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    Thread Statusbar black font / gesture indicator white background

    I actually love the 12.2.4 update (I knew what I was getting into and was fine using the poco launcher). But I have this issue where the status bar is black sometimes and the gesture indicator has this annoying white bar behind it that really looks ugly... (see screenshot) Do I have to uninstall...
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    Thread Is LG done with the V30?

    So... we have Pie. Is LG done with this phone now? Would be great if there was at least another update fixing and polishing some bugs in Pie...
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    Thread Clock in top right greyed out in Pie?

    See attached screenshot. If I swipe down notification bar it's full white again, but it's happening quite often... Is this just a bug in Android Pie? (EUR-XX v30q) [e] After trying to reproduce the issue I found that it's related to zooming in on a picture in Whatsapp. It hides the status bar...
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    Thread Choppy homescreen transisions with Scrolling Wallpaper

    Hi guys, I wanted to change my wallpaper today and was browsing through the google wallpaper app (I normally use the Pixel live wallpapers without any issues or lag whatsoever). And I found a beautiful painted wallpaper in the "Art" category. I selected it but soon realized that scrolling...
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    Thread Most efficient way to update to pie?

    Hi guys, My v30 H930 (europe) is still on Android Oreo V22j. Now with the upcoming release of the less buggy version of Android Pie (v30q), I probably want to upgrade :cool: I have TWRP installed and I have Magisk root (19.3). What's the easiest way to upgrade to Pie (keep root ofc) and can I...
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    Thread Phone won't connect to work wifi (and others) "disabled"

    Hi guys, so this is kind of a last resort... I asked and looked everywhere trying to figure this out. There are certain WIFIs that my v30 (H930, v21o, stock rom with magisk) just won't connect to. For example at my work wifi. Or recently I got it with a wifi at a McDonalds. -->When I try to...
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    Thread Magisk 17.1

    Hi guys, Just got notified that new magisk is available for install. Is it stable and working with the v30 (running Oreo v21a)? I had a magisk update soft brick some phones before that's why I'm asking... Cheers
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    Thread How to update when rooted / custom recovery?

    Hi guys, my phone is on oreo firmware 20A twrp and magisk to get root access. Just got a notification that there is an update available (20b). Now what is the most efficient way to update without losing all my data/settings?
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    Thread Oreo change Icon Shape

    Hi guys, Some of my icons (like all google apps) have an ugly white boarder around them. When I go into home screen settings I can change the shape of the icons to "original" or "rounded" etc. but that doesn't change the shape for some of the icons. It's apps like playstore, gmail, whatsapp...
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    Thread P9 Microphone recordings distortion / auto-gain issues / survey

    Hi guys, so as a musician recording stuff with my phone is quite important because, just like with cameras, the best recording device is the one you have with you when inspiration strikes. Recording audio was always amazing with the P9. Very good and clear recordings. But since a recent update...
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    Thread Official Android N 7.0 release happening? P9-L09

    Hi guys Since my p9 is rooted etc I don't get OTA atm, so there is no way for me to tell if android n is already available. And I'm confused about all the beta versions around here. Is 361 an official release or still beta? And while I'm asking is root/twrp available for Android N? Thx for...
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    Thread Music playback gets interrupted by home/recent button (solution inside)

    Hi guys, so (as a musician :angel:) I noticed instantly that when you are listening to music and tap that home button or recent button the music gets interrupted slightly, just for a split second but enough to be really annoying (amazing speaker on this phone btw, wasn't expecting that). It is...
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    Thread Best Theme I've found so far "Material"

    I haven't done any work other than providing the link so all gratitude should go to the author ;) If you're new to EMUI like me, here's how this works: -Put the .hwt file in the folder HWthemes on...
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    Thread XDA-ability of Huawei phones ;)

    Hey guys, smashed my phone this week :crying: and now I'm thinking about picking up the P9! I wanted to have a little discussion about how easy it is to root/mod Huawei phones in general, since I never owned one before. I realize that the P9 is just coming out and we don't have all the...
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    Thread Note Pro 12.2 Keyboard for Note 10.1 2014 Lollipop 5.1.1

    Hi guys I know some of you prefer the Note 12.2 Keyboard because it offers more features, see screenshot. And the 4.4.2 note pro keyboard is not compatible with lollipop. So I asked over in the Note 12.2 forums and fellow xda member "thdervenis" was kind enough to provide his .apk his lollipop...
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    Thread Note Pro 12.2 KeyboardIME.apk lollipop

    Hi guys :) So we over here with the smaller 10.1 note have finally gotten our lollipop. Now I was wondering if one of you guys could upload their samsung keyboard.IME apk so we can use the full size keyboard on our smaller devices as well. If you want to help you can just make a backup with...
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    Thread delete

    wrong plz delete
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    Thread Statusbar transparency issues in apps (lollipop)

    Hi guys, so apparently my status bar can't turn transparent in apps. Instead it defaults to a light grey, almost white which is extremely annoying to look at. Google maps for example always keeps the status bar white when I know that it should be transparent (or at least the default dark grey)...
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    Thread Sony needs to fix double tap to wake...

