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    Thread Settings/tips to brighten the display on the LG G Pad 8.3

    Hello fellow G pad owners! As much as I absolutely love my LG G Pad (black model). I think that LG really dropped the ball on the display brightness levels on the screen. For gaming, internet browsing, everything looks fine, but try and watch a movie with the display below 60% and it's...
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    Thread Nvidia Shield updated to allow game saves to external sd card!!

    I just got an update notification from my Nvidia Shield, the update contains the following: 1) Ability to move select apps and game programs (apk files) from internal memory to the micro sd card!! 2) improved Miracast streaming improved PC streaming stability, gamepad detection and wifi...
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    Thread NBA 2K13 is out now!!

    Hey Guys. if there was one game that made me jealous of every Iphone/Ipad owner, it was the fact that they had NBA 2k12, whihc looked great on mobile. Well my bball friends, we now have the great NBA 2K13 to play on android devices! IT's $7.99, but it's definitely worth a purchase! Enjoy...
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    Thread The most bias article you could read!

    Hey guys I was just surfing an came across this article from In it, the writer is constantly blasting the S3 as not being that great and how the Iphone 5 will blast this disappointing phone away. I had to read the article twice as I thought maybe my eyes were having a...
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    Thread Details needed to Assist Asus in troubleshooting I/O schedule errors and other issues

    Hey guys. I am creating this thread to assist Asus in identifying the apps related to the I/O issues, and how to resolve them. The majority of the Asus beta testers are not having the same issues that some are having, so it is not easy for Asus to come up with a fix to resolve the problems...
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    Thread I solved how to play Nova 3 with full effects enabled!!

    Hello Guys! I have another great fix, this time I figured out how to play Nova 3 with the full graphic effects on, and better yet, with no noticeable lag!! See my 4 simple steps below and enjoy Nova on the Primes the way it should of been released! Who said Tegra 3 cant do this, blame Gameloft...
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    Thread Hovernote: Floating notepad for Tablets!

    Hey guys, just found a new app called Hovernote for $.99 in the playstore: 'It's simply a note app that hovers over whatever you're doing. In a world where it's necessary to launch a full-screen app on a ten inch device to jot down three words, Hovernote is a godsend. You can have multiple...
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    Thread Microsoft releases kinectimals for Android today

    Wow, I never saw this one coming, but Microsoft has released Kinectimals for Android today. Looks pretty "identical" to the xbox360 version. I may just download it to see how well it looks/plays. Might be a cool game to play in short burst, or if you have kids they will love it! :)...
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    Thread Max Payne is out!!! Optimized for Tegra 3 as a bonus!!

    Max Payne is now out an optimized for Tegra 3 with improved graphics and lighting! Enjoy! - HD graphics - High-resolution textures - Social Club connectivity - User-customizable controls - Gamepad support...
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    Thread Confirmed temporary solution to game freezing and browser/system lag. Video Added!

    Hey guys. I believe that the os21 update has a bad memory leak/background processing management(besides a kernal issue). When playing heavy 3d games like Nova 3 or Sonic, the framerates are really slow or stutter a lot until the games force-close. Well, for the past 2 days, I have not had...
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    Thread Google's Project Glass looks amazing!

    Hey Guys Read the info below (and definitely check out the video) for Google's no-longer-a-secret Project Glass. I hope that this will be released to the public in the next two years or less, and even if the final product can only do half of what is shown in the video, I am still going to be...
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    Thread An interesting article on the possible future of Android

    Hey Guys, just came across this article and thought it was a good read. Do you think Android will partner with Asus to make their own brand of tablets...will it be better for us as Android buyers in the future if Android had more control by being the hardware as well as software maker. or do...
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    Thread April 1st update released! GPS and wifi issues solved!!

    Hello Prime owners! Asus has just released the 04012012 update with the following fixes: -GPS issues fixed!! GPS chip power flow enhanced, can now lock on while you are on the toilet! However, it is recommended that you open a window as using the toilet can interfere with the gps signal. -...
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    Thread MUST READ!! Archos tablets also have Wifi/GPS issues after ICS update!

    Hey Guys, just thought I would pass this info along that I found really interesting. I have a friend who recently purchased the Archos G9 tablet, which came with Honeycomb. His Wifi/GPS worked great during this time, but after updating to ICS, his wifi signal is considerably weaker,(even drops...
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    Thread For kicks...We need a *Troll Alert* icon added! Please vote

    Hey fellow Prime owners!! After reading Gary's recent thread (, I think that XDA should create a Troll Alert icon so that we can flag certain users who have been known to post continuously negative/suspicious comments about the Primes...
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    Thread Cnet Prizefight-Prime vs. Ipad 2

    Hey Guys Check out the recent Cnet prizefight between the Prime and the Ipad 2, what do you think of the reults? I love these prizefights, and this one was pretty good..actually a first for the Ipad 2 :)
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    Thread Reboot-bad battery issues for some-suspect bad update/app to be the cause

    Hello guys Being a long time member, and having rooted many of my devices before (Xoom, HTC Sensation etc) I have seen complaints like people are posting where some here are experiencing no battery/rebooting issues(like me) while others are experiencing the opposite. The first thing that any...
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    Thread Does turning off gps improve the wifi signals on the Primes? It did for mine

    Hey guys! First off, let me say that my Asus has had constantly weaker wifi signals than my Xoom or Samsung galaxy tab devices, using the speedtest app my Prime always gets 3mb less than the other devices which is an issue that most of us are having, so I decided to do a few test using all...
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    Thread Youtube app has now been fixed-Enjoy!

