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    Thread backup not working

    my last backup and my original backup (like in the thread) niether are working , so now i dont have anything , i do have twrp , but how do i get a factory reset ? through fastboot ? how do i know what image to take? theres about ten images in the google site?i will follow the directions of...
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    Thread Systemless vs System root

    Whats the difference , ive always had system root , but i dont know what the difference is besides what it says, what systemless offer you that system doesnt offer Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Vendor Images?

    I dont recall flashing these with my one+one , what are these and why do I need them? so if im flashing a new rom i need to first :. Flash Rom zip Flash GApps zip...
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    Thread Video causes extreme heat

    I rarely watch videos on my phone , however while watching a short clip it became extremely hot , is there any settings i need to do to get this under control or are there build props i can change to stop this? Thanks in Advance Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Screen Resolution

    Is there a way to change default resolution? Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread What to do?

    Android N or custom , I don't know enough about N yet , so il probably go custom ROM instead , but before I do anything I will enjoy the stock phone, no root, no unlocked by, no two , just wondering if N is worth it (yet) Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread one reason why i should go 6p?

    for 2 years ive been a oneplus guy and i love it , but recently its been falling apart (replaced mic , screen , camera) and it just isnt what it was! Willi get the same experience with this?
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    Thread Mic fix

    Definitely worth the $15 on Amazon to get the mic fixed. I did it myself and it wasnt too hard takes about 30 minutes . I really like this phone and im not ready to get anything else. Just make sure detach the antenna when you get to that point, it could break off easy , pretty straightforward...
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    Thread New Phones worth looking at

    Im wondering what the phones people are looking at? Im only interested in unlocked boot loaders , dev phones , with that i See the OnePlus line , Motorola Moto X Pure , or any Nexus device ? Does anyone know of others and have you used them as well? Ill be honest my 1+1 is the best phone ive...
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    Thread how do i get my pc to recognize my oppo?

    i have android jdk and other stuff , been doing this for years , no problem with samsung devices but can seem to read anything on my device it does recognize the device just cant see anything in it? nevermind i was thinking about something else!
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    Thread Infinite boot loop

    I got a tab 4 7.0 230nu , ive tried several ways to get it back , odin says PASS but it doesnt work, the only thing i can come up with is to transfer a Pit file through odin, but i dont know where to fibd one. EFS Pro is useless without access to the tab , no recovery , ive tried tge firmware...
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    Thread Moto ever unlock bl?

    Was a great lil phone , but without unlocked bl limited its capabilities, was there a way given yet,
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    Thread Xposed / Framework

    not sure if theres anything out there for the 230nu? but I was curious if there was anyway to get the framework for this device, Ive never used exposed other than a slight dabble with it on my Galaxy Note i717 ! Anyone have any knowldege of this ? I am rooted , and I do have TWRP , however the...
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    Thread Xposed /Root

    Just curious as I still have my Moto X? Do you need root in order to install the framework? I dont wanna rehash the shortcoming of this phone (BL) , so no its not unlocked , Id be willing to sidestep it just to try it out on this phone . My main phone is OnePlus One 64 , you can do it all with...
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    Thread Opo win phone

    I hear a rumour of a Win phone , I think its a great opportunity for some easy cash flow for OPO , not sure if it will help Microsoft , Id be very wary of a deal with Microsoft , they may swallow OPO in one bite. The good is the fact it will have plenty of money to operate and produce new...
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    Thread adios moto!

    nothing worse than a promising device , the moto x has a brilliant screen , I like how it feels , the size is just too small and the boot loader issue is a game breaker , I tried the chinaman , no luck and I dont blame Motorola , i dont even have att , but they wont unlock the bl~ Great devs in...
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    Thread Apus Launcher

    Ive tried many launchers and some are better than others , right now Im trying out the Apus launcher for my opo and I gotta say I like it , its very simple , the way I like it ~
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    Thread Note 3 , Note 2 or S4 Active

    currently running a Moto X locked bl , pretty boring as smartphones go , my Note i717 is also still active , but i really cant stand being locked down , I actually had a Note 2 , but a long story I dont want to go into about Samsung and my ex anyway , I nevr got to use it, should I go straight...
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    Thread Udoo

