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    Thread [SOLVED] Device only has TWRP recovery, objective to get to full-stock state

    Okay so I just have a quick question and would like a very direct answer. Thanks in advance for that! :D I'm new to the HTC stuff, RUU, s-on/off etc. I however did some of the reading, but I'm actually in a hurry to properly understand and try all the methods (also the device isn't physically...
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    Thread Lockscreen Bypass [ANY Device][Android]

    Prerequisites An Android device with TWRP/ CWM installed Brain What will this do? -Read title What all can it bypass? -Any type of lockscreen security, PIN, password, pattern etc. How-to? -Flash the attached file in recovery
  3. Gawd

    Thread [MOD][ONEPLUS ONE][4.4.x-7.1.x] True Stereo effect [BALANCED]

    First off, to be clear this is a reworked project. But definitely a great mod that might help many users. Q. Oh gawd, a thread is already there. Moderator ban him! -Yes, there is a separate thread for Audio mods and all, but I'm afraid not many people visit them. So I'm just posting it here...
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    view it in a browser XDA Labs × Tapatalk × Chrome mobile site ✓ Desktop ✓ This is an All-in-one zip thread with all the modem/firmware(s) for our beloved OnePlus One. First off, I'd like to thank zephiK and mr.shme. But it looks like they both have moved on to different devices. This is an...
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    Thread [Resolved] [MARSHMALLOW] [6.0.1] Issue writing to External Hard Disk Drive [1TB]

    The issue I'm facing is whenever I try to copy or paste a file/folder to my external HDD, I get an error "Unable to create the directory in...". But, I'm able to copy content from my HDD to my Phone(Android device running Marshmallow). I'm also able to read every file. Not sure why moving files...
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    Thread [NEW][6.0+ scores only] AnTuTu Benchmark scores, Geekbench 3 scores and more stuff!

    Post your Benchmark scores below. Here's mine- Don't know why it lags behind in GPU. Suggestions are welcomed. *These benchmark scores are obtained with OmniROM 6.0.1 and Lightning Kernel by nikhil18*
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    Thread Can't remount as read-write

    So I'm running CM13.0 by sultanxda and I can't perform functions in the root directory. Probably because its RO, and I'm unable to change it to RW. I've read several pages, and found this So is it because of the CAF kernel v3.4.0 that comes with the ROM? Please suggest. PS- I can't flash...
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    Thread Calling Problem (Airtel 4G)

    [SOLVED] Can't make a call. It disconnects on its own while showing the message as that in the screenshot that I've attached. (On LTE). Doesn't work on 3G as well. On 2G, it's fine. But I'm not satisfied. Current ROM- CM13.0 Unofficial by sultanxda. But this problem has been there on every ROM...
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    Thread Help!

    Hello everybody. I need some help. I actually tried posting my problem in a thread which was labelled noob-friendly problems solved, something like that. But I didn't get any support from there. No replies, nothing. Its been 2 days. So I made a decision to post this as a new topic. I'm sorry but...
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    Thread A conclusion you'd like to read.

    Here's something that I want to share with everyone out there, regardless of age, gender, region, fanboys of a particular OEM or anything. If you don't like it, you can surely leave a comment or report this. So here I begin :- 1. for the love of GOD, stop pushing out larger phones.Some phones...