    Wanted to stop the false info being spread about the latest update, the YouTube app is having an issue with some ice devices, but will be fixed soon. Again, this is not due to the Prime update, non ics-Prime owners are reporting the same issue. Please don't jump to conclusions without...
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    Thread For those experiencing random lockups and reboots-Do not RMA your Prime

    Hey Guys Just wanted to give my opinion as I have read constant complaints from people stating that they have received their RMA Primes with the same rebooting/lockup issues as before. The reason why you are still having the same issue is because the software update has not been finalized yet...
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    Thread Please support our game developers with positive comments!

    Sorry guys for the double post, but the developer of the popular Bang bang Racing has asked that us members here at XDA help them by posting some positive, honest comments in the Android marketplace. Recently they have been receiving one-star ratings all due to the recent price drop, which to...
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    Thread Bang Bang Racing-please support developer with comments!

    Hey Xoomers! Just spoke with the developer of Bang Bang Racing, the game has recently been updated again to fix the control looseness as we requested, and they are really spot on now, I have no issues at all now! They have also lowered the asking price to $3.98..which some people seem to be...
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    Thread Riptide will be out later today!! Graphics to rival IOS games

    Hey Xoomers! The developer of Riptide just contacted me to confirm that the game will be out today! It looks to really take advantage of Tegra and will be well worth the 6.99 purchase. Future games will come to Android but sales do matter, so hit that BUY NOW button tomorrow and show those...
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    Thread bang bang racing in Tegra market today for $7.99!

    Hey Xoomers, Bang Bang racing is now in the Tegra zone market....enjoy!!! They originally told me it'll be out next week, better now than later!! UPDATE: The developer has listened to our comments an will add new control options in a future update to the game, resembling the controls like...
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    Thread Receiving Honeycomb 3.1 updates-explained

    It looks like changing the dates/time on our clocks have no effect on whether or not you WILL receive the update, just how fast you get it if you were already part of the group scheduled to receive it. It looks like the Google servers picks a list of Xooms that are next for the updates, and...
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    Thread Netflix for Android has been released!

    Hello Xoomers! Netflix for android has been released today..unfortunately no 3.0 or 3.1 support but its coming soon! Streaming quality is great, plus you can advance on the app with minimal delay...enjoy!!
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    Thread Motorola releasing 3.1 update to Wifi users today!!

    Hello Xoomers!! Motorola announced that they are releasing Honeycomb 3.1 to Xoom Wifi owners starting today in phases. I believe the updates are based on your MAC addresses on your Xooms, this was what I was told (sources withheld) but I can not confirm this 100%. Anyway, we should start...
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    Thread Bang Bang racing will be released next week at about $7.99

    Hello Xoomers!! I just confirmed with developers of Bang Bang racing, a great bunch of guys by the way, that they are hard at work on the final build, and expect to have the the game available by early next week. They are looking forward to developing more games for tegra, and I informed them...
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    Thread Reports coming in that Xoom Wifi owners have received the updates today!

    Hey Xoomers! It appears that wifi-only xoom owners are also having the updates pushed to their tabs also! I have not received it yet, but be patient, looks like all Xooms are being updated!
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    Thread Pinball HD for tegra is out!!

    hey guys, Pinball HD for Tegra was just released for $2.99, downloading ow and will let you guys know how it is...Bang Bang racing will be released either later today or tomorrow.
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    Thread Android Market issues for wifi users are being fixed

    Hey guys, appears that Android is aware of the Market issues an are working on a fix. So far I can now view paid for apps without seeing the error message. Be patient, we should know issues like his can happen, especially with a new OS
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    Thread Flash 10.2 update is out!!!

    Hello Xoomers! I just noticed an update for Adobe Flash player 10.2! The marketplace states that the update takes advantage of multi-core processors and includes other performance improvements. Checking it out now.
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    Thread Lets support Android developers!!

    Hey Xoomers!! We all know this, but its worth repeating...some developers are now showing interest in Android/honeycomb tablets...but in order to keep that support, and to get Ipad quality games and developers on board, we must SUPPORT these developers by actually buying their games and apps and...
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    Thread Great battles Medieval relased for Tegra Devices

    Hey Xoomers! (sounds cool huh) the Tegra store has just released a game called Great Battles Medieval which i am downloading right now for $6.99...I cant stress how badly we need some good games for andriod, notably our Xoom tablets. Lets show support fpr our tablets by buying and not...
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    Thread Adobe flash 10.2 is out!! browser no longer crashes when watching vids!!

    Just checked the market, and downloaded the new adobe flash 10.2..and guess what, IGN video reviews no longer crash my browser!!! Could this be the fix that we all waited for...try it out guys!!
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    Thread cant downgrade back to firmware 2.0.71..please help!

    Hello all, even though i am pleased with the archos updates, I have decided to revert back to firmware 2.0.71 as I had no issues with the firmware, no browser crashes etc. Can someone please explain to me how this is done? I hope I do not have to root the device in order to do this...I tried...
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    Thread [Q] Browers closing when watching flash vids with new firmware 2.1.2

    Since doing the upgrade to the new 2.1.2, i can no longer view flash heavy sites like When i try to watch a video review, the video will play for a while, then the browser closes out on its on. Its not a memory issues as i always have 110mb free before launching my browsers, and i have...
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    Thread Temporary fix for Fring mute issue!

    OK guys, if you downloaded the apk that I recommended on another post to get Fringto stop force closing, but having mute issues when making video calls or phone calls, this is the temporary fix. Once the call is connected, you have to press the home button on the archos, quickly go into...
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    Thread I have Fring video chat working on my Archos 101!!!!

    Hey guys great news, I finally got Fring up and running with video chat on my Archos 101!!! To get it working, it appears that you have to download the apk version, dated 27/5/2010! This is an older version of Fring, as the new ones wont boot up. I happen to find the APK doing a google...