    Anyone have the pleasure of testing the Udoo out? I seen this article looks pretty fun BeagleBone Black and Pi are both boards I like to try (given the time) , but this looks even better
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    Thread No bootloader unlock yet?

    besides the chinese connection which may or may not be working , I dont need the spam nor do I need links having access to PP accounts . I guess my Moto X will continue to be a paperweight , My Note OG will continue to be my DD , since it has never failed me . Too bad Android is going the way of...
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    Thread 3 years later

    my Note is still my "go-to" device , even with LG G2 Pro , Note-2 and Moto X , this is my daily driver , i cant seem to find the others without faults and the faults are numerous , having been replaced several times , the G2 just plain sucks , the Note-2 I love but cant seem to get one that...
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    Thread Please excuse my ignorance

    I am a long time android user , mostly Samsung , but other devices as well, so that being said, theres no way without an unlocked bl i can use CWM ? Or any custom recovery? I dont care about warranties as i buy my phones outright,js, but i need to root for sure , get rid of att junkware , also...
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    Thread what can I do with my new moto x

    i go way back to Winmo , android ,win7 an back to android , although im not to worried about not getting the bl unlocked right now as I also have a Note II, it sure would be more interesting , i do want to root and cwm would be awesome (or twrp) , I remember how difficult it was to crack the bl...
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    Thread Quincy att , still pumping

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Android using tons of bandwidth

    Why is that Android is using 269mb Browser 148 mb Google+ 123 mb Fb 92mb Email 83 mb Playstore 49 Chrome 46 WTF is going on , this is my gf phone ,this is a stock rom 4.1.3. , I figured that wifi was setting correctly but am unsure , I'm a Samsung man myself , also how do do you get into...
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    Thread who else does this/

    cant leave well enough alone ! I had a good working rom avatar, everything was set , so i loaded a beta and bam !!!! it erased everything ! couldnt get in to anything , oh well got goo working got back into recovery and my backups werent working , flashed another rom no dice , went back to...
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    Thread Wifi problem

    A friend has this phone , for some reason she had a large amount of data in just a week reached her limit , she doesnt use anything but face book , one of the problems is it wont connect on her router at home , and wifi hotspots wont work either , nothing custom on this phone , stock and I dont...
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    Thread Back on my Note

    after switching to the note2 (twice now, both phone had problems) im back on my trusty Note ,although the second note 2 went back the samsung factory (we'll see what happens) , Im not holding my breath and I ve seen theres some dev going on with the Note that is cool , been using Avatar rom...
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    Thread Note 2 hardware issue

    Well Ive exhausted all software related methods to fix this Note, Ill be opening the chasis today or tomorrow , and checking out the antenna , which I suspect because it connect two different areas , if the antenna isnt the problem the motherboard has a defect , although I need to call samsung...
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    Thread No sim / but bars , cant connect

    model SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 Android version 4.1.1 baseband I317UCALJ2 KERNEL VERSION 3.0.31-215287 [email protected] #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 4 16:14:05 KST 2012 BUILD NUMBER JRO03C.I317UCALJ2 For some reason this phone shows full bars without the sim card , yet theres no connection and even states no...
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    Thread Pac man rom wifi issues

    this isnt an issue per se with the pac man rom , this kindle has always had wif issues , even when it was , well ,a , kindle ! I recently upgraded my security on my router , when I did the kindle connected right away , but now a few weeks later ,it wont connect at all , WTF ?
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    Thread Note 2 not allowing network

    I cant connect to the network on straight talk , not sure why , it does allow , wifi and I rooted it , wouldnt ever connect , guess Ill be going back to the Note (if it can be transferred back!) If not I wont have a fone a for a few days I guess! it isnt apn setting either , I tried my wifes sim...
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    Thread from Note to Note 2

    Well this will probably be my last post in the Note forum, after 1 week with the Note 2 I am very pleased with the phone (i havent even got sim card for it yet) , the 2 is a lot slimmer and lighter , and in the hand it doesnt feel bulky at all , it feels really nice . I rooted it and installed...
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    Thread Transitioning from Note to Note 2

    been a long time Note user , just upgraded to the Note 2 (will have my phone in a few days) , was wondering the correct route to rooting , I would prefer using twrp as well , but CWM is fine , im just reading everything I can in here ! Would appreciate pointers, I se chainfires root methods and...
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    Thread service menu

    is there a way to access the hidden service menu on the note?
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    Thread Next phone?

