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    Thread Charging "issue" I think

    So the phone charges to 100% just fine but once it's taken off and I leave it for a few minutes and come back to use the phone, it's already on 99% why is that? I bought the phone 3 weeks ago brand-new.
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    Thread IMEI issue after debranding - CLT-L09

    I bought my P20 Pro from O2 in the UK and it was on the dreaded C782 update channel so I unlocked my bootloader and debranded first to L29 as the guide only had this way of debranded to C432. A few days after I found a single sim C432 OEMINFO and flashed it through TWRP with the relevant...
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    Thread SEVERE battery drain on P20 Pro

    Hey guys. Massive problem here. I have stock EMUI 9 installed and I seem to lose 15 to 20% battery overnight when left idle. Gsam and BBS show nothing major or out of place so not sure what is keeping my device awake. Also I have only my main apps set to be managed automatically by...
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    Thread GUIDE!!!! How to update to EMUI 9 on C432 L09 and L29

    WARNING: Your data will be erased... Use these two links: CLT-L09C432 CLT-L29C432 1. Download the service firmware from the links above for your respective model and extract the "dload" folder from it. It will contain a file called...
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    Thread Huge standby drain overnight

    Phone is only one month old. So not sure why there is at least a 10% drain overnight. I used to be on 133 C782 but had the same issue. Rebranded to 156 C432 last night. So not sure if the battery is just trying to settle in ? Any ideas?
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    Thread CLT-L09C432 OEMInfo

    Has anyone got the oeminfo file for the single sim p20 pro on c432? Seems only the dual SIM on is floating around which I don't really want to use
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    Thread Service ROM

    I downloaded the service ROM for my phone. How do I flash it and LOCK (not RELOCK) my bootloader. I have a USB C OTG cable and a flash drive with the service rom files on it. Any help would be much appreciated. Currently running C432. Debranded from C782 so I have a RELOCKED...
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    Thread P10 lite official OTA updates HELP!!!

    I have flashed several custom roms to my L01A 4GB Single sim and flashed the stock B183 stock rom and locked my bootloader. Why is it that I did not receive the OTA updates from the built in updater for B197, B199 and B203? I had to use FF to get these three updates. Have I broken my built in...
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    Thread S7 edge CSC mess up

    I need help guys. My s7 edge used to be on the United Kingdom/Ireland XEU firmware with the XEU CSC but recently I deep clean flashed the latest BTU firmware with the PIT file for re-partitioning. However, the Samsung Info app shows my active CSC is still XEU and for that I cannot receive OTA...
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    Thread Downgrade firmware LX1AC432

    I upgraded to B193 through Firmware Finder and now my battery life seems have become worse then when I was on B187. Is there anyway I can downgrade to B187 again or even B131? Also do official OTA updates become disabled if you use Firmware Finder? My device is the LX1AC432 4GB RAM model