile app
  9. Son Rise

    Thread May 3. New Update

  10. Son Rise

    Thread Help me please.

    Can someone please tell me what's the latest firmware for our s4. And where to get the stock tar firmware to Odin back to full stock. The rom im on is so laggy i guess my phone isnt up to date. This is my info Sent from my SPH-L720 using XDA Free mobile app
  11. Son Rise

    Thread Question About TWRP App Version

    Hii All! I Was Thinking Now That We Have Root. And The Bootloader Still Locked So We Can't Use Recovery. TWRP Recovery. Is It Possible If We Are Rooted & We Use The Playstore TWRP App. To Flash Roms Through The Phone? Instead Of Goin Into TWRP Recovery Mode To Flash Roms?
  12. Son Rise

    Thread Themes that will work on the s7 edge?

    Anyone knows any other place to get themes then the theme store?:confused:
  13. Son Rise

    Thread Call Recorder Without Root?

    Any Call Recorders That Works Without Root? Can't Find Any That Work. Can Someone Help Me With One. & Thank U:)
  14. Son Rise

    Thread Feeling Lucky

    Who Else Is Feeling Lucky? Can't Wait Til Root Takes Off!
  15. Son Rise

    Thread A Call Recorder. Without Root?

    Is there a call recorder that will work. Without having root? I can't seem to find any. When i play back. Its empty sound. Anyone knows a good one that works for the s7 edge. Please fill me in. Thank you :rolleyes:
  16. Son Rise

    Thread Odin Back To Older Firmware Version?

    I know they were atlest 2 updates we got. I was wondering if we can odin back to the first version before the 2 updates we got.. anyone know where i can get the older firmware stock Tar to flash on Odin? Im guessing it doesn't exist huh?:confused:
  17. Son Rise

    Thread What Rom For The Note 4 Sprint Supports The Gear VR

    Anyone know what rom on here for the note 4 Sprint Supports or has the gear vr files include??? Sent from my SM-N920P using XDA Free mobile app
  18. Son Rise

    Thread Gear VR On The Note 4

    I Was Told The Gear VR Does On The Note 4 & Upper Galaxys. Has Any One Tried To See If It Really Works On The Note 4?
  19. Son Rise

    Thread S7 Or S7 Edge?

    So I Heard The S7 Edge Battery Is Better then the s7? Witch yall think is better. Not counting the bigger screen of the 7Edge and battery. . Sent from my SM-G900P using XDA Free mobile app
  20. Son Rise

    Thread Is It Possible To Use Smart Manager On S5

    Hey I Was Just Wondering If We Can Install Or Flash This Smart Manager Aka Cleaner On Our S5s Like They Have On The S6? Will It Work? ? Sent from my SM-G900P using XDA Free mobile app
  21. Son Rise

    Thread What Galaxy S4 Sprint Rom U Running?

    Just Wanted Peoples Views On Running Different Roms. And Features That Make U Want To Run Other S4 Roms On Your Device.. I'm Running Sac Latest Katkit Rom... It's Smooth Fast. Battery Is Good Love The Different Mods Such As 3minit Battery Mod. Floating Bubble Messages.. All The S4 Apks And...
  22. Son Rise

    Thread Is it possible to downgrade to 4.3

    I bought a s4 and it comes with version 4.4.2. Is it possible to downgrade back to 4.3??? Sent from my SPH-L720 using XDA Free mobile app
  23. Son Rise

    Thread Somebody Please Help:(

    I don't know what happened to my phone. All I'm getting is a message pop up saying something about the phones in a different mood. Then it shuts off. That's all it does every time it comes back here. Here's a screen shot of the message. If anyone can help me fix it please help me:( Sent...
  24. Son Rise

    Thread Need help looking for this wallpaper

    Anyone knows where I can fine this wallpaper? Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda app-developers app
  25. Son Rise

    Thread Battery Percent. When Chagrin Phone On Power Off?

    Is There Anyway U Can Make The Battery Percent Show When Chagrin The Phone Well Power Is Off. Instead Of Just The Big Battery Green Icon. I Want The Percent To Show Too. Any Ideas?? Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda app-developers app
  26. Son Rise

    Thread Problem With TWRP Recovery

    Sometimes. When I Reboot Into Recovery Mood. To Flash A Rom. The Phone Reboots Then The TWRP Logo Comes On With The Blue Screen. Then It Just Stays There? Doesn't Load Into Recovery. But Sometimes It Does. But It Freeze More On TWPR Logo. And I Have To Bring The Battery Out. Put Back In. And...
  27. Son Rise

    Thread Best Kernel To Ues On Any Rom?

    I Was Just Wondering If Theres A Kernel Out There. That Works On Any Sprint Roms. And Gives Good Performance And Battery life??:confused: Any Ideas Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
  28. Son Rise

    Thread Video Capture Apps?

    I was just wondering if theres any apps u can capture a video of u uesin the phone or playin games etc. . ??? Anyone knows:confused: Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
  29. Son Rise

    Thread Your Favorite Rom. So Far. For The S4 Sprint:)

    Just Wanted Peoples most Favorite Rom. And What Rom Your Runnin. Now? I Would Say My Favorite Rom Is. Forcerom. So Many Reasons Why. My Main Reasons. Its Fast. Very Stable. No Boat Sprint Apps. & I Love The Green Themed On Top. Especially The Green Battery:D Whats Your Favorite Rom:) Sent from...