    Galaxy Note II is the obivous answer or should I wait for the III? I also have been looking at the LG and Motorola and Sony and HTC (ALL HAVE TO BE 5" OR ABOVE ) . The Note has proven to me that the 5 inch screen is a big plus and anything below 5 wouldnt quite do it for me , just not so sure...
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    Thread Note is awesome ,still!

    As much as I want to switch to the N2 ,I keep holding onto the Note , I just had a major crash (avatar rom) had to do with a beta app I put on , couldnt get into recovery (twrp / although I knew it was still there) , the screen was black other than the home screen bmp , so I knew I could get...
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    Thread Recovery is all thats left

    It seems my grand kids got a hold of my a500 (I havent used it in months) ,anyway , after turning it on , it does nothing but go into Skril_lax boot loader and I do have recovery , the bad news of course is , thats all I have , my sd card has been formatted , along with everything else , as it...
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    Thread From Note to Note II

    Im considering upgrading to the Note II , anyone that has come from the OG to the II , wanna enlighten me why I should make the switch , Im on Straight talk btw !
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    Thread 2 KF ,One stock, One custom rom

    My wifes stock KF wont connect to wifi no matter what(Im not changing the router settings anymore) , the KF I have with custom rom connects flawless , my Note , S2 ,Focus, A500 ,2 laptops .Xbox and half a dozen other devices connect no problem ,so I really dont believe the router is the fault ...
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    Thread Wifes SII , SHO 2 ,, WANT TO UPGRADE

    Battery life isnt that great (its a business phone) , would like a more stable (battery) and I want to upgrade , might just go with Sho3 ,but what others are really good as far as battery life goes?
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    Thread Reasons for buying an a100?

    ANYONE? I already have an a500 , 2 kindles , a Galaxy Note and SII , Just looking for a challenge , thinking about picking up another "bricked" tablet for some fun, my kindle was "bricked" at least thats what they said!
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    Thread Swipepad

    Anyone using this ? I am an I have to say its an awesome program, just thought id let y'all know about Sent from my Kindle Fire using xda app-developers app
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    Thread turn off updates

    is there a way to turn off updates (i know its stupid ,most devices ask, but some just move the update) I want to be able to stop any further updates , is there a command line or script that stops this?
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    Thread Big Thanks to Kindle Krew

    I racked my brain for two days trying to figure this out , turns out most of it is windows related problems , but I wouldnt trade it , the experience of learning was invaulable , a big thanks to Kinfaun and vashypoo ,soupmagnet and redbean , I followed you guys religeously ,aite up everything...
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    Thread rom advice (wifes phone)

    this is my wifes phone (I have a Note) I want to know what rom I can go to that is very stable , prefer ics : Samsung SGH-I777 2.3.6 I777UCKK6 GINGERBREAD.UCKK6 sorry but I dont generally mess with her phone , she does have root and cwm touch . There seems to be a wifi...
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    Thread STORAGE

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    Thread TWRP or CWM for i717

    Ive never used TWRP before , is there any advantage over cwm ? Im comfortable with cwm , but like to try other platforms , on my acer a500 I have used Amon-Ra's touch recovery and Thor's cwm , also cwm on the note , but never twrp, couldnt get twrp to work on the a500 , not really sure about the...
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    Thread TWRP or CWM for i717

    Ive never used TWRP before , is there any advantage over cwm ? Im comfortable with cwm , but like to try other platforms , on my acer a500 I have used Amon-Ra's touch recovery and Thor's cwm , also cwm on the note , but never twrp, couldnt get twrp to work on the a500 , not really sure about the...
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    Thread Anyway to reclaim SD CARD?

    I have switched to just about every rom the 1 st gen Focus can do and most of them have all the unlocks on them , with the storage unlock function , the card works great in the focus ,if I take it out after unlocking it and try to run any , of the main formatting tools ;sd formatter,hdll format...