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    Thread How Do I Install Addons On Kodi ?

    Hi,I need help please. How do I install an addon ? I have added some to my usb stick ,put it in the back of the fire tv box,gone to settings/addon/add from zip file,then navigated to the usb stick but it shows nothing... What path do I need to navigate to to install addons ? or is it not...
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    Thread TFC.TV

    TFC.TV is a Filipino paid subscription service that allows you to watch the latest Filipino tv series on an android device,pc or Apple devices. You need a subscription to use this. I have tried to sideload it on my AFTV and it works well. You need a mouse to start the videos playing,but the...
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    Thread Menu Buttons Have Changed

    Somehow after my daughter was playing with my phone one of the 4 permanent buttons on the desktop at the bottom has been replaced with a game icon,how can i change it back to the icon it suppose to be...thanks
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    Thread Dungeon Hunter 2 3d Problem

    I recently bought Dungeon Hunter 2 from Gameloft.Installed it,it then downloads the data but once it finishes downloading the data and tries to start the game i get the message "The application Dungeon Hunter 2 (process has stopped unexpectedly.please try...
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    Thread Problem Installing Apps From LG World

    After the latest update of LG World,i am having trouble installing some apps. For example when i go to download Ennio Morricone the download gets to approx 70% and then my phone reboots. This has happened for the last 5 attempts to download it. I had the same problem when i went to update LG...
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    Thread [Q] Screenshots ?

    Is it possible to take screenshots on a uprooted O3D ?
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    Thread Car Charger ??

    Does anyone know if there is a LG car charger available for the Optimus 3D ,not a aftermarket one,but a LG one.. thanks
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    Thread Music Player Quality ?

    Hi Am seriously thinking about getting a LG Optimus 3d ,but a big thing for me is the music player,can anyone who owns one please tell me what the quality of the default music player is like. How loud is it ?,all phones i have owned are never loud enough :rolleyes:,also what is the music quality...
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    Thread Keyboard wanted

    Hi,does anyone know of a skin for better keyboard that has a .com tab ?,the default one has it,but it doesnt have a dictionary or is there a way of enabling a dictionary for the default keyborad. What i am after is a keyboard with a dictionary and a .com tab,anyone know of one...thanks
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    Thread Wifi Draining Battery Problem

    Hi The wifi on my galaxy s is draining my battery at an alarming rate. With wifi on it drained about 30% in 5 hours :( ,if i turn wifi off it uses about 2% in 5 hours. I have noticed that if i go into settings/wireless and network/wifi settings/and turn on wifi and also turn off network...
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    Thread Amazon Are Amazing

    I just cant believe after all these years Amazon still dont sell outside of the USA,what are they so afraid of ? Dont they realize that they could make lots more money if they venture outside of America. I just tried to open an account with Amazon app store and after signing up entering my visa...