    So here's a little video of me checking the time while sitting on the couch. Very frustrating. Any tips or fixes available to make it better?
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    Thread Looking for recent stock kernel (p600)

    Hey guys! Could someone direct me to a place where I could download a stock kernel for p600 wifi only model? Or maybe a slightly tweaked version? Would be highly appreciated!
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    Thread Any way to remove the lockscreen sparkle effect?

    Is there any way to disable the lockscreen sparkle effect while still using the stock lockscreen in KitKat 4.4?
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    Thread Lockscreen screen timeout too long...

    Hey guys, I noticed that when i just double tap my phone to check the time without unlocking, the screen stays on very long (I guess just as long as regular screen time out...). Is there a way to change it? For me something like 5-10secs is more than enough. I don't need the lock screen to be...
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    Thread [solved] smart dial not working?

    Small annoyance: my smart dial is only recognising numbers but not letters. Does it work on your phone? It says dial numbers or letters in the phone app so I guess theoretically it should work...
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    Thread Got it!

    Just got home from store! I'm blown away so far. Looks great feels great and everything is super fast. Now all we need is root :D
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    Thread Youtube app: error press to retry

    About 50% of the time this(see screenshot) is what I get when I use the Google youtube app. I can use another app like viral at the same time and play the same video and it always works. So the issue has to be with the youtube app. Any suggestions what I can do to resolve this? It makes the...
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    Thread weird update politics from samsung...

    So after a quick look at I'm really confused. In the past 4-5 month there have been several releases of firmwares for our note 10.1 2014 p600: -3 firmwares for Trinidad and Tobago -3 releases for Chile -2 for Hong Kong, Peru, Taiwan, Uruguay -1 for Mexico and 1 for Spain. I...
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    Thread Browsing. Why can't it be smooth?

    So i have a top of the line tablet with octacore, 3gb of ram and the latest KitKat 4.4.2, I don't use energy saving either. And no matter what browser I use the experience is never satisfactory. Chrome is pretty good but it has 0 functionality. We use our fingers not a mouse! And still laggy...
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    Thread S Pen Window not working

    Hi guys! When I push the button on my S-Pen and click on S-Pen Window, nothing happens. Maybe I deactivated something important in Titanium Backup but I can't seem to find out what it is... Any ideas what could cause this? cheers!
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    Thread 128gb microSDXC card working?

    Hi guys, has anyone already tried out a 128gb sd card with the note 10.1 2014? I'm running out of memory and would like to upgrade to either a 64gb or 128gb. But don't wanna spend alot of money only to realize it isnt compatible..
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    Thread Kitkat browser performance

    Hi guys, the kitkat update is definitely smoother than 4.3 in general. But my browser performance is definitely worse. I've tried many different browsers but I can't seem to find one that is perfectly smooth. When I scroll it's laggy and the text doesn't get rendered quick enough. I scroll...
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    Thread 4.4. KitKat for Wifi Note 10.1 2014 P600 Q&A

    Hi guys I have some questions about the new Firmware and KitKat in general and you may have answers :) I'll try to update first post with your answers! -Will I loose root when I flash through Odin? --> Yes -Is the new firmware rootable, or is there a way to keep root when I upgrade from rooted...
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    Thread Screenshaking/Multitouch issue fix SM-P600 (workaround with new kernel)

    Hi guys, so in another thread (thx to starsky23 and hpblze) ( some guys extracted the kernel of the newest Firmware from March 11 (korean firmware) and it seems to fix some or all of the screen shaking/multitouch issues. Please note I'm...
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    Thread youtube app loading failed plz try again...

    So here's a Screenshot of my youtube app. At least that's what it looks like most of the time, followed by "error plz tap to try loading again" or something like that. Drives me crazy! I tried rebooting, relogging, reinstalling the app etc. Nothing seems to fix this... When it works, i can...
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    Thread Battery user replaceable?

