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    Post [INDEX] App Translators - Developers, we translate your apps! [10 Jun 2017]

    sossio18, 3DDario Thank you so much guys, you helped a lot.
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    Post [INDEX] App Translators - Developers, we translate your apps! [10 Jun 2017]

    Thank you so much, can't wait :)
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    Post [INDEX] App Translators - Developers, we translate your apps! [10 Jun 2017]

    Request for translation Hello translators! I would be very thankful to anyone who will help me translating my recent application called Kuulo. Currently I'm seeking translators for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Sweden, Thai...
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    Thread [APP][4.0+] Relax & sleep sounds 1.1

    Kuulo: relax & sleep sounds Kuulo is an Android app for everyone that helps people to create immersing atmosphere for productivity, perfect environment for studying, pacifying background for relax or sleep by providing more that 20 incredible ambience sound effects. Feel free to play around...
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    Post [App][4.0+] an Accurate, Pure & Simple utility app - Smart Unit Converter Pro

    Neat and useful, though lacks of modern design and unique style.
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    Post [TEMPLATE] [4.4+] Material Design Template

    It's actually not that clear what is the purpose of you project.
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    Post [APP][BETA][4.0.4+][ARMV7] [Material][Floating]MyPlayer - Uncommon music player

    Nice player, good job! It's good to see that someone values customization. It's like an old times where everyone has their own opinion how their program should look. Thanks!
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    Post [APP] Material Notes

    I like the look and feel of your app. However, it looks tooo material, I suggest you adding some unique style yet staying material (this is the main problem with guidelines, btw).
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    Post [APP][TEQTIC][4.1+] LeanDroid - ? Most advanced battery saver

    Thanks! Added avg more 2 hours a day with this app.
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    Post Android Button Maker

    Thanks, nice tool, bookmarked But maybe it will be cool to add some presets using popular principles like material design, or something like this.
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    Post New Activity after G+ Login

    Please provide stack traces of errors when you creating activity with navigation drawer.
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    Post [Q] What database should i use for my app ?

    Use SQLite as a primary database for Android. But before you start reading documentation, you probably want to know something about ORM realizations, which are commonly used in Android development. The most popular is GreenDao, ORMLite, and many others. They incapsulate work with sql...
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    Post Pass variable from one activity to another

    You should never create instances of activity with "new" keyword, because Activity is a part of Android ecosystem, not just a java class. So the line with new Result(); is wrong. Then, if you want to pass some data from one activity to another when the latter is being opened after click, you...
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    Post Where is the Commander tool in Android Studio?

    If I got you right, you are talking about Commander plugin. So, to enable it, go to Settings > Plugins > Install JetBrains Plugin, then search for it.