    So hi guys, I'm loving this tablet alot and I'm using it all the time for all my computing. Now what if in a year or two the battery life decreases but the note itself is still fine? Is there a way to replace the battery in a relatively simple fashion?
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    Thread In depth review of the Note Pro 12.2 KitKat

    I just love her (mobiletechreview) in depth reviews and felt like sharing! After watching or sweeping through I feel like I know everything about a device. This is of course interesting to us because KitKat on Note 10.1 2014 will most likely look very similar to this ;) minus one or two "pro"...
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    Thread Setting Wallpapers

    Hi guys! So here's the deal. When I try to set a wallpaper from my gallery I have basically two choices. 1. It fits in landscape but gets chopped off top and bottom in portrait. 2. It fits in portrait but is very zoomed in in landscape. I want it to be full picture in landscape without zooming...
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    Thread Touch screen sensitivity, shaking when holding something. (possible solution pg2)

    Here's the thing. It's not a big deal but it's annoying. When I put my finger on the screen to hold something or slowly scrolling the screen, or more accuratly the item I'm holding, starts shaking sometimes very faintly. Could there be a driver issue, too sensitive? I enabled pointer tracking...
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    Thread 4.3 MHL HDMI problems!

    Hi guys :) Updated to 4.3 no issues. But I recently bought an MHL to HDMI adapter for my Note 10.1 2014 which is working very well with the tablet. So I wanted to try it out with my S3 and it doesnt even detect that there is an hdmi cable connected. It starts charging when i connect the power...
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    Thread Jelly Bean Location Service Battery drain.

    So hi guys! :) I have a question regarding the location service of JB. I'm talking about the google location service over wireless connection - not gps. I have two devices - both running jelly bean. I have Google now completely disabled also i ticked off location history, i simply want to use...
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    Thread Specific lag issues on Jelly Bean (playstore, homescreen rotation)

    Hi guys! So overall Jelly Bean is great. It made everything faster and smoother for me in general. There are 2 areas though that kinda suck since the update (yes i did a factory reset after the upgrade! And i have gpu 2d acceleration enabled - also tried with disabled): -Rotation on the...
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    Thread Browser with text reflow other than opera?

    Does anyone know one that works with Jelly Bean? I cant seem to find one :( Boat Browser worked with ICS but now on JB it just doesnt work anymore... And i know opera does this, but i really dislike how opera scrolls through pages and how it sometimes doesnt display stuff correctly. So i'd like...
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    Thread Youtube not starting on JB?

    Hi guys, on JB my youtube app wont start. I immediately get a Force Close. If i uninstall updates for youtube app in the apps settings it works fine. But if i install the newest updates it stops working again. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Thread failed OTA once, now it says no update available

    Hi guys :) so i'm on .28 stock rooted. I modified some files for the keyboard language ( when i first got the tablet and those modified files were never an issue with OTA updates so far. Now i tried to upgrade to JB and the...
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    Thread How to Control CPU / Customized stock rom & OTA questions :)

    Hi guys! I have 2 topics and some questions about it, so here we go! I am on stock firmware (XXBLFB), unbranded and rooted with CF-root, stock kernel as well. 1. How to control the CPU on the SGSIII? Wake up from sleep is pretty long compared to other phones, usually takes 1-2secs. I guess...
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    Thread OTA after rooting/modding files

    So i rooted my brand new SGS III pretty much right after i bought it :) I also modded some files like lock/unlock sound, CRT animation, battery%. Do you guys think i would run into problems when the next OTA comes and i just install it? Should i revert everything back to stock before OTAing...
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    Thread [Looking for] empty for CWM.

    Does anyone have a link to an empty .zip preferably with the correct file structure for SGSIII already there Of course it should work with CWM. I want to replace some files but it isnt working with my old update zip that i used for DHD. thx in advance! any zip with .apks or other files would...
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    Thread [WTB] empty for CWM

    Does anyone have a link to an empty .zip preferably with the correct file structure for SGSIII already there :) Of course it should work with CWM. I want to replace some files but it isnt working with my old update zip that i used for DHD. thx in advance! Or is there a simpler method of...
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    Thread using HTC micro usb cable, any danger?

    The HTC micro usb cable is quite a bit longer than the one I got from Samsung so i'm planning on using that one instead of the samsung one. Of course with the correct adapter from Samsung! Any reason that should cause problems? greez btw just bought my SGS III so hi to everyone here on the...
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    Thread Moving on and Thank you!

    I realize that if everyone would open a thread like this it would overflow the forum but this has to be done :) The DesireHD forum was my first XDA experience! Never in my life i was part of an internet community that I was so fond of. So many nice and helpful people, everyone helping each...
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    Thread Game Devs say: They cant do anything about crashes on Prime - hope for OTA.

    From the changelog of the new Tegra game Heroes Calls in Play Store: •Fixed a bug starting the game for the first time with no Internet connection •Fixed the tavern linking to Facebook and inviting friends •Fixed a couple of crashes on pre GB devices •No fix yet for the Transformer Prime...